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Chapter 82: Bharata Refuses to be King

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Bharata Refuses to be King


Vasishta requests Bharata to get himself anointed as a king. Bharata refuses to rob the throne from Rama. Who is really eligible for it as the eldest son of the family. He resolves to bring back Rama from the forest and orders Sumantra to arrange for vehicles and men for the journey. Thereupon, warriors merchants Shudras and Brahmans harnessed their chariots and got ready for the journey to the forest along with Bharata.

Chapter [Sarga] 82 in Detail

taam aarya gana sampuurnaam bharatah pragrahaam sabhaam |

dadarsha buddhi sampannah puurna candraam nishaam iva || 2-82-1

Bharata endowed with understanding, saw that assembly, enriched with the whole body of respectable men, looking like a night in full moon duly enriched with well-known planets.

aasanaani yathaa nyaayam aaryaanaam vishataam tadaa |

adrishyata ghana apaaye puurna candraa iva sharvarii || 2-82-2

That excellent assembly was aglow with the brilliance of clothes and scented cosmetics of its respected members occupying their appropriate seats.

saa vidvajjanasampuurnaa sabhaa suruciraa tadaa |

adrishyata ghanaapaaye puurnacandreva sharvarii || 2-82-3

That beautiful assembly filled with learned men looked like a night with autumn full moon.

raajnah tu prakritiih sarvaah samagraah preksya dharmavit |

idam purohitah vaakyam bharatam mridu ca abraviit || 2-82-4

Beholding all the entire body of ministers of the king, Vasishta the knower of righteousness uttered to Bharata the following soft-spoken words:

taata raajaa dasharathah svar gatah dharmam aacaran |

dhana dhaanyavatiim sphiitaam pradaaya prithiviim tava || 2-82-5

 “O, beloved Bharata! The king Dasaratha, practicing righteousness, gave away to you this wide earth endowed with grains and riches and went to heaven.”

raamah tathaa satya dhritih sataam dharmam anusmaran |

na ajahaat pitur aadesham shashii jyotsnaam iva uditah || 2-82-6

 “Rama, who was firmly established in truth, remembering the righteousness of good men, did not abandon the command of his father, as a raising moon does not abandon the moon-light.”

pitraa bhraatraa ca te dattam raajyam nihata kantakam |

tat bhunksva mudita amaatyah ksipram eva abhisecaya || 2-82-7

 “The kingdom, having its enemies destroy was given to you by your father and brother. Enjoy it, with its delightful ministers. Get anointed for the kingdom just soon.”

udiicyaah ca pratiicyaah ca daaksinaatyaah ca kevalaah |

kotyaa apara antaah saamudraa ratnaani abhiharantu te || 2-82-8

 “let those living in the north, the Westerners; the southerners the kings of western borders near the Sahya mountains who are without a throne and the seafaring traders bring crores of jewels as gifts to you.”

tat shrutvaa bharatah vaakyam shokena abhipariplutah |

jagaama manasaa raamam dharmajno dharma kaanksayaa || 2-82-9

Hearing those words, the pious Bharata was filled with distress and thirsting for justice got his mind fixed on Rama.

sa baaspa kalayaa vaacaa kala hamsa svarah yuvaa |

vilalaapa sabhaa madhye jagarhe ca purohitam || 2-82-10

The youthful Bharata, with a voice of a Hamsa bird, in the midst of the assembly, lamented in a tearful and appealing speech. He even reproached his royal priest as follows:

carita brahmacaryasya vidyaa snaatasya dhiimatah |

dharme prayatamaanasya ko raajyam madvidho haret || 2-82-11

 “How can a man such as I, rob the throne from one, who practices Brahmacharya (continence and chastity), versed in the science of the Vedas (sacred scriptures) and who is devoted to duty?”

katham dasharathaaj jaatah bhaved raajya apahaarakah |

raajyam ca aham ca raamasya dharmam vaktum iha arhasi || 2-82-12

 “How should one born of Dasaratha become the usurper of a crown? Both the kingdom and I myself belong to Rama. You ought to tell the law and justice in this matter.”

jyesthah shresthah ca dharma aatmaa diliipa nahusa upamah |

labdhum arhati kaakutstho raajyam dasharatho yathaa || 2-82-13

 “Rama, the eldest son, an excellent man, a pious souled and who can be compared with Dileepa and Nahusha, is eligible to get the kingdom, as with Dasaratha.”

anaarya justam asvargyam kuryaam paapam aham yadi |

iksvaakuunaam aham loke bhaveyam kula paamsanah || 2-82-14

 “If in this world, I dishonored the name of Ikshvaku race, I should be guilty of a sinful act, practiced by disgraceful men, which does not lead to heaven.”

yadd hi maatraa kritam paapam na aham tat abhirocaye |

ihastho vana durgastham namasyaami krita anjalih || 2-82-15

 “I do not indeed like that sinful act done even by my mother. From here itself, I offer my salutation with my joined palms to Rama who is residing in an impassable forest.”

raamam eva anugacchaami sa raajaa dvipadaam varah |

trayaanaam api lokaanaam raaghavo raajyam arhati || 2-82-16

 “I will follow Rama’s steps. He, who is supreme among men, is the king. Rama is eligible even for the kingdom of the three worlds.”

