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Chapter 31: Lakshmana Seeks Permission to Accompany Rama

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Lakshmana Seeks Permission to Accompany Rama


Overhearing the conversation of Rama and Seetha, Lakshmana who came there earlier enters into dialogue with his brother, insisting that he too shall accompany Rama and Seetha to forests. Rama tries to persuade him to stay back, in vain. Then Rama had to agree to Lakshmana's insistence and asks him to fetch the divine bows, arrows and swords given by gods in the Vedic-ritual of Seetha's father, namely King Janaka.

Chapter [Sarga] 31 in Detail

evam shrutvaa tu samvaadam lakshmanah puurvamaagatah |

baashhpaparyaakulamukhah shokam sodhumashaknuvan || 2-31-1

sa bhraatushcharanau gaadham nipiidya raghunandanah |

siitaamuvaachaatiyashaam raaghavam cha mahaavratam || 2-31-2

Lakshmana who came there earlier, heard the conversation of Seetha and Rama, having his eyes glut with tears, being unable to bear the anguish, tightly pressed the feet of his bother and spoke (as follows) to Rama who was performing a great vow and to Seetha who enjoyed great honor.

yadi gantum kritaa buddhirvanam mrigagajaayutam |

aham tvaanugamishhyaami vanamadre dhanurdharah || 2-31-3

"If you decided to go to the forest filled with antelopes and elephants, I, in front wearing the bow, shall accompany you to the forest."

mayaa sameto.aranyaani bahuuni vicharishhyasi |

pakshibhirmrigayuuthaishcha samghushhtaani samantatah || 2-31-4

"Together with me, you will travel in the various forests, resonant with sounds of birds and herds of wild animals."

na devalokaakramanam naamaratvamaham vrine |

aishvaryam vaapi lokaanaam kaamaye na tvayaa vinaa || 2-31-5

"Without you, I do not want ascendancy to heaven now do I desire immortality now do I wish for sovereignty over the globes."

evam bruvaanah saumitrirvinavaasaaya nishchitah |

raamena bahubhih saanvairnishhiddhah punarabraviit || 2-31-6

Lakshmana who was speaking in favor of coming to the forest, was forbidden by Rama through many of his pacifying words. After hearing them, Lakshmana again spoke as follows:

anujjnaatashcha bhavataa puurvameva yadasmyaham |

kimidaaniim punaridam kriyate me nivaaranam || 2-31-7

"I was indeed permitted by you earlier. How is it that you are prohibiting me now?"

yadartham pratishhedho me kriyate gantumichchhatah |

etadichchhaami vijjnaatum samshayo hi mamaanagha || 2-31-8

"Oh, the faultless man! I desire to know the reason for prohibiting me, who is indeed willing to come to the forest, because there is doubt in my mind."

tatah abraviin mahaa tejaa raamah laksmanam agratah |

sthitam praag gaaminam viiram yaacamaanam krita anjalim || 2-31-9

Thereafter Rama of great splendor spoke to Lakshmana the valiant man who was standing in front, intending to precede Sri Rama and soliciting with joined palms.

snigdho dharmarato viirassatatam satpathe sthitah |

priyah praanasamo vasho bhraataa chaapi sakhaa cha me || 2-31-10

"You are so friendly, interested in righteousness, valiant, abiding always in a good path, dear to me as life, obedient, my brother and a companion."

mayaa adya saha saumitre tvayi gacchati tat vanam |

ko bharisyati kausalyaam sumitraam vaa yashasviniim || 2-31-11

"Oh Lakshmana! If you proceed to the forest along with me now, who will support Kausalya or the illustrious Sumitra?"

abhivarsati kaamaih yah parjanyah prithiviim iva |

sa kaama paasha paryastah mahaa tejaa mahii patih || 2-31-12

"That emperor of great splendor, who used to shower blessings on the people as a cloud sends down rain on the earth, stands circumscribed by cord of love."

saa hi raajyam idam praapya nripasya ashva pateh sutaa |

duhkhitaanaam sapatniinaam na karisyati shobhanam || 2-31-13

"That Kaikeyi daughter of king Aswapathi, after obtaining this kingdom, will certainly not accord good treatment to her step-wives, who are at grief."

na smarishhyati kausalyaam sumitraam cha suduhkhitaam |

bharato raajyamaasaadya kaikeyyaam paryavasthitah || 2-31-14

"Bharata on acquiring the kingdom will be devoted to Kaikeyi and will not think of sorrowful Kausalya or Sumitra."

taamaaryaam svayameveha raajaa.anugrahanena vaa |

saumitre bhara kausalyaa muktamarthamimam chara || 2-31-15

"Oh, Lakshmana! You stay here and support the venerable Kausalya through your own self or by obtaining favor through the king. Do this thing, as said."

evam mama cha te bhaktirbhavishhyati sudarshitaa |

dharmajjna gurupuujaayaam dharmashcaapyatulo mahaan || 2-31-16

"Oh, Lakshmana the knower of righteousness! Thus, your devotion towards me will have been fully demonstrated by you. By honoring the elders, a great unequalled religious merit will accrue to you."

evam kurushhva saumitre matkrte raghunandana |

asmaabhirviprahiinaayaa maaturno na bhavetsukham || 2-31-17

"Oh, Lakshmana, the exhilarator of Raghu dynasty! Do this for my sake. There will be no happiness to our mother, if she is left behind by us."

