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Chapter 15: Constructing a Cottage at Pañcavati

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Constructing a Cottage at Pañcavati


Rama entrusts the construction work of a Parna Shaala, straw-cottage in Panchavati, nearby river Godavari. Lakshmana with all his expertise constructs a cozy cottage and they enter it after the ritual of house-entering ceremony. Rama admires Lakshmana for his construction work and as a thanksgiving he embraces Lakshmana and expresses his heart felt feeling about Lakshmana's concern towards Rama.

Chapter [Sarga] 15 in Detail

tatah pancavatiim gatvaa naanaa vyaala mrigaayutaam |

uvaaca bhraataram raamo laksmanam diipta tejasam || 3-15-1

Then on going to Panchavati which is full with many serpents and predators, Rama said to splendidly brilliant Lakshmana. [3-15-1]

aagataah sma yathaa uddistam yam desham munih abraviit |

ayam pa.ncavatii deshah saumya puspita kaananah || 3-15-2

"We arrived at the place as indicated by the sage, oh, gentle Lakshmana, this region with its flowered forests is Panchavati." [3-15-2]

sarvatah caaryataam dristih kaanane nipuno hi asi |

aashramah katara asmin nah deshe bhavati sammatah || 3-15-3

"In which place we have to situate our hermitage for our liking, for that cast your sight all over the forest, and indeed you are an expert in such matters. [3-15-3]

ramate yatra vaidehii tvam aham caiva laksmana |

taadrisho drishyataam deshah sa.mnikrista jalaashayah || 3-15-4

vana raamanyakam yatra jala raamanyakam tathaa |

sa.mnikristam ca yasmin tu samit puspa kusha udakam || 3-15-5

"In which place Vaidehi, likewise you and me too can take delight, where the woodland is scenic and the water is pleasurable, and where a water lake, ritual-firewood, flowers, and the sacred grass are available in proximity, oh, Lakshmana, such a place may be searched out. [3-15-4, 5]

evam uktah tu raamena lakmanah sa.myata a.njalih |

siitaa samaksam kaakutstham idam vacanam abraviit || 3-15-6

When thus said by Rama, Lakshmana adjoined his palms and said this sentence to Rama in the presence of Seetha. [3-15-6]

paravaan asmi kaakutstha tvayi varsa shatam sthite |

svayam tu rucire deshe kriyataam iti maam vada || 3-15-7

"I am but a dependent, as long as you are there, may it be for innumerable years, I am your adherent, Rama, therefore you yourself tell me to build hermitage in such and such delightful place. [3-15-7]

supriitah tena vaakyena laksmanasya mahaadyutih |

vimrishan rocayaamaasa desham sarva guna anvitam || 3-15-8

Rama is gladdened by those words of that great resplendent Lakshmana, and he selected a place that comprised of all the attributes. [3-15-8]

sa tam ruciram aakramya desham aashrama ka.rmani |

haste grihiitvaa hastena raamah saumitrim abraviit || 3-15-9

On taking Lakshmana's hand by his hand Rama paced that beautiful place intended for the construction of hermitage up and down and spoke to Saumitri this way. [3-15-9]

ayam deshah samah shriimaan puspitair tarubhir vritah |

iha aashrama padam saumya yathaavat kartum arhasi || 3-15-10

"This is an evenly and propitious place surrounded with flowered trees and it is apt of you to erect hermitage here, traditionally. [3-15-10]

iyam aaditya samkaashaih padmaih surabhi ga.ndhibhih |

aduure drishyate ramyaa padminii padma shobhitaa || 3-5-11

"This pleasing lake is seen here adjacently, beaming forth with its lotuses that are similar to sun in resplendence, and that are scented fragrantly. [3-5-11]

yathaa aakhyaatam agastyena muninaa bhaavitaatmanaa |

iyam godaavarii ramyaa puspitaih tarubhir vritaa || 3-15-12

ha.msa kaarandava aakiirnaa cakravaaka upashobhitaa |

"This River Godavari is also seen from here, surrounded by blooming trees, spread over with swans, and beautified with Karandava, and Chakrawaka birds, as that contemplated soul sage Agastya had said. [3-15-12]

na atiduure na ca aasanne mriga yuutha nipiiditaa || 3-15-13

mayuura naaditaa ramyaah praa.mshavo bahu ka.ndaraah |

drishyante girayah saumya phullaih tarubhir aavritaah || 3-15-14

"Those soaring mountains are appearing beautiful with many caves, surrounded by flowered trees, flurried by animal herds, sounded by peacocks, and they are neither far-off nor very nearby. [3-15-13, 14]

sauvarnai raajataih taamraih deshe deshe ca dhaatubhih |

gavaaksitaa iva aabhaanti gajaah parama bhaktibhih || 3-15-15

"Here and there are the golden, silvery and coppery ores on the mountains, and they are shining forth like cow-eye ventilators on walls and also like the superb paintings on elephants. [3-15-15]

