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Chapter 14: King Dasharatha Summons Rama

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King Dasharatha Summons Rama


This chapter starts with Kaikeyi's entreaties to the king followed by Dasaratha disowning her as wife. The night passes and Sumantra comes to wake up the King. Ordered by Kaikeyi to bring Sri Rama to the king, he goes to Sri Rama to fetch Him.


Chapter [Sarga] 14 in Detail

putra shoka arditam paapaa visamjnam patitam bhuvi |

vivestamaanam udiiksya saa aiksvaakam idam abraviit || 2-14-1

That wicked woman spoke these words to Dasaratha, tormented as he was by the anguish for his son and who was unconscious, tossing about on the floor.

paapam krtvaa iva kim idam mama samshrutya samshravam |

shese ksiti tale sannah sthityaam sthaatum tvam arhasi || 2-14-2

"What is this? After hearing the promise given to me, you are lying on the floor dejected as though you had committed a great sin. You ought to keep yourself within bounds of ethics".

aahuh satyam hi paramam dharmam dharmavido janaah |

satyam aashritya hi mayaa tvam ca dharmam pracoditah ||2-14-3

"People who know what is right, indeed speak of truthfulness as highest virtue. I too have taken refuge in truth and made you aware of your duty."

samshrutya shaibyah shyenaaya svaam tanum jagatii patih |

pradaaya paksino raajan jagaama gatim uttamaam || 2-14-4

"Oh, king! Having made a promise to a hawk and offering his body to the bird , king Saibya, the ruler of world obtained the greatest destiny".

tatha hi alarkah tejasvii braahmane veda paarage |

yaacamaane svake netreuddhrtya avimanaa dadau || 2-14-5

"In that manner, Alarka the glorious man plucking his own eyes, indeed gave remorselessly, to a Brahmana skilled in the Veda, When asked for them."

saritaam tu patih svalpaam maryaadaam satyam anvitah |

satya anurodhaat samaye velaam khaam na ativartate || 2-14-6

"Following ruthfulness, ocean the lord of rivers even at the time of flow-tide, does not transgress even to a small extent its boundary because of its compliance to truth."

styamekapadam brahme satye dharmah pratishhthatah|

satyamevaakshayaa vedaah satyenai vaapyate param || 2-14-7

"Truth is one word and is Brahma. On truth is righteousness established. Truth indeed is the knowledge imperishable. By truth alone, the supreme being is obtained".

satyam samanuvartsva yadi dharme dhritaa matih |

saphalah sa varo me.astu varado hyasi sattama || 2-14-8

"O the best among men! firmly adhere to truth, if your mind is fixed on piety. Since you are a bestower of boons, let my aforesaid prayer be granted.

dharmasyehaabhikaamaartham mama chaivaachichodanaat |

pravraajaya sutam raamam trih khalu tvaam braviimyaham || 2-14-9

"In the matter, yearning righteousness and to concede to my request, send Rama the son to exile. I am telling to you three times".

samayam ca mama aarya imam yadi tvam na karisyasi |

agratah te parityaktaa parityaksyaami jiivitam || 2-14-10

"Oh, the venerable man! If you do not implement our agreement, it means you have abandoned me. Hence I will give up my life here in front of you".

evam pracoditah raajaa kaikeyyaa nirvishankayaa |

na ashakat paasham unmoktum balir indra krtam yathaa || 2-14-11

Thus compelled by Kaikeyi, who had no uneasiness in her mind, king Dasaratha could not untie the cord of plighted word that fettered him , any more than Bali could unloose the noose placed (round his body) by Indra(through his younger brother Vamana in order to deprive him of his sovereignty of the three worlds).

udbhraanta hrdayah ca api vivarna vanado abhavat |

sa dhuryo vai parispandan yuga cakra antaram yathaa|| 2-14-12

Like a bullock throbbing between yoke and the wheel , Dasaratha got agitated in heart and became pale in his face.

