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Chapter 69: Lakshmana Disfigures Ayomukhi

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Lakshmana Disfigures Ayomukhi


Kabandha captures Rama and Lakshmana while they are searching forests for Seetha. In the meantime, a demoness named Ayomukhi wanted to romance with Lakshmana, but Lakshmana cuts her ear and nose and chases away. The episode of Kabandha has a turning point in the epic.

Chapter [Sarga] 69 in Detail

kritvaa evam udakam tasmai prasthitau raaghavau tadaa |

aveksantau vane siitaam jagmatuh pashcimaam disham || 3-69-1

In this way, Raghava-s on offering water oblations to Jataayu went southwestward in the forest and proceeded looking around for Seetha. [3-69-1]

They firstly have to go westward in order to go south as said by Jataayu, and as continued in next verse onwards.

taam disham daksinaam gatvaa shara caapa asi dhaarinau |

aviprahatam aiksvaakau panthaanam pratipedatuh || 3-69-2

On going in southwest direction, both the Ikshvaku-s wielding bows, arrows, and swords, have come about a pathway which is an off the beaten track. [3-69-2]

gulmaih vriksaih ca bahubhih lataabhih ca pravestitam |

aavritam sarvato durgam gahanam ghora darshanam || 3-69-3

That pathway is thickly wrapped in and penned up with numerous trees, climber plants, and hedgerows from all over, thus that is jammed, blocked and horrid in its appearance. [3-69-3]

vyatikramya tu vegena grihiitvaa daksinaam disham |

su bhiimam tan mahaaaranyam vyatiyaatau mahaabalau || 3-69-4

On taking up the southern direction, and on crossing over that highly horrendous and thick of the forest, both those spryly energetic brothers moved ahead, speedily. [3-69-4]

tatah param janasthaanaat tri krosham gamya raaghavau |

krau.nca aranyam vivishatuh gahanam tau mahaujasau || 3-69-5

Thereafter, both the highly vigorous Raghava-s have entered the impassable Kraunca forest, on going three Krosa-s from Janasthaana. [3-69-5]

naanaa megha ghana prakhyam prahristam iva sarvatah |

naanaa varnaih shubhaih puspaih mriga paksi ganaih yutam || 3-69-6

didriksamaanau vaidehiim tat vanam tau vicikyatuh |

tatra tatra avatisthantau siitaa harana duhkhitau || 3-69-7

Those two brothers who are disquieted [disturbed] by the abduction of Seetha are now agog [eager] to find her, and they intently explored that forest temporizing there and there. That forest is evocative of a congeries [collection] of many a black-cloud, and it embodies numerous flowers on many a flowered tree, numerous flights of birds flitting over them, and numerous animals sprawling under them, and with them that forest is as though highly rejoiced everywhere. [3-69-6, 7]

tatah puurvena tau gatvaa tri krosam bhraataru tadaa |

krau.ncaaranyam atikramya maata.nga aashrama a.ntaraa || 3-69-8

dristaa tu tad vanam ghoram bahu bhiima mriga dvijam |

naanaa vriksha samaakiirnam sarvam gahana paadapam || 3-69-9

dadrishaah te girau tatra dariim dasharatha aatmajau |

paataala sama gambhiiraam tamasaa nitya sa.mvritaam || 3-69-10

Then, both the brothers on passing over that Kraunca forest and on going from there eastwardly on a three-krosha route, those sons of Dasharatha have seen a horrendous forest in between Kraunca forest and Matanga hermitage, which is overspread with various thicketed and impassable trees, and over-sprawled by numerous gigantic predators and vulturine birds, and on scrutinizing such a forest everywhere, there they saw a cave in a mountain, which is abyssal, equal to infernal region, and ever enshrouded by gloom. [3-69-8. 9, 10]

aasaadya ca naravyaaghrau daryaah tasyaa aviduuratah |

dadarsha tu mahaaruupaam rakshasiim vikrita aananaam || 3-69-11

On getting at that cave those manly-tigers have seen a demoness nearby that cave, who is massive in shape and misshapen in her face. [3-69-11]

bhayadaam alpa sattvaanaam bhiibhatsaam raudra darshanaam |

la.mbodariim tiikshna da.mstraam karaaliim parusa tvacam || 3-69-12

bhakshayantiim mrigaan bhiimaan vikataam mukta muurdhajaam |

avaikshataam tu tau tatra bhraatarau raama lakshmanau || 3-69-13

Both the brothers, Rama and Lakshmana, have seen a demoness there, who is an inducer of horror to the dunderheaded dullards, traumatic in her acts and truculent in her appearance, pot-bellied, pierce-fanged, overblown, pachydermatous, head hair shaggy, body shape lumpy-bumpy, and she is going on eating massive beasts. [3-69-12, 13]

