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Chapter 38 - Four Thousand Fed with Food of 3 Seers only

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Someone did Samaradhna (feeding of Brahmins) on every day and Shri Guru was invited with his disciples. Once a poor Brahmin named bhaskar, of Kashyap Gotra came there. He also wished to do Samaradhna and offer alms to Shri Guru; but due to poverty he was anxious as to how this could be achieved. He had gathered some flour and rice which he kept in the math. Other Brahmins ridiculed him saying, `How can you do Samaradhna? Out of whatever rice you have, you cannot give even one particle to each Brahmin.

Seeing his devotion, Shri Guru asked bhaskar one day to do samaradhna. He was glad and even encouraged by Shri Guru's words. He brought ghee and vegetables and prepared the food after bath. All Brahmins thought that they would have to dine at their homes and have ordinary meals that day.

Shri guru asked bhaskar to invite all the Brahmins for Samaradhna. Bhaskar said that the Brahmins played joke with him. So it would be better if a disciple was sent. As instructed the disciple invited Brahmins to come to Math for Samaradhna.

Shri Guru asked bhasker to bring the food prepared by him and cover it with Shri Guru's cloth. When this was done, Shri Guru sprinkled holy water from his bowl on the food and said, `without removing the covering cloth, take out the articles in other pots and serve them o the Brahmins

The Brahmins sat for dinner. Food was served to thousands and yet much food was in balance. After the Brahmins, had taken food they were requested to send their wives and children for dinner. After them, all others in ganagapur were invited for dinner with families. Then Shri Guru asked bhaskar to dine. After his dinner, it was found that all the food originally prepared was still in balance. Shri Guru asked Bhaskar to throw the food in the river so that the creatures in the water would also be satisfied.

This was a great miracle. The food sufficient only for three persons was provided to over 4000 persons. Several such incidents have occurred in the life of Shri Guru.'

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