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Chapter 17 - A Dull Brahmin boy Becomes Learned

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Shri Guru observed Chaturmas living under the Audumber tree near bhuvaneshwari secretly. Still his name and fame spread in all the quarters.

Namdharak-Why Shri Guru lived secretly? Why did he observe anushthan and asked for alms?

Siddha-Shri Shankar and Shri Guru Dattatraya like to beg alms. Shri Guru roamed through holy places for protecting his devotees. People came to him and harassed him for trifles and hence he lived secretly. But though the Kasturi is hidden, its fragrance cannot be hidden, similarly brightness of Shri Guru could not be hidden.

There lived at Kavir a learned Brahmin who knew the Vedas. He had a dull foolish son. His parents died in his childhood. When he was seven, his thread ceremony was celebrated, but he could not do Sandhya and recite `Gayatri' mantra. Local Brahmins abused him saying, `your father knew Vedas and shastras; but you have spoiled his name. Your life is worthless. Chintamani is best among the beads, so is the knowledge for a person. A man is honored for his knowledge. A King is respected by his people; but even a king respects learned persons, as knowledge is wealth.'

The boy requested them to suggest means for his improvement. The Brahmins said, `you will have knowledge in the next birth. You should beg for your maintenance in this life.'

The boy being dejected, went to a forest. He was thinking of giving up his life. In the evening he reached Bhilavadi. He took darshan of Bhuvaneshwari and sat at the door of the temple. Next morning he cut his tongue and placed it at the feet of the goddess and said, `If you do not be kind with me. I shall even offer my head at your feet.'

That night he had a dream in which Devi appeared before him and said, 'Oh Brahmachari, why are you getting angry with me? There is an Avatarik Purusha sitting under an Audumber tree on the bank of the Krishna. Go to him. He will fulfill your desires.'

He woke up and at once ran and crossed the river. He rolled at the Guru's feet and started praising Him. Guru was pleased with him, blessed him and put his hand on his head aas Varad Hastha. At once the boy got knowledge and enlightenment. He also got his tongue back.

If a crow has a dip in the Manasa-Sarovar it will become a Hamsa (swan). So also he who touches Guru's feet will acquire all knowledge. Guru is Almighty. His glory needs to be sung.

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