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Who Invented Submarine

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The submarine is a vessel which is closed from all sides and is capable of easily floating both on the surface of water and under water. It can go very deep into the sea.

Since long, man has made efforts to reach the bottom of the seas in search of diamonds and pearls. In order to succeed in his attempts he tried to invent some device which could go under water. Thus first submarine — the boat capable of travelling under water— was devised by Carnelius Van Drebbele of Holland in 1620. This submarine was made up of wood and was wrapped in leather. This could go up to the depth of 3 to 4 meters into the sea water. Thereafter, efforts were made to develop other types of submarines. Up to the end of eighteenth century, various types of submarines were made. Till 1727, fourteen different types of submarines had been made in England alone.

In 1 880, a submarine propelled by the steam engine was developed. Later on submarines, powered by gasoline and electricity came into Operation. Submarines were successfully used in First World War (1914-to-1918). And during the Second World War (1939-to-1945), submarines powered by diesel were also used in sea warfare. Now even nuclear powered submarines have been developed. Modern submarines are made from steel sheets. They are equipped with instruments like periscopes, sonar’s and radars. The periscopes enable seamen to keep an eye on the situation at the water’s surface. Sonar’s help in locating the other submarines and torpedoes. There are also arrangements in submarines for breathing. Nuclear submarines have no problem of smoke and gas generated by fuels.

These days submarines are being used for various purposes. They are very useful in oceanography. Missiles and torpedoes are launched from them to destroy the enemy ships. Modern submarines can also attack and destroy the enemy’s submarines. Every submarine has arrangements that help its crew to escape to safety in case of danger.

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