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Chapter 59: Discussion Between Rama and Lakshmana

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Discussion Between Rama and Lakshmana


Rama reprimands Lakshmana for coming without Seetha. Lakshmana explains that he had to leave her owing to her anguished and angrily words and even by her rash remarks of Lakshmana. Even then, Rama is unhappy of Lakshmana's action in leaving her alone.

The content of this chapter is to amplify what that has been said in the previous chapter. This dialogue between Rama and Lakshmana may be deemed to have happened before their approaching hermitage, as in the last few verses of last chapter, and on their pathway to their hermitage.

Chapter [Sarga] 59 in Detail

atha aashramaat upaavrittam a.ntaraa raghuna.ndanah |

paripapraccha saumitrim raamo duhkha arditah punah || 3-59-1

Rama the descendent of Raghu, again asked Soumitri who strayed from the hermitage and whom his own anguish is distressing now, in the middle of path towards their hermitage. [3-59-1]

tam uvaaca kim artham tvam aagato apaasya maithiliim |

yadaa saa tava vishvaasaat vane viharitaa mayaa || 3-59-2

Rama spoke to such Lakshmana, "when I left her in the forest, I left only on confiding in you. For what reason you came to me on abandoning Maithili? [3-59-2]

dristvaa eva abhyaagatam tvaam me maithiliim tyajya laksmana |

sha.nkamaanam mahat paapam yat satyam vyathitam manah || 3-59-3

"What my heart had been doubting, rather a perilous evil, oh, Lakshmana, that has become a fact on seeing only you, coming to me leaving off Maithili. [3-59-3]

sphurate nayanam savyam baahuh ca hridayam ca me |

dristvaa laksmana duure tvaam siitaa virahitam pathi || 3-59-4

"Seeing your coming without Seetha on pathway at a distance my left eye and left shoulder have pulsated, and oh, Lakshmana, my heart too has fluttered." Thus Rama said to Lakshmana. [3-59-4]

evam uktah tu saumitrih laksmanah shubha laksanah |

bhuuyo duhkha sa.maavisto duhkhitam raamam abravii|| 3-59-5

When Sumitra's son Lakshmana, whose traits are blamelessly auspicious is addressed thus, anguish cast a double spell on him, one for the tongue-lashing of Seetha while the other for the reproach from Rama, and he replied Rama who is anguished in his own way. [3-59-5]

na svayam kaama kaarena taam tyaktvaa aham iha aagatah |

pracoditastayaivograitvatsakaashamihaaagatah - yadvaa -

pracoditah tayaa eva ugraih tvat sakaasham iha aagatah || 3-59-6

"I have not come here leaving her off either independently or intentionally, I came here, to your proximity, virtually driven by her hurtful words." Thus Lakshmana is relying Rama. [3-59-6]

aaryena eva parikrustam - paraakrustam - haa siite laksmana iti ca |

paritraahi iti yat vaakyam maithilyaah tat shrutim gatam || 3-59-7

"Maithili gave an ear to that message which is loudly shouted as if by your honor saying, 'ha, Seetha... ha, Lakshmana... save me immediately...' [3-59-7]

saa tam aarta svaram shrutvaa tava snehena maithilii |

gaccha gaccha iti maam aaha rudantii bhaya - viklavaa - vihvalaa || 3-59-8

"On hearing that grievous voice of yours and owing to her love for you she shuddered with fear and wept out to me 'hurry up...get going...' [3-59-8]

pracodyamaanena mayaa gaccha iti bahushah tayaa |

pratyuktaa maithilii vaakyam idam tat pratyaya anvitam || 3-59-9

"When she frequently insisted and compelled me to go, I have replied Maithili in this sentence which is expressive of my confidence in you. [3-59-9]

na tat pashyaami aham rakso yat asya bhayam aavahet |

nirvritaa bhava na asti etat kena api evam udaahritam || 3-59-10

“‘I do no think that there is a demon who can cause panic to Rama. All this is feigning [an imagination]. Someone might have typified [imitated] his voice in this way, please control yourself. [3-59-10]

vigarhitam ca niicam ca katham aaryo abhidhaasyati |

traahi iti vacanam siite yah traayet tridashaan api || 3-59-11

“‘How can my esteemed brother who can safeguard even gods, oh, Seetha, will exclaim in saying, 'save me,' which is a highly disparaging and basely manner to call for the help of a lady to safeguard him in such circumstances. [3-59-11]

kim nimittam tu kena api bhraatuh aala.mbya me svaram |

visvaram vyaahritam vaakyam laksmana traahi maam iti || 3-59-12

“‘But, somehow, for some reason, someone mimicking my brother's voice discordantly shouted words saying, 'Lakshmana save me.' [3-59-12]

