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Chapter 112: Bharata Receives Rama’s Sandals

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Bharata Receives Rama’s Sandals


On hearing the debate between Rama and Bharata, all the sages there were astonished. The sages request Bharata to accept Rama's words. Bharata explains to Rama that he is unable to rule the vast kingdom alone to the satisfaction of its subjects. Bharata further adds that Rama has the necessary competence to save the world and makes a fervent appeal to Rama to return to Ayodhya. However, Rama replies that Bharata is quite capable of ruling the kingdom and advises Bharata to take counsel from his wise ministers before administering the kingdom. Rama reaffirms Bharata that he will never be false to his father's vow. Finally, Bharata agrees to Rama’s proposition, but requests Rama to offer his sandals to be carried by him to Ayodhya so that the people there would get gain and security. Rama agrees to it and offers his sandals to Bharata, who takes a vow before Rama to enter fire in case he did not return immediately after the expiry of his term of exile. After embracing Bharata and Shatrughna, Rama bids farewell to all with due respect in accord with the rank of each and enters his hermitage.

Chapter [Sarga] 112 in Detail

tam apratima tejobhyaam bhraatribhyaam roma harshanam |

vismitaah samgamam prekshya samavetaa maharshayah || 2-112-1

Witnessing that thrilling converse between those two brothers with incomparable dignity, the great sages gathered there were astonished.

antar hitaah tu rishi ganaah siddhaah ca parama rishayah |

tau bhraatarau mahaatmaanau kaakutsthau prashashamsire || 2-112-2

The assemblies of ascetics, great saints present there and the distinguished sages who stood invisible in space, applauded both Rama and Bharata, the magnanimous brothers, saying (as follows):

sa dhanyo yasya putrau dvau dharmajnau dharma vikramau |

shrutvaa vayam hi sambhaashaam ubhayoh sprihayaamahe || 2-112-3

"That Dasaratha, who begot these two sons, who know righteousness and whose strength is justice, was fortunate. By hearing the debate between these two princes, we are indeed delighted."

tatah tu rishi ganaah kshipram dashagriiva vadha eshinah |

bharatam raaja shaarduulam ity uucuh samgataa vacah || 2-112-4

Thereafter, that assembly of sages, who wished to see a quick destruction of Ravana, came together and spoke the following words to Bharata, the excellent king.

kule jaata mahaa praajna mahaa vritta mahaa yashah |

graahyam raamasya vaakyam te pitaram yady avekshase || 2-112-5

"O Bharata born in a noble race, highly intelligent, having a superior conduct and a great repute! If you have regard for your father, Rama's words are to be accepted.

sadaa anrinam imam raamam vayam igccaamahe pituh |

anrinatvaac ca kaikeyyaah svargam dasharatho gatah || 2-112-6

"We wish to see Rama absolved of all obligations forever to his father. Dasaratha, having honored his pledge to Kaikeyi, indeed went to heaven."

etaavad uktvaa vacanam gandharvaah samaharshayah |

raaja rishayah caiva tathaa sarve svaam svaam gatim gataah || 2-112-7

Having uttered that much, all the celestial musicians and the great sages then went to their respective abodes.

hlaaditah tena vaakyena shubhena shubha darshanah |

raamah samhrishta vadanah taan rishiin abhyapuujayat || 2-112-8

Hearing those auspicious words, the good-looking Rama looked radiant and worshipped those sages with a joyful countenance.

srasta gaatrah tu bharatah sa vaacaa sajjamaanayaa |

krita anjalir idam vaakyam raaghavam punar abraviit || 2-112-9

Bharata, on his part, with trembled limbs, joined his palms in salutation and again spoke the following words to Rama in a strangled voice:

raaja dharmam anuprekshya kula dharma anusamtatim |

kartum arhasi kaakutstha mama maatuh ca yaacanaam || 2-112-10

"O, Rama! Keep in view the continuance of our royal statue and the statute of the race. You ought to yield to the entreaties of mine and those of your mother."

rakshitum sumahad raajyam aham ekah tu na utsahe |

paura jaanapadaamh ca api raktaan ranjayitum tathaa || 2-112-11

"I am not able to rule this vast empire alone to the satisfaction of the beloved inhabitants of town and country!"

jnaatayah ca hi yodhaah ca mitraani suhridah ca nah |

tvaam eva pratikaankshante parjanyam iva karshakaah || 2-112-12

"Our kith and king, soldiers, companions and allies are waiting for you indeed, as farmers wait for the rainy clouds."

idam raajyam mahaa praajna sthaapaya pratipadya hi |

shaktimaan asi kaakutstha lokasya paripaalane || 2-112-13

"O, the sagacious Rama! Return to the kingdom and keep it in order. You have the competence to save the world!"

ity uktvaa nyapatad bhraatuh paadayor bharatah tadaa |

bhrisham sampraarthayaam aasa raamam evam priyam vadah || 2-112-14

That Bharata, who was kind-spoken, thus made a fervent appeal to Rama and fell at his feet.

