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Chapter 107: Rama’s Reasons for not Returning

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Rama’s Reasons for not Returning


Rama reveals to Bharata that Kaikeyi’s marriage, stating that Dasaratha would confer the kingdom as a marriage-dowry. Rama also adds that Kaikeyi also received the promise of two boons from Dasaratha as a token of his pleasure and gratitude for the help Kaikeyi rendered during the conflict long ago between gods and demons. Rama further informs Bharata that according to that promise, Kaikeyi asked for the two boons, one for Bharata's throne and another for his own exile to the forest. Rama requests Bharata to make Dasaratha's promises true and asks him to return to Ayodhya and assume its ruler-ship.

Chapter [Sarga] 107 in Detail

punar evam bruvaanam tu bharatam lakshmana agrajah |

pratyuvaca tatah shriimaan jnaati madhye atisatkritah || 2-107-1

Thereafter, the illustrious Rama highly respected among his fraternity, (as follows) to Bharata who was speaking as aforesaid among his relatives.

upapannam idam vaakyam yat tvam evam abhaashathaah |

jaatah putro dasharathaat kaikeyyaam raaja sattamaat || 2-107-2

"These words, which you have spoken are worthy of you, the son of Dasaratha the excellent king, born through Kaikeyi."

puraa bhraatah pitaa nah sa maataram te samudvahan |

maataamahe samaashraushiid raajya shulkam anuttamam || 2-107-3

"O, My brother! Long ago, when our father married your mother, he promised your maternal grandfather that he would confer his kingdom as an exceptional marriage-dowry"

deva asure ca samgraame jananyai tava paarthivah |

samprahrishto dadau raajaa varam aaraadhitah prabhuh || 2-107-4

"Thereafter, in a conflict between Gods and demons, your mother received the promise of two boons from the efficient lord of the earth, King Dasaratha, as a token of his joy and gratitude."

tatah saa sampratishraavya tava maataa yashasvinii |

ayaacata nara shreshtham dvau varau vara varninii || 2-107-5

tava raajyam nara vyaaghra mama pravraajanam tathaa |

tac ca raajaa tathaa tasyai niyuktah pradadau varau || 2-107-6

"O, Tiger among men! Your illustrious mother of beautiful complexion consequently demanded these two boons from that chief of men, for you the throne and for me the exile to the forest."

tena pitraa aham apy atra niyuktah purusha rishabha |

caturdasha vane vaasam varshaani varadaanikam || 2-107-7

"O, excellent among men! I too, have been enjoined by our aforesaid father to live here in the forest for fourteen years, in accord with granting of boon."

so aham vanam idam praapto nirjanam lakshmana anvitah |

shiitayaa ca apratidvandvah satya vaade sthitah pituh || 2-107-8

"I as such, without any rival, have come to this lonely forest accompanied by Lakshmana and Seetha in order to carry out the promise given by our father."

bhavaan api tathaa ity eva pitaram satya vaadinam |

kartum arhati raaja indram kshipram eva abhishecanaat || 2-107-9

"You too ought, likewise, to make our father, as a person having given a true promise, O Indra (the Lord of Celestials) among kings, by getting yourself anointed to the crown without any delay.

rinaan mocaya raajaanam mat krite bharata prabhum |

pitaram traahi dharmajna maataram ca abhinandaya || 2-107-10

"O, Bharata! For my sake relieve the mighty king from his vow and make both our mother and father happy."

shruuyate hi puraa taata shrutir giitaa yashasvinii |

gayena yajamaanena gayeshu eva pitririn prati || 2-107-11

"My dear brother! Formerly, an illustrious king named Gaya, while performing a sacrifice in a place called Gaya in honor of his ancestors, chanted the following verse:

pum naamnaa narakaad yasmaat pitaram traayate sutah |

tasmaat putra iti proktah pitririn yat paati vaa sutah || 2-107-12

"Since a son delivers his father from a place of torment (hell) called 'Put', he is named as 'Putra'- 'he who delivers his ancestors from all dangers'"

eshtavyaa bahavah putraa gunavanto bahu shrutaah |

teshaam vai samavetaanaam api kashcid gayaam vrajet || 2-107-13

"To have many virtuous and learned sons is to be desired, since one, at-least among them, who is intimately connected will come to Gaya to perform a sacrifice."

evam raaja rishayah sarve pratiitaa raaja nandana |

tasmaat traahi nara shreshtha pitaram narakaat prabho || 2-107-14

"O, prince! This is the conviction of all the royal sages. O, the efficient and the excellent of men! Therefore, save our father from hell.

ayodhyaam gagcca bharata prakritiir anuranjaya |

shatrughna sahito viira saha sarvair dvijaatibhih || 2-107-15

"O, the valiant Bharata! Go to Ayodhya along with Shatrughna and all the Brahmanas and give joy to the people there."

pravekshye dandaka aranyam aham apy avilambayan |

aabhyaam tu sahito raajan vaidehyaa lakshmanena ca || 2-107-16

"O, King! I too, without delay, will proceed to Dandaka forest along with Seetha and Lakshmana."

tvam raajaa bhava bharata svayam naraanaam |

vanyaanaam aham api raaja raan mrigaanaam |

gagcca tvam pura varam adya samprahrishtah |

samhrishtah tu aham api dandakaan pravekshye || 2-107-17

"O, Bharata! You become the Lord of men. I will become the emperor of the wild beasts of the forest! Return now to the excellent city of Ayodhya full of joy and I also full of joy will enter Dandaka Forest!"

chaayaam te dina kara bhaah prabaadhamaanam |

varshatram bharata karotu muurdhni shiitaam |

eteshaam aham api kaanana drumaanaam |

chaayaam taam atishayiniim sukham shrayishye || 2-107-18

"O, Bharata! Let the (royal) white umbrella provide a cool shadow for your head, repulsing the rays of sunlight. I will take shelter comfortably under the abundant shadow of these forest-trees."

shatrughnah kushala matih tu te sahaayah |

saumitrir mama viditah pradhaana mitram |

catvaarah tanaya varaa vayam nara indram |

satyastham bharata caraama maa vishaadam || 2-107-19

"O, Bharata! The wise Shatrughna is helpful to you. Lakshmana is known to be an outstanding friend for me. We, the four excellent sons, will ultimately make the king true to his promise. Do not get disappointed."

ityaarse shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye ayodhyaakaande saptottarashatatamah sargah

Thus completes 107th Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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