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Remedial Measures Using Yantras

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An Introduction

Our ancient sages believed that God incarnates in the Yantras. When we worship the Yantra, we seek divine help for the fulfillment of our desires and wishes. With utmost faith and belief, Pooja to the Yantra removes obstacles and guides us towards a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Yantras can be installed at home or at the place of work.

A Yantra is a geometrical figure representing the basic energies. It is composed of a circle divided into seven equal segments, each segment containing a figure and a number. One is for knowledge, wisdom and healing of diseases. One denotes music, confidence and happiness; for family progress in the present and future; for health, wealth, prosperity, a comfortable happy home and protection from all troubles; for power, authority, finances of the individual and all those dependent on him. It also signifies success in politics, favors from superiors and fulfillment of, all desires; for protection against the evil eye and other dangers to both — the individual and his family; for courage against all odds; ensuring success in all activities.

According to our Shastras deities are worshipped in different forms and each form is linked to a Yantra they are the graphic representations of Mantras.

Yantras can bring the desired results only when they are energized by a siddha Pooja. The energized Yantra hence becomes the medium through which the invisible forces of energy act on an individual.

All Yantras are energized by a panel of enlightened Pundits through an elaborate scriptural procedure (vidhi) ensuring that each Siddha Yantra is infused with the power of the deity. Thereafter, the virtual presence of the Almighty in one’s environment bestows the worshipper of the Yantra with blessings and protection.

Shri Yantra - For General Prosperity

Hindu Shastras designate this Yantra as the most important one as it has a powerful effect on the attainment of power, authority and financial success. It also bestows popularity on those who are in power such as political leaders and officers alike. When the Sun is afflicted in any horoscope by the debilitating effect of Saturn, Rahu or Ketu, the worship of Shri Yanthra proves highly beneficial.

Bagala Mukhi Yantra - For Protection from Enemies and Evil Forces

This Yantra is effective as a means of achieving success in competitive examinations and to attain victory over one’s adversaries especially during lawsuits. This Yantra offers protection from cuts, scars, operations and accidents. This Yantra is related to planet Mars.

Mahan Siddhidayak Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra (Ashtalakshmi) — For Attainment of All Types of Wealth

Yantra for Wealth






A very powerful Yantra for attainment of all types of wealth (Eight Kinds of wealth). This Yanthra helps to get the grace of ASHTALAKSHMI This Yantra is more powerful when used with Kubera Yantra.

Mahaneela Saraswathi Yantra — For Attainment Of Total Knowledge.

Maha Neela Saraswathi Devils the presiding deity of the planet Jupiter and bestows intellect & intelligence. She is the patron of learning and music. For those who are dull-witted, suffered breaks in education and, for those who are suffering the bad effects of a malefic Jupiter, this occult Yantra helps to sharpen the intellect, ensures success in studies as well as in high achievement in competitive examinations. Saraswati Devi is also revered by married ladies to ensure a happy conjugal life. Unmarried girls seek her blessings in order to have a good husband and a peaceful married life. This Yantra is also a sure remedy for all mental disorders, weak intellectual growth & lunacy.

Vijaya Yantra

For success in examinations, court cases, interviews etc. Pooja for Vijaya Yantra with devotion on daily basis ensures success in Court Cases, Examinations, Research Activities, Interviews, promotions in jobs etc.

Mahamrithyunjaya Yantra - For Preserving Good Health & Longevity

As the name itself suggests, Mahamrithunjaya Yantra is helpful in curing all types of diseases and extending longevity of the adorer. Pooja to this Yantra on daily basis with total devotion Will help in the preservation of good health. it bestows the devotee with health, wealth, happiness, good fortune and fame. This Yantra particularly relieves the worshipper from all dreaded diseases. This dispels all sorts of fears, influence of evil planets, fear of ghosts, accidental death, diseases etc.

Kaala Sarpa (Naag Paash) Yantra

Pooja of this Yantra will reduce the impact of Kaala Sarpa Dosha. Kaala Sarpa Dosha is said to exist when there are no planets on one side between RAHU and KETU. In other words, all the planets will be on the other side between RAHU and KETU in the Rasi Chart of a person.

Maha Siddhidayak Vyaapaar Vridhi Yantra Six-In-One

This is a combination of 6 Yantras namely, Sri Vinayaka ‘Yantra, Shri Yantra, Kubera Yantra, Kanakadhaara Yantra, Suclarshan Yantra and Akarshan Yantra. This Yantra can be worshipped for Business improvement, higher cash flow and protection of business premises from evil eyes.

Kubera Yantra - For Restoration Of Wealth

It is not enough just to earn wealth. This Yantra is very effective where all the money that is earned is just spent. Kubera is the storekeeper for Lakshmi. To make this Yantra still more effective, it is advised to worship this Yantra along with Maha Siddhidayak Shri Mahalakshmi Yantra as combination of Mahalakshmi and Kubera is good for earning more as well as saving more.