tam anke bhraataram kritvaa raamo vacanam abraviit |

shyaamam nalina patra aksham matta hamsa svarah svayam || 2-112-15

Placing on his lap, that Bharata of dark hue, with eyes resembling lotus-petals and having a voice like that of a swan in rut, Rama spoke the following words to him:

aagataa tvaam iyam buddhih svajaa vainayikii ca yaa |

bhrisham utsahase taata rakshitum prithiviim api || 2-112-16

"O, my dear brother! You are very much competent to rule the earth, by the intellect you obtained both inherently and by training."

amaatyaih ca suhridbhih ca buddhimadbhih ca mantribhih |

sarva kaaryaani sammantrya sumahaanty api kaaraya || 2-112-17

"Take counsel with your ministers, companions and intelligent counselors and get all activities done, even if they are gigantic."

lakshmiih candraad apeyaad vaa himavaan vaa himam tyajet |

atiiyaat saagaro velaam na pratijnaam aham pituh || 2-112-18

"Light may go off from the moon; Himalayan Mountain may shake off its snows; the sea may transgress its shores, but I will never be false to my father's vow!"

kaamaad vaa taata lobhaad vaa maatraa tubhyam idam kritam |

na tan manasi kartavyam vartitavyam ca maatrivat || 2-112-19

"My dear brother! Your mother acted thus, for your sake, out of her affection or ambition. It should not be carried out in your mind. You ought to obey her as your mother."

evam bruvaanam bharatah kausalyaa sutam abraviit |

tejasaa aaditya samkaasham pratipac candra darshanam || 2-112-20

Bharata replied (as follows) to Rama, who was speaking as aforesaid and who was equal to sun by his splendor or to the moon in its first quarter.

adhiroha aarya paadaabhyaam paaduke hema bhuushite |

ete hi sarva lokasya yoga kshemam vidhaasyatah || 2-112-21

"O, noble brother! Pray mount with your feet on the wooden sandals adorned with gold! Surely, these will bestow, gain and security to all the people!"

so adhiruhya nara vyaaghrah paaduke hy avaruhya ca |

praayagccat sumahaa tejaa bharataaya mahaatmane || 2-112-22

Rama, the tiger among men, possessing exceptional glory, placing his feet on the sandals and leaving them, gave them to the magnanimous Bharata.

sa paaduke sampranamya raamam vachanambraviit |

chaturdasha hi varsaani jataachiiradharo hyaham || 2-112-23

phalamuulaashano viira bhaveyam raghunamdana |

Bowing before the sandals, Bharata spoke the following words to Rama: "O, Rama the hero and the terminator of enemies! For fourteen years, I shall wear matted locks and robes of bark, live on fruits and roots O Rama, and live outside the city, offering the ruling of the kingdom to your sandals."

tavaagamanamaakaaksan vasanvai nagaraadbahih || 2-112-24

tava paadukayornyastaraajyatantrah paramtapa |

chaturdashe tu sampuurne varse.ahaani raghuuttama || 2-112-25

na draksyaami yadi tvaam tu praveksyaami hutaashanam |

"O, Rama! If I do not see you the following day when the fourteenth year has fully ended, I shall enter the fire once for all."

tatheti cha pratijjnaaya tam parisvajya saadaram || 2-112-26

shatrughnam cha parisvajya bharatam chedamabraviit |

"So be it" promised Rama, embraced that Bharata with affection, took Shatrughna also in his arms and spoke to Bharata as follows:

maataram raksa kaikeyiim maa rosam kuru taam prati || 2-112-27

mayaa cha siitayaa chaiva raghusattama |

ityuktvaashrupariitaakso bhraataram visasarja ha || 2-112-28

"O Bharata! Protect your mother, Kaikeyi. Do not get angry with her. You are taken vow thus by me and by Seetha." speaking thus, Rama with his eyes filled iwth tears, bade farewell to his brother.

sa paaduke te bharatah prataapavaan |

svalamkrite samparigrihya dharmavit |

pradakshinam caiva cakaara raaghavam |

cakaara caiva uttama naaga muurdhani || 2-112-29

The valiant Bharata, who knew righteousness worshipped those sandals which were well-decorated made a circumambulation to Rama and kept the sandals on the head of an excellent elephant.

atha aanupuurvyaat pratipuujya tam janam |

guruumh ca mantri prakritiih tathaa anujau |

vyasarjayad raaghava vamsha vardhanah |

sthitah sva dharme himavaan iva acalah || 2-112-30

Rama, the augmenter of Raghu dynasty, being firm as a Himalayan rock in abiding in his own righteousness, greeted those men, in accord with their rank, the host of his preceptors, ministers, subjects and his brothers and bade farewell to all of them.

tam maataro baashpa grihiita kantho |

duhkhena na aamantrayitum hi shekuh |

sa tu eva maatririr abhivaadya sarvaa |

rudan kutiim svaam pravivesha raamah || 2-112-31

His mothers, their voices choked with tears due to sorrow, were unable to bid farewell verbally to Rama. However, Rama himself offered his salutations to all his mothers and entered his hermitage, weeping.

ityaarse shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye ayodhyaakaande dvaadashottarashatatamah sargah

Thus completes 112th Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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