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Chapter 27 - Harijan Becomes A Learned Brahmin

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Shri Guru saw a man passing by. He asked his disciples to call him. He was a Harijan. He bowed to Shri Guru and prayed for liberation.

Shri Guru gave a stick to a disciple and asked him to draw seven parallel lines. On doing this shri Guru asked the Harijan to cross a line. The Harijan crossed the first line and Shri Guru asked him who he was. He said he was a Kirat. On crossing the second line, he had more knowledge. On crossing the third he said he was a gangasut i.e. a boatman. On crossing the fourth he became a Shudra. On crossing the fifth he became Somdatta Vaishya. On crossing the sixth he was a Kshatriya named godavary. On crossing the seventh line, he said, `I am a Brahmin. I know Vedas, Shastras, Vyakran and my name is Adhyapak (Teacher).

Shri Guru said, `These two Brahmins have come to discuss Vedashastras. You may discuss with them' So saying he asked him to apply enchanted vibhuti to his body due to which he looked more bright.

Seeing this miracle, the Brahmins began to tremble with fear and started getting pain in the heart. They fell on the feet of Shri Guru and said, `We are great offenders. Kindly forgive us and liberate us. You are incarnation of three Gods and Guru of the world. Your greatness is indescribable.'

Shri Guru said, `You have harassed Trivikram Muni and have committed many other offenses' You will become brahma-rakshasas and have to suffer for your sins.'

The Brahmins again entreated, `How shall we be free from this worldly sea?'

Shri Guru : 'You shall be Brahma-Rakshasas for twelve years. Shuknarayan, a Brahmin will come and advise you and then your sins will be wiped off and you will be liberated. You go to the river now.' The Brahmins went to the river. They had severe heart-pain and they died, They lived as Brahma-Rakshasas and after twelve years they were liberated.

The Harijan Brahmin said to Shri Guru, 'I was a Brahmin, then how was I degenerated? What sins had I committed? Kindly enlighten me.'

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