vihvalaabhyaam ca netraabhyaam apashyann iva bhuumipah |

krcchraat dhairyena samstabhya kaikeyiim idam abraviit || 2-14-13

King Dasaratha, with bedimmed eyes, was unable, as it were, to see. But with difficulty, he controlled himself by recourse to firmness and spoke to Kaikeyi as follows.

yah te mantra krtah paanir agnau paape mayaa dhrtah |

tam tyajaami svajam caiva tava putram saha tvayaa || 2-14-14

"Oh, wicked woman! I abandon your hand, which was clasped by me in presence of nuptial fire, when it was consecrated by sacred recitations as also your son begotten by me along with yourself".

prayaataa rajanii devi suuryasyodayanam prati |

abhishhekam gurujanstvarayiishhyati maam dhruvam || 2-14-15

raamaabhishhekasambhaaraistadarthamupakalpitaih |

"Oh, Queen! the night has gone by, with the return pf rising sun. Elderly people will certainly quicken me for installation of Rama with the sacred materials procured for the purpose".

raamah kaarayitavyo me mritasya salilakriyaam || 2-14-16

tvayaa saputtrayaa naiva kartavyaa salilakriyaa |

vyaahantaasyashubhaachaare yadi raamaabhishhechanm || 2-14-17

"Oh, woman of vicious conduct! If you obstruct Rama's installation, you including your son cannot offer me water. Rama will be made to do the offering of water to me, after death.

na cha shaknomyaham drashhum puurvam tathaa sukham |

hataharshham niraanandam punarjanamavaamukham || 2-14-18

"Having seen people with that joy before, I cannot see them with there happiness ended, without any merriment and having their faces turned downward in grief".

taam tathaa bruvatstasya bhuumipanya mahaatmanah |

prabhaataa sharvarii punyaa chandranakshatrashraalinii || 2-14-19

While that great souled king was speaking to her as aforesaid, the holy night endowed with, moon and stars began to become clear into a dawn.

tatah paapa samaacaaraa kaikeyii paarthivam punah |

uvaaca parusam vaakyam vaakyajnaa rosa muurchitaa ||2-14-20

Kaikeyi of vicious conduct and of skilful talk, filled with anger again spoke these harsh words to the king.

kim idam bhaasase raajan vaakyam gara ruja upamam |

aanaayayitum aklistam putram raamam iha arhasi || 2-14-21

“Oh, king ! You are uttering words, which cannot be swallowed easily like in a painful throat disease. You ought to summon your son Rama here without any delay."

sthaapya raajye mama sutam krtvaa raamam vane caram |

nihsapatnaam ca maam krtvaa krta krtyo bhavisyasi || 2-14-22

"You will be the one who discharges duty, by installing my son to this kingdom, by making Rama to wander in woods and rid me of enemies."

sa nunnaiva tiiksena pratodena haya uttamah |

raajaa pradocitah abhiiksnam kaikeyiim idam abraviit || 2-14-23

Impelled again and again by Kaikeyi, like an excellent horse being severely thrashed with a whip, that king spoke these words to Kaikeyi.

dharma bandhena baddho asmi nastaa ca mama cetanaa |

jyestham putram priyam raamam drastum icchaami dhaarmikam || 2-14-24

"I am bound by the ties of morality. I lost my judgment. I wish to see the pious Rama, my beloved elder son."

tatah prabhaataam rjaniimudite cha divaakare |

punye nakshatrayoge che muhuurte cha samaahite || 2-14-25

vasishhtho gunasampannah shishhyeh parivritastadaa |

upagrihyaashu sambhaaraan [ravivesha purottamam || 2-14-26

Meanwhile, the night began to become clear, with the rising of sun. While the auspicious, moment united with lunar mansion approaching, the sage Vashishta who is rich in virtues surrounded by his disciples entered the capital city of Ayodhya briskly, having procured the requisite materials for Rama's coronation.

