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Chapter 14 - Muslim King favors Sayamdev

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Sayamdev bowed to Shri Guru and said, `Gurudev, though you are Trimurti incarnate, due to our ignorance, you appear to us as a human being. In truth, you are all pervading. It is beyond our intellect to describe your greatness.

I am the servant of a Muslim King, who is very cruel. He invites a Brahmin every year and kills him. He has invited me to day. If I go to him, he will kill me, but as I have now seen your holy, how can he dare to kill me?'

Shri Guru placed his palm on his head and said, `you do not care a bit. You go to the king fearlessly. He will receive you well and send you back to me. Have faith in my words. I am here till you return and then I shall proceed further. You have been my devotee, you will live happily and have lasting wealth.' Sayamdev went to the cruel Muslim King. He was reciting Shri Guru's name all the time. As soon as the king saw Sayamdev he turned his face and went inside. Sayamdev said to himself, `What harm a cruel king can do to one, who is blessed by Shri Guru? How can a serpent bite the kids of a garud? How can an elephant kill a lion? A Devotee of Shri Guru has no fear even from death'.

The Muslim king felt drowsy and had a sound sleep. He saw in a dream that a Brahmin was beating him. When he awoke and came outside, he saw Sayamdev. He came to him, fell at his feet and said, `you are my master, who called you here? You can go back happily'. Saying this he offered clothes and ornaments to Sayamdev.

Sayamdev soon returned to his place. He first went to see Shri Guru on the bank of the river. He bowed to Shri Guru and reported what had happened. Shri Guru again blessed him and said that he would now proceed Southwards.

Sayamdev folded his hands and said, `Now I shall not leave these feet. I shall also come with you. You only can liberate us from this worldly sea. Sagar brought the Ganga on this earth for the liberation of his forefathers. In the same way you have descended on the earth for our liberation.'

Shri Guru - I am going southwards for certain purpose. You shall again see me after 15 years, I shall be then staying near your place. You should then come to me with your family and children. You should live without worry. All your miseries and wants are wiped off now.'

Sayamdev offered clothes and ornaments to Shri Guru. Shri Guru came to Arogya Bhavani Vaijnath and lived there secretly.'


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