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Viparitakarani (Inverted Action Pose)

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Cure for: Through this asana, the muscles of the neck become stronger and blood circulation is improved. The functioning of the cervical nerves, ganglia and the thyroid also gets improved.


* Lie flat on your back, with your feet together and arms by your side.

* Press your palms down, raising your legs to a perpendicular position without bending the knees.

* Your palms should touch the waist.

* Then straighten your legs.

* The trunk should not make a right angle with the ground but simply an upward slanting position.

* The chest should not press against the chin but be kept a little away.

* To return to the ground, bring your legs down slowly, evenly balancing your weight.

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"Viparitakarani (Inverted Action Pose)";