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Who Invented Morse Code

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Morse code is a system of sounds that telegraphers and radio operators use to send messages through wire or radio. This involves a system of dots or short signals, dashes or long signals and spaces. Each letter of the alphabet, plus numbers and other symbols, are represented by groups of dots and dashes. The Morse code is named after Samuel Morse of USA who developed it in 1938. He also patented the telegraph in 1840 and was credited with the invention of telegraph.

The first message in Morse code was taped out in the United States over a telegraph line from Baltimore to Washington by Samuel Morse on May 24, 1844. The message was, ‘What hath God wrought’. Morse code can also be signaled by lights.

In 1837 Morse exhibited his first successful telegraph instrument. By 1838 he had developed the Morse code. But it was not until 1843 that Morse built the first telegraph line in the United States from Baltimore to Washington. In the following year, i.e. 1844, he- succeeded in sending the first-message.

Telegraph messages are sent by pressing down a telegraph key The dot is made by pressing down The key and releasing it quickly This produces a rapid ‘click-clack’ sound in the receiver at the other end of the wire or the radio receiver. In the case of radio telegraph, the sound is more like a musical note. A short dash is held twice as long as a dot. A long dash is equal to four dots. The space between letters is sounded by ‘three dots’. A space that is part of a letter combination equals two dots.

Even today, in many countries, all telegraph messages and many new items are being transmitted by Morse code. Today most of the telegraph messages are sent by automatic printing telegraph machines called teleprinters, and by automatic facsimile like fax or electronic mail.

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