siktasammaarjitapathaam pataakottamabhuushhitaam |

vichitrakusumaakiirnaam naanaasragbhirviraajitaam || 2-14-27

samhrishhtamanujopetaam samriddhavipanaapanaam |

mahotsavasamaakiirnaam raaghavaarthe samustsukaam || 2-14-28

chandanaagurudhuupaishcha sarvatah pratidhuupitaam |

taam puriim samatikramya purandarapuropamaam || 2-14-29

dadarshaantah purashreshhtham naanaadvijaganaayutam |

paurajaanapadaakirrrnam braahmanairupashobhitam || 2-14-30

Passing through that city, whose streets were swept and watered decorated with , excellent flags, overspread with colorful flowers , made brilliant with various types of garlands, filled with people of joy, with shops and markets with abundance, filled with lot of festivities, anxiously waiting for Rama, fumigated on all sides with perfumes of sandalwood , also resembling Amaravathy city(capital of Indra); the sage Vashishta beheld the excellent, gynaeceum filled with many a number of Brahmanas, crowded with citizens and countrymen, looking splendorous with Brahmanas, knower of sacrificial assembly filled with excellent Brahmanas.

tadantah puramaasaadya vyatichakraama tam janam || 2-14-31

vasishhthah paramapriitah paramarshhirvivesha cha |

Sage Vashishta, being well pleased of seeing that gynaeceum, got past those people there and , entered it.

sa tvapashyadvinishhkraantam sumantram naama saarathim |

dvaare manujasimhasya sachivam priyadarshanm || 2-14-32

Meanwhile, Vashishta saw Sumantra by name, who was charioteer-cum-minister of Dasaratha and who had a pleasing appearance coming out of the royal gate.

tamuvaacha mahaatejaah suutaputram vishaaradam || 2-14-33

vasishhthah kshipramaachakshva nripate rmaamihaagatam |

That great splendor Vashishta spoke thus to the learned Sumantra, "Tell the king quickly, that I have come."

ime gagodakaghataah saagarebhyashcha kaajnchanaah || 2-14-34

audumbaram bhadrapiithamabhishhekaarthamaagatam |

sarvabiijaani gandhaashcha ratnaani vividhaani cha || 2-14-35

kshaudram dadhi ghritam laajaa darbhaah sumanasah payah |

ashhtau cha kanyaa ruchiraa mattashchha varavaaranah | 2-14-36

chaturashvo rathah shriimaan nistrimsho dhanuruttamam |

vaahanam narasamyuktam chatram cha shashipannibham || 2-14-37

shvete cha vaalavyajane bhrigaarushchha hiranmayah |

hemadaamapinaddhashcha kikudmaan paanduro vrishhah || 2-14-38

kesarii cha chaturdamshhtro hi shreshhtho mahaabalah |

simhaanasnam vyaaghratanuh samiddhashchha hutaashanah || 2-14-39

sarvavaaditrasamghaashcha veshyaashchhaalamkritaah striyah |

aachaaryaa braahmanaa gaavah punyashcha mrigapakshinah || 2-14-40

paurajaanapadashreshhthaa naigamaashcha ganaih saha |

ete chaanye cha bahavo niiyamaanaah priyamvadaah || 2-14-41

abhishhekaaya raamasya saha tishhthanti paarthivaih |

"These pitchers filled with holy waters of Ganga, gold pitchers with sea water and an excellent seat with Udambara wood came for the purpose of Rama's installation ceremony. All types of seeds, fragrant substances and precious stones of various kinds, honey, curd, clarified butter, parched grains of paddy, blades of Darbha grass, flowers, milk, eight beautiful virgins , an elephant in rut, a glorious chariot with four horses, a special kind of sword called Nistrimsa, an excellent bow , a palanquin with bearers an umbrella resembling the moon , a pair of white chowries, a golden jug, a white bull with large , humo on its back, an excellent lion with beautiful mane with large canine teeth, a throne, a tiger skin, fire with ignition , all varieties of musical instruments, courtesans, women decked with ornaments, teachers, Brahmanas, cows, animals and birds which are sacred, the best of citizens and men of country side, merchants along with their followers, all these and many other retainers speaking kind words, along with kings stand waiting for Rama's coronation.

