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Vitamin B12 or Cobolamin

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Benefit: Vitamin B12 or cobolamin, commonly known as "red vitamin", is the only vitamin that contains essential mineral elements.

It is essential for proper functioning of the central nervous system, production and regeneration of red blood cells and proper utilization of fat, carbohydrates and protein for body building. It also improves concentration, memory and balance.

What happens if you body is Deficient with Vitamin B12: Its deficiency can lead to certain types of anemia, poor appetite and loss of energy and mental disorders.

Source for Vitamin B12: Valuable sources of this vitamin are:

* kidney,

* liver,

* meat,

* milk,

* eggs,

* bananas and

* peanuts.

Recommendation (if you take vitamin B12 tables or supplements): The recommended daily allowance of this vitamin is 3 mg. Taken in large therapeutic doses from 50 to 100 mg., it is beneficial in the treatment of lack of concentration, fatigue, depression, insomnia and poor memory.

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