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Jataka Tales

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Beauty and Gray Best Friends
Big Red, Little Red and No-Squeal Buried Treasure
Demons in the Desert Dirty Bath Water
Finding a New Spring
Grandma's Blackie
How the Turtle Saved His Own Life
Limping Horse Little Prince No-Father
Mountain Buck and Village Doe Merit
The Cunning Wolf The Power of a rumor
The Physician's Revenge The Elephant and the Dog
The Hawks and Their Friends The Jackal who saved the Lion
The Merchant of Seri The Penny Wise Monkey
The Golden Swan The Sandy Road
The Wind and the Moon The Mouse Merchant
The One-Hundredth Prince The King With One Gray Hair
The Happy Monk The Wind-Deer and the Honey-Grass
The Fawn Who Played Hooky The Fawn Who Played Dead
The Goat Who Saved the Priest The God in the Banyan Tree
The Monkey King and the Water Demon The Tree That Acted Like a Hunter
The Dog King Silver The Great Horse Knowing-One
The Bull Called Delightful The Heaven Of 33
The Dancing Peacock The Quail King and The Hunter
The Fortunate Fish The Baby Quail Who Could Not Fly Away
The Birth of a Banyan Tree The Crane and The Crab
The Monkey and The Crocodile The Turtle Who Could Not Stop Talking
The Ox Who Won the Forfeit The Measure of Rice
The Foolish, Timid Rabbit The Wise and the Foolish Merchant
The Elephant's Girly-Face The Banyan Deer
The Princes and the Water-Sprite The King's White Elephant
The Ox Who Envied the Pig Granny's Blackie
The Crab and the Crane Why the Owl Is Not King of the Birds
The Girl Monkey and The String of Pearls The Three Fishes
The Tricky Wolf and The Rats The Woodpecker, Turtle, and Deer
Wise Birds and Foolish Birds
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