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When did the Postal System Start

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One hears stories of ancient times about messages being carried by birds and domestic animals even to far off places. Kings had royal messengers of their own who carried messages on horse back, stage coach or whatever means could be available. However, it was not possible for the common citizen to send messages. Some sort of a postal system was needed for the common man. It is said that postal system in some form or the other was present in ancient Egypt, China, Persia. It is said that the Roman Empire had the ‘cursus publicus’, -the most highly developed postal system of the ancient world.

Around 1500 England had a post office and by 1700 England had a GPO with a Postmaster General as its head. By 1839 government took over the system. By 1830 there were thousands of post offices in USA. The first dispatch of mail took place between Manchester and Liverpool. In general, either the sender or the receiver paid money for the letters, the amount depending on the weight and the distance. However, the idea of postal stamps was of Sir Rowland Hill of England who introduced the postal stamp which was to be stuck on the letter by the sender. He introduced the uniform ‘penny post’ for the first time in 1840. This rate was a uniform rate irrespective of the distance. It was a big step forward as it was within the common man’s reach. This postal system of British spread far and wide all over the world.

Other countries of the world followed the English system and thus the postal system was established throughout the world. The Air Mail service was started on the 10th of February 1911 between Hendon and Windsor in England.

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