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Chapter 37 - Dharma of a Brahmin

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Sri Guru explained the customs that Brahmins should follow. He said, 'You should use Krishnajina in the house and keep the house clean. The prayer room should be clean and decorated with Rangoli. Meditate in silence and worship God. Wooden and stone idols may be worshipped, as they are forms and abodes of God. Sit on a good , clean seat and do Pranayama, worship God with flowers, and with faith worship Vishnu with Tulsi, as He loves Tulsi, worship Shiva with Bel-pathra. Ganapathi loves Durva. In the afternoon feed guests and visitors, whether touchable or untouchable. Lotus leaf and banana leaf are good to use for eating. You must not eat in lead or copper plates. Bronze plates are the best for eating. Eat sweet dishes first. Rice should not be eaten first. It will not get digested. Eating leftover food is forbidden. After food you may have Thambula, betel leaf and nut with lime. There is no harm if one eats food with ghee or oil. After food you should study the Vedas.'

'One must not sleep on the cremation ground, in a dilapidated temple, on the riverbank, near an anthill or a crossroad. Parashara Rishi has laid down these customs and Dharma. There is no difficulty for him who practices these customs as directed by the scriptures. He is revered even by the gods. Kamadhenu will come to his house. Lakshmi will live in such a house forever. Such a person will become a Brahmajnani.' The Brahmin was happy to receive this guidance on Dharma and said, 'Oh, ocean of mercy, you have taken this incarnation to redeem devotees. You are like the lamp of knowledge and you have removed the darkness.'

Saying so the Brahmin bowed at Sri Guru's lotus feet. Guru blessed him. This is the story of Guru Charithra. Whoever listens to it will gain great knowledge. It is a source of light for the ignorant.

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