evam uktah tu raamena laksmanah shlaksnayaa giraa |

pratyuvaaca tadaa raamam vaakyajno vaakya kovidam || 2-31-18

Lakshmana who is intelligent in speech, after hearing Rama's words, replied in a gentle voice to him who is skilled in speech.

tava eva tejasaa viira bharatah puujayisyati |

kausalyaam ca sumitraam ca prayatah na atra samshayah || 2-31-19

"Oh, Rama the valiant! Bharata being inspired by your splendor of morality will respect Kausalya and Sumitra. There is no doubt in this matter."

kausalyaa bibhriyaat aaryaa sahasram api mad vidhaan |

yasyaah sahasram graamaanaam sampraaptam upajiivanam || 2-31-20

"Kausalya obtained (by grant) thousand villages, which are dependent on her. Hence, that venerable Kausalya can maintain even thousand people like me."

tadaatmabharane chaiva mama maatustathaiva cha |

paryaaptaa madvidhaanaam cha bharanaaya yashasvinii || 2-31-21

"The illustrious Kausalya is competent not only to maintain herself but also my mother and people like me in addition."

kurushhva maamanucharam vaidharmyam neha vidyate |

kritaartho.aham bhavishhyaami tava chaarthah prakalpate || 2-31-22

"Make me your attendant. In this, there is no unrighteousness. Besides, I will be accomplishing my object. Your purpose also will be fulfilled."

dhanur aadaaya sasharam khanitra pitakaa dharah |

agratah te gamisyaami panthaanam anudarshayan || 2-31-23

"Taking my bow and arrows and carrying a spade and a basket, I will walk in front of you showing the path."

aaharisyaami te nityam muulaani ca phalaani ca |

vanyaani yaani ca anyaani svaahaaraani tapasvinaam || 2-31-24

"I will procure for you for all time the tubers, fruits and other things which are good food stuffs available in the forest for sages."

bhavaams tu saha vaidehyaa giri saanusu ramsyate |

aham sarvam karisyaami jaagratah svapatah ca te || 2-31-25

"You along with Seetha enjoy yourself on mountain-ridges. I shall do everything while you are waking or sleeping."

raamah tu anena vaakyena supriitah pratyuvaaca tam |

vraja aapricchasva saumitre sarvam eva suhrij janam || 2-31-26

Rama, very much delighted of hearing these words, said to him: "Oh, Lakshmana! Go, take leave of all your friends."

ye ca raajno dadau divye mahaatmaa varunah svayam |

janakasya mahaa yajne dhanusii raudra darshane || 2-31-27

abhedya kavace divye tuunii ca aksaya saayakau |

aaditya vimalau ca ubhau khadgau hema pariskritau || 2-31-28

satkritya nihitam sarvam etat aacaarya sadmani |

sa tvam aayudham aadaaya ksipram aavraja laksmana || 2-31-29

"Oh, Lakshmana! At a grand sacrifice performed by Janaka, the great-souled Varuna (god of water) personally gave heavenly bows which are dreadful to look at, divine impenetrable pieces of amour, quivers containing an inexhaustible stock of arms, two swords decked with gold and with spotless luster like that of a sun - all these were kept at the residence of our receptor Vasista, after paying due reverence. Take all those arms and return soon."

sa suhrij janam aamantrya vana vaasaaya nishcitah |

iskvaaku gurum aamantrya jagraaha aayudham uttamam || 2-31-30

Lakshmana, who was assured of his sojourn in the forest, after bidding good bye to his friends, approached Vasista the preceptor of Ikshvaku dynasty and took the excellent armory.

tat divyam raaja shaarduulah satkritam maalya bhuusitam |

raamaaya darshayaam aasa saumitrih sarvam aayudham || 2-31-31

Lakshmana, a tiger among princes, showed to Rama all those arms, which were divine, being worshipped and decorated by garlands.

tam uvaaca aatmavaan raamah priityaa laksmanam aagatam |

kaale tvam aagatah saumya kaanksite mama laksmana || 2-31-32

Rama, who had fully controlled his mind, affectionately spoke as follows to Lakshmana who arrived: "Oh, Lakshmana, the excellent man! You came in time as desired by me."

aham pradaatum icchaami yad idam maamakam dhanam |

braahmanebhyah tapasvibhyah tvayaa saha paramtapa || 2-31-33

"Lakshmana, the chastiser of foes! along with you, I want to give all this wealth pertaining to me to Brahmanas, practicing austerities."

vasanti iha dridham bhaktyaa gurusu dvija sattamaah |

tesaam api ca me bhuuyah sarvesaam ca upajiivinaam || 2-31-34

"I also desire to give to those excellent Brahmanas residing here as strong devotees to their preceptors and to all my dependents."

vasistha putram tu suyajnam aaryam |

tvam aanaya aashu pravaram dvijaanaam |

abhiprayaasyaami vanam samastaan |

abhyarcya shistaan aparaan dvijaatiin || 2-31-35

"You bring boon the venerable Suyajna, the son of Vasista, the best. After adoring all other Brahmanas also who are cultured, I will go to the forest."

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye ayodhya kaande eka tri.mshah sargah

Thus completes 31st chapter in the Ayodhya kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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