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Why is the Census Taken

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Census operation is now common in almost all the countries of the world. Nothing can be definitely said as to how and when it was started. But it seems that man realized the importance of census when he started living in larger groups. It is said that the population of the world was 85 million in the year 4000 B.C. It is evident from this fact that the system of census was very much developed at that time also. Why is the census taken? The reasons for this have been different at different times. In ancient times, the king used to have census with a view to assess the number of people fit for fighting in wars. Another purpose for having census was collection of revenue. Previously, there were probably these two main reasons for conducting census, but now it has acquired greater importance.

Census helps in presenting a clear picture of different aspects of population. This helps government in the preparation and execution of plans relating to education, health, employment etc. Census tells whether the population is increasing or decreasing. The knowledge of rate of birth helps in the formation of plans to cater to the needs of people in future. It also gives the ratio of urban to rural population and is helpful in holding elections because on the basis of population only, the number of voters is fixed in a constituency or polling station. Besides, census helps in improving the law and order, economic, social and other conditions too.

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