saa samaasaadya tau viirau vrajantam bhraatuh agratah |

ehi ra.msyaavahe iti uktvaa samaala.mbata lakshmanam || 3-69-14

Drawing nigh of those valorous brothers who are journeying on their way, that demoness actually clung onto Lakshmana who is going ahead of his elder brother, saying, "come... let's romance..." [3-69-14]

uvaaca ca enam vacanam saumitrim upaguhya saa |

aham tu ayomukhii naama laabhah te tvam asi priyah || 3-69-15

naatha parvata durgesu nadiinaam pulinesu ca |

aayuh ciram idam viira tvam mayaa saha ra.msyase || 3-69-16

Closeting Soumitri in her embrace she told him this sentence, "I am Ayomukhi, by my name... you won me by your heroic personality, by that way, none can win me over... thus, you alone are my lover... oh, hero, oh, my husband... you will romance with me on mountaintops, in rivers, and on sandy isles, till the end of this life..." So is the love prattle of that demoness Ayomukhi. [3-69-15, 16]

evam uktah tu kupitah khadagam uddhritya lakshmanah |

karna naasa stanam tasyaa nicakartaa arisuudanah || 3-69-17

When said that way that enemy-suppressor Lakshmana became furious, and upraising his sword he sheared off her nose, one ear, and one of her breasts. [3-69-17]

karna naase nikritte tu visvaram vinanaada saa |

yathaa aagatam pradudraava raakshasii ghora darshanaa || 3-69-18

When her nose and ear are cut off that demoness of hideous mien yelled highly in a high voice, and she rushed off as she had rushed in at Lakshmana. [3-69-18]

tasyaam gataayaam gahanam vrajantau vanam ojasaa |

aasedatuh ari mitra ghnau bhraatarau raama lakshmanau || 3-69-19

When she fled those two brothers who are the eliminators of the friends of their enemies, have traveled further into the forest and entered a dense area of that forest, with their spiritedness as their guiding force. [3-69-19]

laksmanah tu mahaatejaah sattvavaan shiilavaan shucih |

abraviit praa.njalih vaakyam bhraataram diipta tejasam || 3-69-20

Though Lakshmana is the one with preparedness, properness, and pureness and thus a highly fulgent [radiant] one by his persona, he prayfully said this sentence to his brother Rama whose anima [image] is radiantly fulgurous [flashing with lightning]. [3-69-20]

spa.ndante me dridham baahuh udvignam iva me manah |

praayashah ca api anistaani nimittaani upalaksaye || 3-69-21

"My left arm is strongly shuddering and my heart is as though distraught... and even undesirable forebodings are also bidding fair... [3-69-21]

tasmaat sajjii bhava aarya tvam kurusva vacanam hitam |

mama eva hi nimittaani sadyah sha.msanti sa.mbhramam || 3-69-22

"Oh, exalted brother, thereby you be at the ready by paying attention to my expedient words... these forebodings are indeed portending to me as if some hazard is immediately ensuing... [3-69-22]

esa va.njulako naama paksii parama daarunah |

aavayoh vijayam yuddhe sha.msan iva vinar.hdati || 3-69-23

"This eerily dreadful bird known to be Vanjulaka is loudly ululating [howling] as though presaging [predicting] our triumph in any given conflict that may ensue..." So said Lakshmana to Rama. [3-69-23]

tayoh anvesatoh evam sarvam tat vanam ojasaa |

sa.mjajne vipulah shabdah prabha.njan iva tat vanam || 3-69-24

When those two brothers are searching entire forest for Seetha in that way, they heard a boisterous brouhaha emanated as though to completely shatter down that forest. [3-69-24]

sa.mvestitam iva atyartham gahanam maatarishvanaa |

vanasya tasya shabdo abhuut divam aapuurayan iva || 3-69-25

As though an unbearable windstorm muffles up the sky, that forest's cacophony appeared to be unbearably filling up that forest. [3-69-25]

tam shabdam kaa.nksamaanah tu raamah khadgii saha anujah |

dadarsha su mahaa kaayam raaksasam vipula urasam || 3-69-26

But desiring to know the source of that noise that sword-wielder Rama has seen a gigantically giant-bodied and gigantesque-chested demon in a section of brushwood along with his younger brother Lakshmana. [3-69-26]

