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Why and when was the Police System Started

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Police means an officially organized force which maintains law and order in a country. A police force works to restore peace in disturbed conditions and to protect lives and properties of the citizens. Police force is maintained by every country of the world. Do you know when and how police force came into existence?

In the beginning of civilization the chief of a race or tribe used to depend upon some warriors to maintain peace. During that time the chiefs or kings used soldiers as policemen. It was Caesar Augustus of Rome who organized a special contingent of police for the first time in the world around the year of Christ’s birth for maintaining peace in his country. This system continued for three hundred and fifty years. This police force used to obey the orders of the king. In the seventh century, people started thinking of ‘security police’. They felt the necessity of organizing a police force, which, instead of obeying the orders of the king, should protect people and the law of the land. This thinking started in England and later spread to America.

The English were first to adopt the police system for their protection.

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"Why and when was the Police System Started";