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Successful Performance of Righteous Activities For Acquisition of Wealth
For Marriage To Attain Final Emancipation
For Ill Health If you are Possessed by Sprits
Getting Rid of Mental Aberration (disorder of the mind) To Get Rid of Poverty (being poor)
To Get Rid of Sorrows To Avoid Calamities or Misfortunes
For Happy Return of Relatives To Get Rid of Bad Dreams and Sorrows
For Disservice (Unexpectable Act) to Sri Rama (God) or His Believers All-Round Happiness in the Life to Come
For Begetting a Child For Easy Delivery of Children
To Avoid Fear of Imprisonment and Imprisonment For Healthy Mind to the Children
Successful Achievement of All Desires To Receive Favour From Superiors
For Meeting Relatives If You Have Committed Adultery
For Good Health

The Remedial Measures listed are the once performed by Lord Vishnu Himself (Lord Rama) to achieve worldly pleasures.

Blindly Reading the Remedial Measures (the chapters) will NOT solve your problems. But gaining knowledge and practicing “what is said” will definitely help you to achieve success and worldly pleasures.

In Bhagavad Gita, the term “Yoga” has been defined as “to perform actions, unattached, with devotion for common good”. What you read in the remedial measures is “Yoga” that has been practiced by Lord Vishnu in Human form (Lord Rama).


For acquisition of wealth it has been said to read “Ayodhya Kanda Chapter 32”. In this chapter Lord Rama along with his brother Lakshmana and wife Sita donates (gifts) to Vedic Scholars and Citizens, before they head to exile.

As you may notice Rama, Lakshmana, and Sita have performed “Yoga”. Perform Action (give donation), Unattached (they are not worried about the costly items that belong to them, they part the once that they loved and belonged to them), With Devotion (they gift to both Vedic scholars and beggars with equal respect), For Common Good (the items they gift are of use to the Citizens).

What they got in return?

During exile the Nature took care of them and helped them to get associated with various scholars and citizens (like Hanuman). Allowed Lord Vishnu (Lord Rama) to fulfill his obligation to protect the earth by destroying Ravana and establish “Dharma” and finally remain Rich, Prosperous, and Happy until Lord Vishnu end his Avatar (incarnation).

Question 1: Why read for 40 times?

Answer 1: Repetition make one memorize.

Question 2: Why offer Bananas, Sugar and so forth at the end of each reading?

Answer 2: You are performing an unattached, selfless action with devotion thanking the “Nature” for having given the opportunity to gain knowledge.

Question 3: What to do after reading

Answer 3: Do NOT expect your problems to be solved at the end of 40 days. Now it is time to practice. “You give to the nature and the nature will accept it happily and will give you back in 100’s folds.

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