tvarayasva mahaaraajam yathaa samudite.ahani || 2-14-42

punye nakshatrayoge cha raamo raajyamavaapnuyaat |

Hasten the emperor, so that Rama will get the throne when the day gets started at the auspicious moment of Pushya constellation uniting with the moon"

iti tasya vachah shrutvaa suutaputro mahaatmanah || 2-14-43

stuvannripatishaardhuulam pravivesha niveshanam |

Hearing these words Vashishta the great souled, Sumantra entered the gynaeceum along with Dasaratha, the tiger among kings.

tam tu puurvoditam vriddham dvaarasthaa raajasammatam || 2-14-44

na shekurabhisamroddhum raajjnh prayachikiirshhvah |

The doormen , who were wishing to do kindness to king, could not obstruct Sumantra, who came before hand who was senior and who was highly esteemed by the king.

sa saviipasthito raajjnstaamavasthaamajajjniivaan || 2-14-45

vaagbhih paramatushhtaabhirabhishhtotum prachakrame |

Standing besides the king and ignorant of that situation, Sumantra started praising the king with very pleasing words.

tatah suuto yathaakaalam paarthivasya niveshane || 2-14-46

sumantrah praajnjalirbhuutvaa tushhtaava jagatiipatim |

Sumantra, standing with joined palms in the gynaeceum of the king, eulogized the king according to the appropriate moment as follows.

yathaa nandati tejasvii saagaro bhaaskarodaye |

priitah priitena manasaa tathaanandaghanah svatah || 2-14-47

"How the splendid ocean gladdens at the time of sunrise, so do you by nature filled with delight, gladden us with your delighted mind."

indramasyaam tu velaayaamabhitushhtaava maatalih || 2-14-48

so.ajayaddhaanavaansarvaamstathaa tvaam bodhayaamyaham |

"At the very hour of sunrise, Matali (Indra's charioteer) praised Indra and the latter conquered all the demons. In the same manner, I am awakening you."

vedaah sahaagavidyaashchha yathaahyaatmabhuvam vibhum || 2-14-49

brahmaanam bodhayantyadya tathaa tvaam bodhayaamyaham |

"As Vedas along with the knowledge of the limbs of the body guide Lord Brahma (the creator) who is self born, so am I awakening you now."

aadityah saha chandrena yathaa bhuutadharaam shubhaam || 2-14-50

bodhayatyadya prithiviim tathaa tvaam bodhayaamyaham |

"Even as the sun along with the moon awaken the beautiful earth which sustains the beings so, am I awakening you."

uttishhthaashu mahaaraaja kritakautukamagalah || 2-14-51

viraajamaano vapushhaa meroriva divaakarah |

"Having dressed suitably for the auspicious ceremony and shining brightly with you personality, raise up. Oh, Majesty, like the sun from mount Meru."

somasuuryau cha kaakutthsa shivavaishravanaavapi || 2-14-52

varunaashchhagnirindrashcha vijayam pradishntu te |

"Oh, Dasaratha born in Kakutsa dynasty! May the Gods -Sun and the Moon Shiva and Kubera, Varuna, Agni and Indra bestow you victory!"

gataa bhagavatii raatrih kritakritya midam tava || 2-14-53

buddhyasva sripashaarduula kuru kaaryamanantaram |

udatishhthata raamasya samagramabhishhechanm || 2-14-54

"Oh, the best of the kings! The holy night has gone by. Know what has been done and do what has to be done. All the requirements for Rama's coronation is kept ready" .

paurajaanapadaishchaapi naigamaishcha kritaajnjalih |

svayam vasishhtho bhagavaan braahmanaih saha tishhthati || 2-14-55

"The venerable Vashishta himself stands waiting at the gate along with brahmanas, being saluted with joined palms by citizens, village folk and merchants."

