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Chapter 26 - Vedas Analyzed

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Shri Guru said, `Even rishis had to take great pains to learn Vedas. In KaliYuga the span of life being short, it is impossible to learn all the Vedas completely.'

Bharadwaj asked Brahmadev to teach him the Vedas. Brahmadev showed him three heaps of Vedas, which appeared as huge as hills. Bharadwaj was stunned to see them. He then requested Brahmadev to give as much of the Vedas as he could learn. Brahmadev gave him three handfuls of Vedas. He could not study even these. Mantras of the three Vedas were separated, which formed the fourth Veda-Atharva Veda.

Vyas, the incarnation of Shri Vishnu, taught these four Vedas to his four disciples. He narrated rigweda to

`Pail'. It was tall and of a prominent neck. It had a sharp sight and was as bright as the Sun. It's Gotra was Atri, it's God. Brahma, it's Chhand (metre)-Gayatri and Upaveda Ayurveda. It has 5 parts and 6 Brahmans and Arans.

Vyas narrated `Vaishampayan', the second disciple, Yajurveda, which is full of rituals for different sacrifices. It was 5-Ranti tall. It's Gotra was bharadwaj, it was thin and its Chhand was Trishtup. Its God was Mahavishnu. It was also as bright as the Sun and its Upaveda was Dhanurveda. It has 86 parts.

Samveda is the third Veda, which pleases by its music. Vyas narrated this to `Jaimini' his third disciple. It is 6-Ratni tall, calm and controlled. Its lips are red, and a has a stick in its hand. Its Gotra is Kashyap, Guru is Rudra, and chhand is Jati. Its Upaveda is gandharva. It is divided in many parts.

Highly learned Vyas narrated `Sumantu,' his fourth disciple, the fourth `Atharvaveda'. Its God is Devesh, Gotra is baijan, chhanda is Swachhanda and Upaveda is Astra Shastra. It has 9 parts and 5 kalpas.

No one can know all these four fully. Knowing only a part of the Vedas, how do you say you know all the Vedas?

Due to knowledge of Vedas, Brahmins were highly respected in the past. They were called Gods-of-the- earth-Bhoosur. Even kings worshipped them. Three great gods were under their control due the strength of the Vedas. Indra and other Gods were afraid of the Brahmins as they could turn a straw into a mountain and a mountain into a straw. Shri Vishnu also requested the Brahmins.

In KaliYuga the Brahmins have given up the Vedic-path and so their power is lot. They serve lower classes, sell Vedas. Though there are several parts of the Vedas, many parts are lost.

You say that you know four Vedas, but do you know the end of any Veda? So do not persist for discussion. Better you go away from here. Do not waste your lives in vanity.'

The impudent Brahmins could not appreciate Shri Guru's advice and they still said, `Either discuss with us or give us a certificate to that effect.'

Shri Guru was enraged to see their attitude. He said, `Let it be as you desire. Just is a rat cuts the sides of a box of a serpent or a butterfly jumps on a lmap, you are digging your own grave.'

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