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Discover Ancient Science - Lal Kitab, Astrology, Vaastu, Yantras, Palmistry, and More.

Astrological 101 Concepts
Forecast for Rashi's in Kannada (from Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt)
Astrological Remedies Using Rudrakasha
Methods to Appease the Planets and Nodes
Hanuman Chalisa Remedies
Sri Hari Vayu Stuthi Remedies
Lal Kitab Remedies
Manas Siddha Mantras
Mantras and Remedies for the Nine Planets
Numerology 101 Concepts
Planets and Remedies from Valmiki Ramayana
Rama Rahasya (Ramayana - Remedial Measures)
Remedial Measures Using Yantras
Sade Sathi (the seven and one half years of Saturn) Remedies
Vaastu Sastra
Rahu Kala Timings
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