Navagraha Yantra - For Propitiation Of All The Nine Planets.

navgraha yantra

Whenever a particular planet or more than one planet in a horoscope are positioned in a way that results in harm to the individual or retards the progress of the individual or affects the individual’s health, prosperity and peace of mind, worshipping this Yantra on a daily basis will bring relief to the sadhaka.

Surya Yantra - For Maintaining Good Health.

Surya Yantra is for the appeasement of the planet Sun.

Sun is the King of the Solar system and represents the soul.

Sun signifies royalty, authority, courage, honour and fame, dignity, self-reliance, boldness, kind-heartedness, success, optimism, good health, intelligence, practicality, punctuality, righteousness, industry and the source of all vital energies.

Sun causes diseases related to the heart, lungs, eyes and vital organs.

Worship of this Yantra on a daily basis shall undoubtedly bestow the Sadhaka good health, wisdom and prosperity.

Chandra (Moon) Yantra - For Peace Of Mind

Moon is the queen among planets and represents the mind.

Moon signifies emotions, passion, feelings, love, fickle mindedness, kind-heartedness, truthfulness, righteousness, optimism and sweet speech.

A malefic Moon indicates venereal diseases and nose inflammation.

The waxing Moon is benefic while the waning Moon is malefic.

Moon gifts youthful form and fair body.

Worship of this Yantra will be useful for removing the malice of Moon.

This will enable to restore peace of mind to the sadhaka.

Mangala (Mars) Yantra For Reducing The Impact Of Kuja Dosha, Maintenance Of. Good Health, For Yearly Marriage Of Girls,

Mars (Mangala) signifies expanding force, abundance of energy and stamina, courage, ambition, physical strength, a violent temper, wickedness, generosity, rashness, good health, royalty, self-confidence and practicality.

Mars is responsible for diseases such as smallpox and jaundice, malnutritioflrelated ailments, boils and carbuncles, headaches, afflicted private parts, wounds, accidents and operations.

Mars is also associated with violence.

Mangala Yanthra is the most powerful Yanthra for removing the malice of Kuja / Mars and for preservation of good health. Where marriage is delayed on account of Kuja Dosha in the Horoscope, the girl should worship this Yanthra with red flowers and sweets made from gur or rice on a daily basis for a continuous period of 41 days starting from a Tuesday. This Yantra trees the sadhaka from debts. This Yantra cures blood pressure and rash temper of the sadhaka. This Yantra offers protection from accidents, Cuts, wounds etc.

This Yantra helps the sadhaka to recover speedily from sun operations.

In the case ot severe diseases, this Yanthra should be worshipped on a daily basis starting from a Tuesday.

For Ladies: Mars is significator of Husband in the case of ladies rather than the planet Jupiter. When the position of Mars is weak in the Birth chart, or positioned in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, the lady’s marriage is invariably delayed. If this Yanthra is installed by the girl on a Tuesday and poojas performed on daily basis for 41 days starting from Tuesday with red flowers, a suitable match would be found within a short span of time.

In such cases, where a lady’s marital life gets strained on account of bickerings leading to a separation between the couple, pooja of this Yanthra on daily basis helps to bring the desired relief.

For Men: Where a man, is lacking in courage and boldness or is shy and unable to express himself, pooja of this Yanthra on a daily basis will be a boon to him for achieving success in his endeavors.

Budha (Mercury) Yantra

Budha (Mercury) is the prince among planets and represents the mind and intellect. Mercury represents happiness and joy, courage, knowledge, luxury, romance, good memory, intellect, virility, wisdom and intuitive power.

Mercury is the lord of the vegetable kingdom, minerals and spring season.

Diseases that can afflict a person are madness, lethargy, cough, nervous disorders stammering and afflictions of the brain. This Yantra is helpful for removing the malice of Mercury.

Pooja to this Yantra with devotion on a daily basis provides guarantee for improvement in Academics for the sadhaka.

Guru (Jupiter) Yantra

The largest planet Jupiter is the Prime Minister in the solar system, representing wisdom and happiness.

Jupiter signifies righteousness, benevolence, mercy, philanthropy, honesty, good fortune, harmony, equanimity, intelligence, joviality, prosperity, fame; political power, good fortune, financial gains, long journey and virtues.

Jupiter is responsible for impurities of blood, fever, indigestion and disorders of heart, lungs, spleen, and liver.

Jupiter is the lord of the Vegetable kingdom and the North-East direction.

Guru Yanthra, when adored with devotion on a daily basis will help in the removal of malice of the planet Jupiter, thereby assisting the sadhaka in earning handsome money in business or profession as the case may be.

