Lord Shiva

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Shiva is generally seated with Crossed Legs with the Silence of a contemplative Wisdom Teacher. Birds of the AIR, Human Beings, Animals of the Forest and Fish of the Sea are all shown around SHIVA as if they are all learning WISDOM imparted by HIS MYSTIC SILENCE.



The Great Jagadguru Sri SHANKARACHARYA was the first among the eminent philosophers of India who succeeded in re-establishing the status of SHIVA as the SUPREME GURU OF SILENCE. By giving a picture of Him in the “DHAKSHINAMURTHI STHOTHRAM” Sri Shankaracharya composed a hymn for praising SHIVA. In this posture, SHIVA is shown as a very young man seated under a banyan tree with a beaming face and gesture of wisdom, facing the South. Before Him, five old men who show extreme happiness in the belief that the silence of the young GURU can completely dispel their age-old ignorance, are seated.


The famous Temple in South India dedicated for NATARAJA is CHIDAMBARAM NATARAJA means the DANCING SHIVA. ‘CHITH’ means “CONSCIOUSNESS” AMBARAM means “AKASHA” or the “VOID”. NATARAJA of CHIDAMBARAM represents the HIGHEST DEGREE OF JOY ranging from the PLEASURES of SENSES to the HIGHEST SPIRITUAL REALISATION. The human yearnings for happiness can only be achieved by a deep plunge into the BOTTOMLESS SEA OF SPIRITUAL BLISS or an ascendance to the etheric heights of SPIRITUAL CLIMAX.

When the camphor is lighted and waived before the Deity (Aarathi), ones OWN EGO becomes as much FLUORESCENT as the camphor. Like the DISSAPPEARING camphor, the EGO also VANISHES into the SUBLIMITY of SPIRITUAL TRANSCENDENCE.


NATARAJA is represented as dancing with one leg raised into the sky and the other firmly rooted on a dwarf with face downwards. He is shown with four hands of which one shows the GESTURE of WISDOM. The other hand is the SYMBOL OF GRACE. In the other two hands, which are held raised, He keeps a Bowl of FIRE and DAMARU (A Tiny Form of Drum). The voice represented by the DAMARU is the counter part of Wisdom shown as the Blazing FIRE shown in the other hand of SHIVA. The DWARF on whom SHIVA is shown dancing is the PHYSICAL EGO OF MAN.

The cosmic dance of SHIVA with the different sounds emerging from the DAMARU keeps the world moving in an eternal flux of RHYME AND RHYTHM.


SHIVALINGA shows the great harmony of the vertical principle of the spirit (PURUSHA) and the horizontilation of nature’s fruit represented by the lower part of SHIVALINGA.


SHIVA is depicted as riding on a Bull. The Bull is the libido of human psyche, which is the fountain source of all biological, aesthetic, psychological and spiritual pursuits of life. Those who aspire to have spiritual excellence should practice sublimation of the human lustful habits. The success in this field brings us SHIVA meaning ETERNAL LIFE. The failure in efforts makes us SHAVA meaning LIFELESS CORPSE.


Those who desire to tread the path of SHIVA must burn the desires born of SATHVA, RAJAS & THAMAS into ASHES. They should slowly merge into the TIMELESS SUPREME devoid of ALL DESIRES THAT WILL BRING SHAANTHI (ETERNAL PEACE).


The TRINITY represents the CREATIVE, PRESERVATIVE & DESTRUCTIVE ASPECTS and Three Gunas (Strands) namely Rajas, Sathva & Thamas respectively.

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