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Chapter 24 - Trivikram bharati Sees Vishwaroop of Shri Guru

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Kumasi is a village near ganagapur. Here lived Trivikram Bharati, who had studied three Vedas. He was a devotee of Shri Narahari, Hearing the name of Shri Guru, he said, 'Such kind of high living does not become a Sanyasi.' He criticized Shri Guru in this way.

Shri Guru asked Gramadhipati to arrange for going to Kumasi. Elephant, horses, pageantry and musicians were gathered. Shri guru was seated in a palkhi and a grand procession started towards Kumasi.

As usual trivikram was worshipping Narahari in his mind. But he could not see the shrine of Narahari in mediation. He saw all the persons were sanyasis with sticks in hand and having the appearance of Shri Narahari. He was amazed. He fell flat before the procession praying 'You are Trimurti God, Guru of the universe. I could not know you due to my ignorance. Kindly disclose yourself in your real form. You are all-pervading Narasimha Saraswati. I see here that all are yatis having the same appearance. I cannot recognize you and bow to you. I have committed many sins but I have been doing you `manaspuja' daily. It seems that it is bearing fruit today, and I have the pleasure to see thyself. You have descended for the liberation of the ignorant persons like us. So kindly show me your real hallowed form.'

Being praised by Trivikram in this way, Shri Guru appeared before him in his real form in the procession. Shri Guru said to him, `You have been criticizing me and have called me a pretender. Just tell me who is a pretender.'

Trivikram said, `Kindly pardon me. Wipe off my ignorance. I am sinking in the sea of ignorance. Give me a lift in the boat of knowledge and take me with you. Shri Krishna showed Vishwaroop to Arjuna. Similarly you have favored me by showing your universal form. Oh guru of the Universe, your greatness cannot be fully described by people like me.'

Shri Guru: `You have known the Paramartha. You will not have any birth hereafter.' Blessing Trivikram Shri Guru returned back to Ganagapur.

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