Shukra (Venus) Yantra

Venus signifies passion, love and affection, enjoyment, romance, enterprise, artistic skills, harmony and balance, soft speech, sex appeal, modesty, virtue, sincerity, conjugal happiness and a refined nature. This is the planet of love and beauty.

Venereal diseases, disorder of the spleen and kidneys, impotency and diabetes afflict the person in cases where Venus is afflicted in Rasi Chart.

Worship of this Yantra on a daily basis with devotion and purity of heart will help in removing the malefic of the planet Venus. Adoring this Yantra will enable the sadhaka enjoy all the desired pleasures life.

Shani (Saturn) Yantra

Saturn, servile by nature, serves others. Saturn signifies discipline and order, seriousness, diligence, conservatism, discretion, obedience, faithfulness, longevity, prudence, carefulness, violence, economy, stubbornness and patience. The ailments associated with Saturn are gout, rheumatism, leprosy, epilepsy, fistula, melancholia, stammering, deafness, and dumbness.

This Yantra is extremely effective in removing the malefic of the planet Saturn. Saturn represents many important fields of life. Worship of this Yanthra will help in earning longevity.

Rahu Yantra

Rahu is a shadowy planet and denotes Saturn.

Rahu signifies courage, malice, endless desires and insatiable lust for life, love affairs, dissatisfaction, fear, and harsh speech, illegal. Co-habilitation, impediments and wanderings.

Defective Eyesight is the main setback to one’s health.

This Yantra is useful for removing the malefic of Rahu and achieving Victory in one’s endeavors

Ketu Yantra

Ketu is also a shadowy planet and denotes Mars.

Ketu signifies cleverness, dexterity, divine and supernatural strength, assertiveness, fame, social esteem, difficulties, tensions and turmoil’s. Worship of this Yantra is helpful in removing the malefic of Ketu and for attaining different types of Knowledge.

Paravidhya Bedhana Sudarshana Yantra - For Protection from Witchcraft, Black Magic Etc.

This Yantra is very effective for removal of witchcraft and protection of the household from black magic and evil designs of enemies.

Shri Shani Sade Sathi Yantra

Worshipping this Yantra during the Sade Sathi period of a person will reduce the impact of the evil effects of Sade Sathi Shani.

Vasthu Devathaa Yantra for Vasthu Correction

This Yantra is very effective in offering protection to the House from deficiencies in Vasthu in the House.


This Yantra will ensure the safe passage of work that one intends to undertake. One should write the work that one intends to undertake on the Yantra in positive language and worship the Yantra.

Sarva Aikya Mahaa Yantra (4-In-1) For Unity Among Family Members

This is the most powerful 4-in-one combination Yantra that helps one in Attraction, Love, Unity and Relationship. This Yantra contains (1) “Aikya Madhyama Sukta Yantra”, (2) “Purusha Vatsya Yantra”, (3) “Santana Gopal Yantra” and (4) “Sthree Vatsya Yantra”. This combination of Yantras strengthens unity within a family and also in other Relationships. “Aikya Madhyama Sukta Yantra” brings in Unity [Aikya] in All [Sarva] Relationships. This Yantra is also worshipped for attracting another person or opposite sex. This also helps one in having good relationship with a lover or wife or husband. “Purusha Vatsya Yantra” helps women to attract men and maintains good relationship with them “Santana Gopala Yantra” bestows good children or helps parents to maintain good relationship with their children. “Sthree Vatsya Yantra” helps men to attract women and helps them to maintain good relationship with them.

Sarva Raksha Yantra (4-In -One) For Protection of the Entire Family

This Yantra is another very powerful Yantra that helps one to have protection for one’s entire family. This Yantra contains (1) Sarabheshwara Yantra (2) Maha Sudarshana Yantra (3) Shoolini Devi Yantra 4) Pratyangira Devi Yantra.

Aakarshana Yantra for Attracting Loved Ones

This Yantra is worshipped for attracting [aakarshan] another person of opposite sex. It also helps one in having good relationship with a lover / wife / husband.

Manthra: “Om Namo Sarva Loka Vasikaraya Kuru Kuru Swaha!"

Kaamadeva Yantra for Effectively Getting Over Sex Problems

This Yantra is a very powerful and effective Yantra for attraction purposes. It also solves all sexual problems and fulfills one’s desires.

Manthra: “Om Kleem Kamadevaya Namah”

Susheela Yantra for Ladies To Have Effective Control On The Household

This is a very powerful and effective Yantra for women to have control on their husbands. This Yantra solves their day-to-day domestic problems and strife. This Yantra brings harmony in the love relationship of husband & wife and brings the couple closer to each other.