tat vaakyam dharma samyuktam shrutvaa sarve sabhaasadah |

harsaan mumucur ashruuni raame nihita cetasah || 2-82-17

Hearing those righteous words of Bharata, all the members of the assembly shed tears of joy, having their minds obsessed of Rama.

yadi tu aaryam na shaksyaami vinivartayitum vanaat |

vane tatra eva vatsyaami yathaa aaryo laksmanah tathaa || 2-82-18

 “If I am unable to bring back my elder brother from the forest, I shall stay back in that forest itself, as how the venerable Lakshmana is staying now.”

sarva upaayam tu vartisye vinivartayitum balaat |

samaksam aarya mishraanaam saadhuunaam guna vartinaam || 2-82-19

 “I shall use every means to bring back compulsorily, that hero before you, practicing virtues, the honorable and the distinguished men.”

vistikarmaantikaah sarve maargashodhanarakshakaah |

prasthaapitaa mayaa puurvam yaatraapi mama rochate || 2-82-20

 “All those who are skilled in clearing paths working on and without wages, have been sent by me in advance and the journey so planned, pleases me.”

evam uktvaa tu dharma aatmaa bharatah bhraatri vatsalah |

samiipastham uvaaca idam sumantram mantra kovidam || 2-82-21

The pious minded Bharata, who had affection for his brother spoke as aforesaid and uttered the following words to Sumantra who was clever in giving counsel and who was sitting nearby.

tuurnam utthaaya gaccha tvam sumantra mama shaasanaat |

yaatraam aajnaapaya ksipram balam caiva samaanaya || 2-82-22

 “O, Sumantra! Rise quickly and go. As per my orders, arrange for the journey immediately. Bring the army also.”

evam uktah sumantrah tu bharatena mahaatmanaa |

hristah so adishat sarvam yathaa samdistam istavat || 2-82-23

Hearing the words of the magnanimous Bharata, Sumantra joyfully arranged all that in accord with Bharata’s orders and wishes.

taah prahristaah prakritayo bala adhyaksaa balasya ca |

shrutvaa yaatraam samaajnaptaam raaghavasya nivartane || 2-82-24

Hearing about the expedition of the army too; for arranging of return of Rama, the ministers and army-commander there were delighted.

tatah yodha anganaah sarvaa bhartririn sarvaan grihe grihe |

yaatraa gamanam aajnaaya tvarayanti sma harsitaah || 2-82-25

All the wives of warriors in every house, knowing about the ensuing expedition, were jubilant and hurried up all their respective husband to setoff for the journey.

te hayaih go rathaih shiighraih syandanaih ca mano javaih |

saha yodhaih bala adhyaksaa balam sarvam acodayan || 2-82-26

Those army-generals urged the entire army to march forward quickly, with the fast moving horses, bullock carts with a good speed and the chariots along with the warriors.

sajjam tu tat balam dristvaa bharatah guru samnidhau |

ratham me tvarayasva iti sumantram paarshvatah abraviit || 2-82-27

Seeing that army ready, Bharata in the presence of Vasishta said as follows to Sumantra who was standing by his side: “Get ready my chariot quickly.”

bharatasya tu tasya aajnaam pratigrihya praharsitah |

ratham grihiitvaa prayayau yuktam parama vaajibhih || 2-82-28

Bowing to the command of Bharata and taking a chariot yoked with excellent horses, Sumantra on his part approached him with delight.

sa raaghavah satya dhritih prataapavaan |

bruvan suyuktam dridha satya vikramah |

gurum mahaa aranya gatam yashasvinam |

prasaadayisyan bharatah abraviit tadaa || 2-82-29

Bharata, born in Raghu dynasty who was sincere in his purpose a powerful man having strong and mighty prowess and whose talk was most appropriate, then spoke as follows: intending (to undertake a journey) to persuade his illustrious elder brother, staying in dreary woods, to return to Ayodhya.

tuuna samutthaaya sumantra gaccha |

balasya yogaaya bala pradhaanaan |

aanetum icchaami hi tam vanastham |

prasaadya raamam jagatah hitaaya || 2-82-30

 “O, Sumantra! Rise up and proceed quickly to inform the army-chief to arrange for the troops. After propitiating that Rama staying in the forest, I want to bring him back to Ayodhya for the welfare of the people.”

sa suuta putrah bharatena samyag |

aajnaapitah samparipuurna kaamah |

shashaasa sarvaan prakriti pradhaanaan |

balasya mukhyaamh ca suhrij janam ca || 2-82-31

Sumantra, having received that explicit command from Bharata, which fulfilled his highest hopes, called all the ministers-in-chief, the chiefs of the army and the friendly multitude.

tatah samutthaaya kule kule te |

raajanya vaishyaa vrisalaah ca vipraah |

ayuuyujann ustra rathaan kharaamh ca|

naagaan hayaamh caiva kula prasuutaan || 2-82-32

Thereupon, from every house, warrior’s merchants, Shudras and Brahmans rose up and harnessed their chariots to camels, mules, well-bred elephants and horses.

ityaarse shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye ayodhyaakaande dvyashiititamah sargah

Thus completes 82nd Chapter of Ayodhya Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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