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Number 1

You are #1 if your date is: 1, 10, 19 and 28

People born under this number possess strong leadership qualities, they buzz with optimism, but are ego worshippers at the same time. They have a soft interior shielded within a tough exterior. Flatter them with the choicest of words, show them that you exist because they are with you, let them know that no one suits you better than them and your #1 partner will shower you with all the love and care in the world.

Love-Tip: Act generously when it comes to giving gifts to your partner.

Career-Tip: Avoid wearing black. Pray in a temple located in the Eastern direction of your city. You need to take a lot of initiative at your work place.

Favorable numbers: 2, 4

Favorable color: Amber/Orange

Number 2

You are #2 if your date is: 2, 11, 20, and 29

Mood swings are common with number 2's. Sensitive souls, #2's tend to fall in love easily. They are imaginative and romantic at heart.

Love-Tip: Express yourself in the best possible manner and as much as you can to your partner. Communication is the key to success in love life.

Career Tip: Drinking water in a silver glass and keeping a silver coin in your pocket (not leather wallet) can help. Listen to your favorite music, avoid wearing darker shades and try your hand at travel or consultation business. Taking special care of your mother will always be of help.

Favorable numbers: 5, 6

Favorable color: White

Number 3

You are #3 if your date is: 3, 12, 21, and 30

They are notorious for acting impulsively and then thinking. Impulsive is the adjective that suits them best. Extrovert and outgoing, number 3's have a rocking social life.

Love-Tip: Avoid preaching to your partner; rather take advice from him/her. Go for some joint activities.

Career-Tip: Wearing yellow attracts good luck. You need a guru to guide you. Don't hesitate in seeking advice from seniors at your work place.

Favorable numbers: 6, 9

Favorable color: Yellow

Number 4

You are #4 if your date is: 4, 13, 22, and 31

Straight-forward by nature, number 4's are ambitious and desire to carve a niche of their own. A little dry when it comes to romance, 4's are very emotional.

Love-Tip: Refrain from getting aggressive towards your partner and keep surprising him/her to keep them glued.

Career- Tip: Wear cat's eye gem. Watching horror and suspense thrillers is good for you. Clean your home on your own, specially the bathroom, toilet and corners in the house.

Favorable numbers: 1, 2

Favorable color: Black

Number 5

You are #5 if your date is: 5, 14, and 23

Happy-go-lucky, number 5's are cheerful people who enjoy life to the hilt. They are accommodating by nature, so they are endearing to those around them.

Love tip: Connecting with your partner at an intellectual level is beneficial. Play with words and you'll always be surrounded with love.

Career Tip: Wear a ruby stone set in gold. Try your hands at professions which involve reading and writing. Eat a small amount of moong dal daily.

Favorable numbers: 2, 5 and 6

Favorable color: Green

Number 6

You are #6 if your date is: 6, 15, and 24

Elegance is what describes a number 6 the best. It won't be wrong to tag them as enticers and charmers, since no one around escapes their innate grace.

Love -Tip: Using scents and perfumes keeps your love life pepped up! Keep the romance alive by watching romantic movies.

Career-Tip: Talking to the opposite sex in office helps, while seeking advice from women irrespective of your sex is also suggested.

Favorable numbers: 2, 5

Favorable colors: White and pink

Number 7

You are #7 if your date is: 7, 16, and 25

They are the ones who take the world by storm with their innovative and out-of-the-box ideas. Number 7's are also famous for their flirtatious and playful demeanor.

Love-Tip: Visit sacred places with your partner.

Career-Tip: Say 'no' to alcohol and cultivate a habit of drinking a good amount of water. Wear brightly colored clothes.

Favorable number: 2, 7

Favorable colors: Light brown and off-white

Number 8

You are #8 if your date is: 8, 17, and 26

Most of the times misunderstood by peers, number 8's are 'destiny's children'. Ups and downs rule the roost for people who are born under number 8.

Love-Tips: Since you're easily misunderstood, make sure your partner realizes the efforts you are putting into doing something for him/her. Instead of preaching, show that you care from your heart. Being expressive goes a long way.

Career-Tips: Don't dabble in speculation. You should take special care of elderly people. Take their advice and if possible start visiting an old-age home on weekends.

Favorable number: 1, 2

Favorable color: Black & saffron

Number 9

You are #9 if your date is: 9, 18, and 27

Generous at heart and faithful in relationships, that's number 9 for you!

Love-Tips: Ensure that your loved one believes that you are creative. Your success lies in creativity.

Career-Tips: Participate in an outdoor sport or work-out. Remain calm and convert your aggression into creativity. Try to complete every task you take up and avoid indulging in others' matters.

Favorable number: 2, 6

Favorable color: Red

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