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Chapter 20 - A Brahmani Relieved from Brahmahatya and gets Issues

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Gangahar, a Vedic-Brahmin lived at Shirol. His wife was devoted and good-natured. But the misery was that she had no children. She got issues but they all died after birth in the childhood. She got issues but they all died after birth in the childhood. She observed fasts and vratas, but they bore no fruit.

Some Brahmins said, `This is due to the sin of the previous birth. Those who commit abortions become sterile. Those who kill a cow or a horse and take other's wealth, have no issues in the next birth.'

One Brahmin told her `You took some money from a Brahmin of Shounak Gotra. He asked you to pay the money many times and at last he committed suicide. He spirit does not allow your issues to live.'

The Brahmin was very sorry to know this. She requested the Brahmin to suggest means to get relief from the spirit trouble.

The Brahmin said, `After the death of the Brahmin his death rituals were not performed. You go to the bank of Krishna, observe fast for one month, bathe in the Papvinashi and worship Audumhar for 7 days, do abhishek to Shri Guru, bathe in the Kamya Tirth and give Rs.100/- to a Brahmin of Shounak Gotra and observe the death rituals of the Brahmin Then Shri Guru will protect you.'

The Brahmin said to her, `Shri Guru lives at the Audumbar. He protects his devotees from all the miseries. You spend money as per your circumstances on the advice of Shri Guru.'

The Brahmini went to the place. Bathing in the Papvinashi, she took rounds of the Audumber. Bathing in the Kamya Tirth she worshipped Shri Guru and observed fast. After 3 days the Shounak Gotra Brahmin came in her dream and began to thrash her. She took shelter of the Audumbar tree. Shri Guru appeared and asked the Brahmin why he was beating the Brahmani. Hearing what the Brahmin told, Shri Guru said, `If you harass my devotee, I shall punish you. Accept whatever this Brahmani offers to you and leave her. Mind if you again harass her.'

The Brahmin's spirit bowed to Shri Guru and said, `It is my good fortune that I could see you. I shall act as per your order. Kindly liberate me.'

Shri Guru told the Brahmini, `You give the money you have, in charity in the name of the Brahmin's spirit, `Shri Guru told the spirit. `After the rituals of 10 days, you shall be free from this life.'

When the Brahmani had worshipped the Audumbar for 7 days, Shri Guru came in her dream and said,

`All your sins are wiped off. You will now have sons and daughters. Who will have long life.'

She acted as asked by Shri Guru for 10 days. Her sin of Brahmahatya was wiped off and the spirit of the Brahmin was liberated from the spirit life. On the last day Guru appeared in her dream and placed two coconuts in her sari and asked her to do the last function (Udyapan) of her vrat.

The Brahmin couple worshipped Shri-Guru with devotion. Shri Guru appeared before them. The Brahmin got two sons in course of time.

Thread ceremony of the first son was duly celebrated. Chout (shaving the hair on the head) ceremony of the second was to be performed; but the boy fell sick due to tetanus and died on the third day after great suffering. The parents began to weep in grief.

The Brahmani said, `Shri Guru, you are the donor of true and real things. I believed in your words. How did this happen? Due to the sin of Brahmahatya I took your shelter. Due to the fear of a tiger a cow goes to a Muslim and he kills the cow. Similar has been my case.

Next morning the Brahmins of the place tried to console her and demanded the corpse of the boy for funeral; but she held the corpse of her son at bosom and refused to give it and said, `Burn me also with this corpse.'

The Brahmins said, `Does mother give her life with that of a son? How foolish you are! Besides, to commit suicide is a great sin'. It was afternoon; but she did not part with the corpse. In the meantime a Sanyasi came there and began to advise her.'

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