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Bananes Frites avec Piment (Fried Plantain Bananas with Hot Pepper Sauce)

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  1. 3 cloves garlic
  2. 1 small onion
  3. 5 scotch bonnet peppers
  4. Salt
  5. 1 cup vegetable oil
  6. 6 ripe (not green) plantain bananas, cut into small, round slices



  1. Finely mince garlic, onion, and peppers, taking care not to touch peppers with the fingers. (Use a fork to hold them while chopping.)
  2. Put garlic, onion, and peppers into a jar. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt and enough oil to cover them. Let mixture sit overnight or longer. (It will keep for a month or more in the refrigerator).
  3. Fry banana slices in hot oil. Drain excess oil and salt to taste.
  4. Eat by dipping the bananas in hot pepper sauce.
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