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Who Invented the Light Bulb

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“Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration”. Thomas Alva Edison, the greatest inventor of all times, is the most suitable example of his own saying. This great outstanding US inventor had the credit of making 1001 inventions. Can you imagine a world without electric light, recorded music, cinema etc., which are the contributions of this great genius?

Edison was born on February 11, 1847 at Milan, Ohio. His father was an incharge of a light house at Lake Huron. Although he could not continue his studies in his school, he was very inquisitive from his boyhood to learn by understanding. When he was only ten years old he set up a laboratory in the basement of his father’s working place. He loved to mix liquids and powders to observe the reactions.

At the age of 12, he began selling newspapers and candy in trains. As a very keen observer he learnt some preliminary techniques of telegraphy from the Station Master, which led him later to work as a roving telegrapher. During his stint as a supervisor in a Telegraph company he created a stock printer. With the money received from it, he set up a laboratory for carrying out his experiments and research work. In subsequent years he invented phonograph — the machine for recording and reproducing sound. Edison thus had made man’s voice immortal. In 1878, he demonstrated the light bulb a carbon filament electric, bulb.

While experimenting on electric lamp, he discovered an important scientific principle known as ‘Edison effect. This discovery led to the invention of electron valves and the modern electronics industry rests on this principle. In 1882, he set up a power generating station which, supplied power to a few residents of New York City. Later he developed the kinetograph which was the first step towards motion picture camera. Cinema houses are here today because of the inventive genius of Edison. His other inventions include the spheres of X-rays, telephone and other electronic items. His inventions made him one of the richest man in America.

This great genius passed away  on 18 October, 1931.

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