raakshasena iiritam vaakyam trasaat traahi iti shobhane |

na bhavatyaa vyathaa kaaryaa kunaarii jana sevitaa || 3-59-13

" 'Oh, auspicious lady, it is unbefitting for you to panic, like lowly womenfolk who will be frivolously panicking for flimsy reasons, for the words like 'save me,' shouted by some demon, who may conceivably be Maareecha. [3-59-13]

alam vaiklavataam ga.ntum svasthaa bhava nir utsukaa |

na ca asti trisu lokesu pumaan yo raaghavam rane || 3-59-14

jaato vaa jaayamaano vaa sa.myuge yah paraajayet |

ajeyo raaghavo yuddhe devaih shakra purogamaih || 3-59-15

“‘Enough is your slipping into consternation and you be undismayed. There is none in all the three worlds who took birth, or going to take birth, to defeat Raghava in any given battle of any terrible nature. Raghava is undefeatable even if all gods come battling along with Indra in their van.' This is what I said to Vaidehi" Thus Lakshmana is informing Rama. [3-59-14, 15]

evam uktaa tu vaidehii parimohita cetanaa |

uvaaca ashruuni mu.ncantii daarunam maam idam vacah || 3-59-16

"Though I said thus, while her volition is overly besotted for you, Vaidehi said this tartly word to me outpouring tears. [3-59-16]

bhaavo mayi tava atyartham paapa eva niveshitah |

vinaste bhraatari praaptum na ca tvam maam avaapsyasi || 3-59-17

“‘In my respect you have harbored only an impure and nastily perspective to achieve me on the utter ruination of your brother, but I am unachievable to you. [3-59-17]

samketaat bharatena tvam raamam samanugacchasi |

kroshantam hi yathaa atyartham na enam abhyavapadyase || 3-59-18

“‘As to why you are refraining to rush towards Rama even though he is inordinately yelling, it hints that Bharata made some arrangements with you, and that is the reason why you have closely followed Rama in exile. [3-59-18]

ripuh pracchanna caarii tvam mat artham anugacchasi |

raaghavasya antara prepsuh tathaa enam na abhipadyase || 3-59-19

“‘You are an adversary of Rama comporting yourself in disguise, following him because of me, and searching for a leeway from Rama. Thereby now you are not rushing to Rama. [3-59-19]

evam ukto hi vaidehyaa sa.mrabdho rakta locanah |

krodhaat prasphuramaana ostha aashramaat abhinirgatah || 3-59-20

"When Vaidehi spoke to me thus I hurriedly came out of hermitage to you with anger reddening my eyes and trembling my lips. [3-59-20]

evam bruvaanam saumitrim raamah sa.ntaapa mohitah |

abraviit duskritam saumya taam vinaa yat tvam aagatah || 3-59-21

Rama who is deluded by angst said to Soumitri who is speaking thus, that "your arrival without her is an improper deed, oh, gentle one. [3-59-21]

jaanan api samartham maam raksasaam apavaarane |

anena krodha vaakyena maithilyaa nirgato bhavaan || 3-59-22

"You know that I am capable enough to foil the demons, even then you have come out by the angry words of Maithili? [3-59-22]

na hi te paritusyaami tyaktvaa yat yaasi maithiliim |

kruddhaayaah parusam shrutvaa striyaa yat tvam iha aagatah || 3-59-23

"On hearing bitter words of an angry lady you have came away on leaving her off, such as you are, I am not at all happy with you. [3-59-23]

sarvathaa tu apaniitam te siitayaa yat pracoditah |

krodhasya vasham aagamya na akaroh shaasanam mama || 3-59-24

"That which action of yours is there in non-compliance of my directive to stand guard to Seetha, either compelled by Seetha, or coming under your own ire, it shows your dereliction in everyway. [3-59-24]

asau hi raaksasah shete sharena abhihato mayaa |

mriga ruupena yena aham aashramaat apavaahitah || 3-59-25

"By whom I am detoured from hermitage in the form of a deer he is indeed a demon, and he fell flat when my arrow hit him down. [3-59-25]

vikrisya caapam paridhaaya saayakam

sa liila baanena ca taadito mayaa |

maar.hgiim tanum tyajya ca viklava svaro

babhuuva keyuura dharah sa raaksasah || 3-59-26

"When I effortlessly shot an arrow setting on bowstring and stretching the bow to full length, he hit by that arrow left deer's body to become a piteously bewailing demon wearing bracelets and the like ornaments. [3-59-26]

shara aahatena eva tadaa aartayaa giraa

svaram mama aala.mbya su duura su shravam |

udaahritam tat vacanam su daarunam

tvam aagato yena vihaaya maithiliim || 3-59-27

"Then hit down by arrow thus, he with an anguished voice that is clearly audible at a very remotely place and that which is mimicking my voice, uttered those highly gruesome words, whereby you have come here forsaking Maithili." Thus Rama said to Lakshmana on their way to their hermitage. [3-59-27]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye aranya kaande eko na sastitamah sargah

Thus, this is the 59th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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