kshipramaajjnpyataam raajan raaghavasyaabhishhechanm |

yathaa hyapaalaah pashavo yathaa senaa hyaanaayakaa || 2-14-56

yathaa chndram vinaa raatriryathaa gaavo vinaa vrishham |

evam hi bhavitaa raashhtram yatra raajaa na drishyate || 2-14-57

"Oh king! Give orders quickly for Rama's coronation ceremony. A kingdom without a king is like cattle without a herdsman, army without a commander, night without the moon and cows without a bull."

iti tasya vachah shrutvaa saantvapuurvamivaarthavat |

abhyakiiryata shokena bhuuya eva mahiipatih || 2-14-58

King Dasaratha hearing his words which were soothing and meaningful, was surrounded with grief once more.

tatah sa raajaa tam suutam sanna harsah sutam prati |

shoka aarakta iiksanah shriimaan udviiksya uvaaca dhaarmikah || 2-14 59

vaakyaistu khalu marmaani mama bhuuyo nikrintasi |

That king who was pious and glorious, having lost joy about his son, looked up with sorrowful red eyes and spoke those to Sumantra. "You are chopping off my vitals further more, with your words!."

sumantrah karunam shrutvaa drstvaa diinam ca paarthivam || 2-14-60

pragrhiita anjalih kimcit tasmaat deshaat apaakraman |

Sumantra, after seeing the depressed king and hearing mournful words, joined palms with salutation and slipped away to a distance from that place.

yadaa vaktum svayam dainyaan na shashaaka mahii patih || 2-14-61

tadaa sumantram mantrajnaa kaikeyii pratyuvaaca ha |

Dasaratha could not say any thing himself because of depression. Then, Kaikeyi who is experienced in fore-thoughts, spoke thus to Sumantra.

sumantra raajaa rajaniim raamaharshhasamutsukah || 2-14-62

prajaagaraparishraanto nidraavashamupeyuvaan |

"Oh Sumantra! The king, being smitten by emotional joy in relation to Rama, who tired of awakening the whole night and got subjected to sleep"

tadgachchha tvaritam suuta raajaputram yashasvinam || 2-14-63

raamamaanaya bhadram te naatra kaaryaa vichaaranaa |

"Oh, Sumantra! Hence, quickly go and bring the glorious prince Rama. Blessedness to you! Do not have any hesitation in this matter. "

sa manyamaanah kalyaanam hridayena nannandha cha || 2-14-64

nirjagaama cha sampriityaa tvarito raajashaasanaat |

"He was thinking of that auspicious occasion in heart and rejoiced. With pleasure, he set out, by the orders of the king."

sumantrashchintayaamaasa tvaritam choditastayaa || 2-14-65

vyaktam raamo.abhishhekaarthamihaayaasyati dharmavit |

Instigated by her, Sumantra thought that the righteous Rama would come there certainly for coronation.

iti suuto matim kritvaa harshhena mahataa vritah || 2-14-66

nirjagaama mahaabaaho raaghavasya didrikshayaa |

Sumantra thus thinking and dwelling in a great joy, set out with a desire to see the long armed Rama

saagarahradasamkaashaatsumantro.antahpuraachchhubhaat || 2-14-67

nishhkramya janasambaadham dadarsha dvaaramagratah |

Sumantra coming out of gynaeceum which looked like a splendid pool in the sea saw the gate being congested with throngs of people.

tatah purastatsaasaa vinirgato |

mahiipatiin dvaaragato vilokayan |

dadarsha pauraan vividhaanmahaadhanaa |

nupasthitaan dvaaramupetya vishhthataan || 2-14-68

Afterwards, proceeding further on, he saw near the gate some kings stationed there and very rich citizens having arrived there.

|| ityaarshe sriimadraamaayane aadikaavye ayodhyakaande chaturdashah sargah ||

Thus completes fourteenth chapter of Ayodhya kanda in Srimad Ramayana , the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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