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Chapter 23 - Liberation of Brahma-Rakshas Establishment of a Math at Gangapur

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Next day some people came to the Brahmin to take his she buffalo on hire. The Brahmin said that he would not give her as she was giving milk. He showed to the people the two pots of milk she was giving. She was barren till yesterday and she had never been pregnant. Yet she was giving milk. All were surprised to see the miracle. The news spread all over and the chief officer of the town also came to know about it. He came to the Brahmin and asked him about the miracle.

The Brahmin said, `This miracle has occurred due to the blessing of the Sanyasi living at the Sangam. He is an incarnation of God. He came for alms at midday yesterday. As there was no corn at home, he asked to give him milk as alms. My wife told him that the she buffalo was barren. The Sanyasi was angry and he asked her to milk the buffalo in his presence. It was really wonder that the buffalo began to give milk from that time. She has become a Kamadhenu for us.'

Hearing this, the Gramadhipati with his wife and children and other men went to the Sangam to see the Sanyasi. He bowed to him and began to praise him. Sri Guru asked him about his intention of coming there. The officer said with folded hands, 'Instead of living in the jungle, Swami should establish a math and live in the town and guide us in spiritual life from time to time. I will build the math for you.'

Sri Guru thought that it was time to disclose Himself to the society. He therefore agreed to the proposal. The officer seated Sri Guru in a palkhi (palanquin) with respect and took him to the Ganagapur to the accompaniment of music. All the people of the town came for Guru's Darshan and worshipped Him. They praised Him with the words, 'Hail, Oh Lord, Victory to You.' The Swami reached the South Gate of the town. There was a Peepal tree there in which a ferocious demon was living for a long time. He had been very cruel in his previous life. All houses around the tree had been destroyed. But when the demon saw Sri Guru coming in the procession he ran towards him, bowed at His lotus feet and said, 'Oh Guru, redeem me. Your Darshan has destroyed all my bad qualities.' Guru said, 'Go to the Sangam immediately, take a bath in it, then your sins will be washed away and you will get liberation.'

The demon then took a bath in the Sangam, returned and bowed at Guru's feet. Sri Guru placed his hand on the demon's head and blessed him. Thereupon the demon changed into a human being and was liberated from his curse. During Sri Guru's Smaran he left the place. All those who saw this incident said, 'Oh Guru, you are not a mortal being. You are a manifestation of Dattatreya Himself. Victory to You. Oh Sri Guru Deva Datta.'

As promised, the Gramadhipati built a math for Sri Guru and worshipped Him every day with devotion. Sri Guru went to the Sangam every day for Anushthan. The Gramadhipati took him there in a palanquin and went with Him. Thus Guru's fame spread far and wide, and with the touch of His lotus feet Gannagappur became a Punya Kshetra, a holy place of pilgrimage.

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