saalaih taalaih tamaalaih ca khar.hjuuraih panasaih drumaih |

niivaaraih tinishaih caiva punnaagaih ca upashobhitaah || 3-15-16

cuutair ashokaih tilakaih ketakair api ca.mpakaih |

puspa gulma lataa upetaih taih taih tarubhir aavritaah || 3-15-17

syandanaih ca.ndanaih niipaih pa.rnaasaih lakucaih api |

dhava ashvakarna khadiraih shamii ki.mshuka paatalaih || 3-15-18

"These mountains are brightening with trees of Sala, Palmyra, Tamala, Date Palms, Jackfruit and also thus with Punnaga. With Chuuta - Sweet Mango; Ashoka, Tilaka, even with Ketaka, Champaka trees, And even with Syandana, Sandalwood, Nipa, Paarnasa, Lakuch, Dhava, Ashwakarna, Khadira, Shamii, Kimshuka, Paataala trees, and entwined are those and those trees with flowered shrubs, and along with climbers, and thus they brighten the mountains. [3-15-16, 17, 18]

idam punyam idam ramyam idam bahu mriga dvijam |

iha vatsyaama saumitre saardham etena paksinaa || 3-15-19

"This place is holy, this is delightful and this is with many animals and birds, hence Saumitri, let us reside here along with this bird Jataayu." Thus said Rama to Lakshmana. [3-15-19]

evam uktah tu raamena laksmanah paraviirahaa |

acirena aashramam bhraatuh cakaara sumahaabalah || 3-15-20

Thus said by Rama to that remover of foe's valor and one with very great might, namely Lakshmana, he briskly erected a hermitage for his brother. [3-15-20]

parnashaalaam suvipulaam tatra sa.mghaata mrittikaam |

susta.mbhaam maskarair diirghaih krita va.mshaam sushobhanaam || 3-15-21

shamii shaakhaabhih aastiirya dhridha paashaavapaashitam |

kusha kaasha sharaih parnaih suparicchaaditaam tathaa || 3-15-22

samiikrita talaam ramyaam cakaara sumahaabalah |

nivaasam raaghavasya arthe prekshniiyam anuttamam || 3-15-23

Lakshmana built a very spacious straw-cottage there leveling and raising the clay for raised floor of the cottage, strongly pillared with long bamboos, thereupon on those pillars excellent rafters are made, and the branches of Shamii trees are spread out, twined firmly with twines of jute strands, and with the cross-laid bamboos for thatching, and over that blades of Kusha grass and leaves of Kasha are spread and well over-covered for the roof, and thus that very great mighty Lakshmana made that best and very spacious straw-cottage with a leveled surface for residence of Raghava in the interests of Raghava alone, and it resulted as a feast to the eye. [3-15-21, 22, 23]

sa gatvaa laksmanah shriimaan nadiim godaavariim tadaa |

snaatvaa padmaani ca aadaaya saphalah punar aagatah || 3-15-24

On his going to River Godavari that noble Lakshmana bathed and on gathering lotuses and fruits he returned to the cottage. [3-15-24]

tatah puspa balim kritvaa shaantim ca sa yathaavidhi |

darshayaamaasa raamaaya tad aashrama padam kritam || 3-15-25

Then making flowery offerings and peace-invocations also procedural to Griha Pravesha, entering a new house,] started to show the constructed hermitage to Rama. [3-15-25]

sa tam dristvaa kritam saumyam aashramam saha siitayaa |

raaghavah parnashaalaayaam harsam aahaarayat param || 3-15-26

On seeing the beautifully constructed hermitage along with Seetha, Rama is highly gladdened in respect that straw-cottage. [3-15-26]

susamhristah parisvajya baahubhyaam laksmanam tadaa |

ati snigdham ca gaadham ca vacanam ca idam abraviit || 3-15-27

Then Rama very highly gladdened Rama embraced Lakshmana tightly by both of his hands, and spoke these friendly words to him. [3-15-27]

priito asmi te mahat karma tvayaa kritam idam prabho |

pradeyo yan nimittam te mayaa kritah || 3-15-28

"Oh, masterful one, I am very happy about you for you have done a great deed, for that reason I am giving what I have to give to you – a hugging. [3-5-28]

bhaavajnena kritajnena dharmajnena ca laksmana |

tvayaa putrena dharmaatmaa na sa.mvrittah pitaa mama || 3-15-29

"You are the knower of others feelings, knower of many skills, and the knower of what is right and honest, oh, Lakshmana, such as you are, being with you I deem that my virtue-souled father is not gone and forgotten. [3-15-29]

evam laksmanam uktvaa tu raaghavo laksmivardhanah |

tasmin deshe bahu phale nyavasat sa sukham sukhii || 3-15-30

On saying thus to Lakshmana, Raghava, the enhancer of magnificence comfortably resided in that province which is with many a fruit. [3-15-30]

kamcit kaalam sa dharmaatmaa siitayaa laksmanena ca

anvaasyamaano nyavasat svarga loke yathaa amarah || 3-15-31

While Seetha and Lakshmana devoted themselves to that righteous Rama, he resided in Panchavati like a Divinity in heavenly world for sometime to come. [3-15-30]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye aranya kaande pancadashah sargah

Thus, this is the 15th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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