aasedatuh ca tat rakshah tau ubhau pramukhe sthitam |

vivriddham a-shiro griivam kaba.ndham udare mukham || 3-69-27

Then they both had to drew nigh of a waylaying demon Kabandha, who is situated frontally with an overgrown body, which is neck-less, ergo [therefore] headless, ergo mouth in paunch. [3-69-27]

romabhirnishcitaistiiksnairmahaagirimivocchritam - yadvaa -

romabhih nicitaih tiiksnaih mahaagirim iva ucchritam |

niila megha nibham raudram megha stanita nihsvanam || 3-69-28

That diabolical demon is peaking like a huge mountain, his hair is horripilate and thickset, and his gleam is like a dark cloud, and his sounding is like a thunder. [3-69-28]

agni jvaala nikaashena lalaatasthena diipyataa |

mahaapaksena pi.ngena vipulena aayatena ca || 3-69-29

ekena urasi ghorena nayanena aashu darshinaa |

mahaa da.nstra upapannam tam lelihaanam mahaa mukham || 3-69-30

Only one ochre [red or yellow] eye blazing like the tongue of an inferno is there on his forehead, which forehead situated on his chest. That single eye with incisive [impressively direct and decisive] and sharp-sight is broad beaming and wide angling, on which there are wing like eyelids. That monster is now licking his giant mouth that is stuffed with spearhead like fangs, as he has just finished a gobble, and the brothers had to draw nigh [near] of such a demon. [3-69-29, 30]

bhaksaya.ntam mahaa ghoraan riksa simha mriga dvipaan |

ghorau bhujau vikurvaanam ubhau yojanam aayatau || 3-69-31

He is eating the highly brutal bears, lions, predators, and elephants, and he is outstretching both of his deadly arms, each of which is stretchable to a yojana distance, and the bothers neared such a demon. [3-69-31]

karaabhyaam vividhaan grihya rikshaan paksi ganaan mrigaan |

aakarsantam vikarsantam anekaan mriga yuuthapaan || 3-69-32

sthitam aavritya panthaanam tayoh bhraatroh prapannayoh |

That demon stayed waylaying the pathway of both the brothers who chanced there, while he is catching bears, divers flights of birds, and numerous choicest animals of those and those herds, gripping them with both of his long-reaching hands and hauling towards his mouth at his paunch, or dropping them off if they are unpalatable, and the brothers reached nearby of such a demon. [3-69-32, 33a]

atha tam samatikramya krosha maatram dadarshatuh || 3-69-33

mahaantam daarunam bhiimam kaba.ndham bhuja sa.mvritam |

kaba.ndham iva sa.msthaanat ati ghora pradashanam || 3-69-34

On traveling just a krosha distance, then they have seen Kabandha, whose body is colossal, and who is heinous and hideous, and who is like living trunk fenced by its shoulders and arms, and who by his physique is very deadly in appearance. [3-69-33b, 34]

sa mahaa baahuh atyartham prasaarya vipulau bhujau |

jagraaha sahitau eva raaghavau piidayan balaat || 3-69-35

He that overlong-armed Kabandha outstretching his overlong arms snatched both of the Raghava-s, keeping them side-by-side in his fists, and wringing them with his might. [3-69-35]

khadginau dridha dhanvaanau tigma tejau mahaa bhujau |

bhraatarau vivasham praaptau krisyamaanau mahaa balau || 3-69-36

Though they are the grapplers with swords and brandishers of unerring bows, and though out blazing is their pneuma [soul] and outstanding is their dexterity, both of those great mighty brothers lost control and had to yield themselves to that demon when he captured and dragged them. [3-69-36]

tatra dhairyaat ca shuuraah tu raaghavo na eva vivyadhe |

baalyaat anaashrayatvaat ca eva lakshmanah tu ativivyadhe || 3-69-37

uvaaca ca visannam san raaghavam raaghava anujah |

In that situation, that valiant Rama, the legatee of Raghava-s, is not verily anguished owing to his courage, but Lakshmana is very much anguished, as if he is callow and in an unsheltered state, and he that younger brother of Raghava, namely Lakshmana, also dejectedly said this to Rama, the legatee of Raghava-s. [3-69-37, 38a]

pashya maam vivasham viira raakshasasya vasham gatam || 3-69-38

mayaa ekana tu niryuktah parimucyasva raaghava |

"Oh, valiant brother, see me, who am out of control on my inner-self, and gone into the control of the demon... oh, Raghava, you leave me and get yourself released from the grip of the demon... [3-69-38b, 39a]

maam hi bhuuta balim dattvaa palaasva yathaa sukham || 3-69-39

adhiga.ntaa asi vaidehiim acirena iti me matih |

"Indeed offer me as an offering to this quiddity, and you seek safety at your pleasure... and you will reach Vaidehi shortly... this is my belief... [3-69-39b, 40a]