Mantra: “Om Lokesha Priyatam”

Bhoomi Yantra for Protection Against Evil Spirits

Bhoomi Yantra - Yantra for worship in the home / temple for protection against evil spirits and black magic. Property, progeny, conveyance and protection against vehicular actions can be achieved with this Yantra.

Mantra: “Om Dhimahi Meshrudrasav Roopamah”

Maatangi Yantra for Promoting Fine Arts

Shri Matangi Devi bestows siddhi of Speech and promotes Sangeeth or Music of the Sadhaka. After installation, daily pooja of the Devils to be performed with Mantra while sitting in Siddhasana.

The Mantra to be recited is as follows:- “Om Hareeng Matangaya Namaha”

After doing all Nayas, ‘Kavach Path’ of Devi’ should be recited and pooja of Yantra is to be performed one lakh times followed by Homa for Ten thousand Mantras.

Japa Mantra: - “Om Hareeng Kaleeng Houng Matangaya Namaha”

Vaasthu Dosha Nivarana Mahasiddhidayak Swastika Shri Yantra

Om Swastika with Sri Yantra

This Yantra has powerful effects on the attainment of Power, Authority and Financial Success. It also bestows popularity. It bestows favor from the Government, higher officials and political leaders. This Yantra is equally useful in eliminating Vastu Dosha. This should be installed both at Home and at workplace.

You may bless your friends and relations as well as get blessed: by them by gifting this Yantra on a festival day — be it Diwali, Christmas. or New Year day.

Mathsya Yantra

Mathsya Yantra clears Vastu faults like a fish cleans a pond.

This Yantra is ideal for business and house to bring prosperity and wealth. Keep the Yantra in northeast corner of the house or office. It is also used as the base upon which is placed the water conch and for installation (prana pratistha) and abhishek of conch.

Sanskrit mantras: “Om aim khrim srim matsyaya somakasura bhanjunaya visnave animadyasta vibhuti dehi dehi svaha” (invocation moola mantra) and “Tat purusaya vidmahe mahaminaya dhimahi tanno visnuh prachodayat” (Mathsya Gayathri mantra). “I salute the divine Vishnu who incarnates as a great fish and who purifies the cosmos for perfect balance and harmony.”

Koorma Yantra

This Yantra is a Deity Specific and is usually worshipped by the Devotees of Sri Vishnu. It is said to confer health, wealth & prosperity.

Sheegra Vivaha Yantra

See full size image

This is a very powerful Yantra made up of a combination of four different Yantras. Regular worship of this Yantra by girls results in an early find of a suitable match.

Meru Yantra

Koorm Pristhiya (Meru) Shri Yantra” is one of the oldest, rare and precious Yantra created by ‘Aadi Guru Dattatreya’ for the welfare of common man. Perhaps, the thought of conceiving Yantras for the benefit of mankind was formed during the Vedic age when metal came into being. Literally, “Koorm Prishthiya Meru Shree Yantra” means Shree Yantra which is mounted at the back of tortoise upwards. It is also believed that the tortoise lifted the weight of the earth over its back. In relation to Lord Kachehap Avatar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) it is also believed that the whole energy and substance of this living world or earth is created around Meru Prishth (back of tortoise) which has the elements like water, earth along with mountains etc.

So to attain and achieve the material substance of the Universe one (worshiper) has to recite Mantras as :- “Om, Aaing, Hring, Kling, Shring, Mahalakshmiye Namah” It is also believed that the ‘Koorma Prishthiya Shree Yantra’ was vividly used by the learned Brahmin community of coastal area in Rameshwaram, Kerala in Seventh or Eighth Century. The Shree Yantra designed on the mount over the back of a tortoise looks similar to the dome of any temple which is slightly mounted. It also depicts one of the fundamental of “Vastu Kala” which says that any residential house, palace or temple must be mounted at the centre to the top, so that the person residing in it should get more and more energy radiation & solar reflections from the cosmic universe or Brahmanda (world) to be more healthy, wealthy and wise. It can be placed either at the foundation of a house, temple or at the strong room, locker or cashbox etc. In all, it is a Rare, Spiritual Antique which helps to lessen the ill fortune and rotten fate.

Shri Bhairava (Vatika Bhairava) Yantra

This is a very powerful Yantra for attracting gold and wealth. This also bestows protection to the worshipper. No stealing takes place in a dwelling where Bhairava Yantra is installed and worshipped with Bhakthi.

The worshipper is bestowed with all comforts and his desires stand fulfilled.


“Bhairava” means “terrifying”, it is an adjective applied to SHIVA in his fearful aspect.

Amethyst Beads Mala

This can be used as Japa Mala. Wearing this Mala will have cooling effect on the body. Amethyst represents Rahu as well as Saturn This Mala will act as a deterrent to persons who take to drinks as a habit.

Sphatika Mala

This Mala is good as a Japa Mala as well as for controlling Blood pressure.

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