prati labhya ca kaakutstha pitri paitaamaham mahiim || 3-69-40

tatra maam raama raajyasthah smartum ar.hhasi sarvadaa |

"Oh, Kakutstha, on regaining the kingdom of our father and forefathers, and when enthroned, oh, Rama, it will be apt of you to reminisce me always..." So said Lakshmana to Rama. [3-69-40b, 41a]

lakshmanena evam uktah tu raamah saumitrim abraviit || 3-69-41

maa sma traasam vrithaa viira na hi tvaa drik visiidati |

But when Lakshmana said that way, Rama said to Soumitri, "Fret not thyself, futilely... oh, brave one, your king of persons will not get dismayed, futilely... [3-69-41b, 42a]

etasmin antare kruuro bhraatarau raama lakshmanau || 3-69-42

tau uvaaca mahaabaahuh kabandho daanava uttamah |

In the meantime, that ruthless, log-armed, fiercest demon Kabandha thunderously asked those brothers, Rama and Lakshmana. [3-69-42b, 43a]

kau yuvaam vrisabha skandhau mahaa khadga dhanur dharau || 3-69-43

ghoram desham imam praaptau daivena mama caakshusau |

"Who are you two? Your shoulders are akin to the bull-humps, and you are shouldering longbows and brandishing broad swords, how have you come about this province? For god's sake, I come across my most dainty morsel... [3-69-43b, 44a]

vadatam kaaryam iha vaam kim artham ca aagatau yuvaam || 3-69-44

imam desham anupraaptau ksudhaa aartasya iha tisthatah |

"What business you have here, and for which reason you have come here... you chanced for me who am sitting here and painfully ravenous... [3-69-44b, 45a]

sa baana caapa khadgau ca tiiksna shri.ngau iva risabhau || 3-69-45

mama tuurnam upasa.mpraaptau durlabham jiivitam vaam |

"Though you are with arrows, bows and swords, and though you are like bulls with sharp horns ready to gore... but they are all a waste, as your life has readily become un-gainful on reaching nigh [near] of my sight and arms..." So said Kabandha, in his arrogant tone. [3-69-45b, 46a]

tasya tat vacanam shrutvaa kaba.ndhasya duraatmanah || 3-69-46

uvaaca laksmanam raamo mukhena parishusyataa |

On hearing that sentence of that vile-souled Kabandha, Rama said this to Lakshmana with a wilted face. [3-69-46b, 47a]

kricchraat kricchrataram praapya daarunam satya vikrama || 3-69-47

vyasanam jiivita antaaya praaptam apraapya taam priyaam |

"Oh, truth-valiant Lakshmana, now coming to pass is a worst catastrophe, after a worse catastrophe, after a catastrophe...namely, the expiration at the hands of this demon presently, and the expropriation of Seetha previously, and the expulsion from kingship, still previously... nonetheless, without coming across that ladylove, this disastrous despair of ending our lives is coming about... [3-69-47b, 48a]

kaalasya sumahat viiryam sarva bhuutesu laksmana || 3-69-48

tvaam ca maam ca naravyaaghra vyasanaih pashya mohitau |

"Oh, Lakshmana, the efficacy of Time is preponderant and proportional among all beings... oh, manly-tiger, why generalization... see, as to how yourself and even myself are entangled in the tangles of life, even though we assert ourselves to be brave and best... [3-69-48b, 49a]

na hi bhaaro asti daivasya sarva bhutesu laksmana || 3-69-49

shuuraah ca balava.ntah ca krita astraah ca rana aajire |

kaala abhipannaah siidanti yathaa vaaluka setavah || 3-69-50

Oh, Lakshmana, to show its impact on each and every being Time, or God is unencumbered and unremitting... may he be a brave one or a brawny one... or, may they be those that have perfected their missilery... when Time chances their nigh, they have to founder... as with a sandy levee... [3-69-49b, 50]

iti bruvaano dridha satya vikramo

mahaayashaa daasharathih prataapavaan |

aveksya saumitrim udagra vikramam

sthiraam tadaa svaam matim aatmanaa akarot || 3-69-51

Rama being the son of Dasharatha is an indomitable one, besides, a firmly and factually valorous one, by which he earned a great renown, and he on telling thus, and on looking over that recalcitrant [restraint] vengeful [revengeful] Soumitri, then Rama readied [to make ready] himself by his own steadied thinking. [3-69-51]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye aranya kaande eko na saptatitamah sargah

Thus, this is the 69th chapter in Aranya Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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