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Chapter 46 - Shri Guru Visits Eight Places at One Time

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At the time of Diwali festival, seven devotes of Shri Guru came to Ganagapur Math and requested Shri Guru to come to their places for Diwali. As Shri Guru loved them all alike, it was a problem before him as to whose invitation should be accepted Shri Guru said to them, 'You are all from different places. How can I come to your homes at the same time. You decide among yourselves as to where I should go first and where I should go later.'

Each devotee wished that Shri Guru should come to him first. So they could not decide and began to quarrel, Shri Guru called the devotees one by one and told each of them 'I shall come only to one house. So don't argue unnecessarily.'

Then the devotees said, 'Oh Guru, do not make any distinction between the rich and the poor. Please treat us equally. If you neglect us we shall end our lives, we serve you and we do whatever you say.'' With these words they all prostrated themselves before him humbly.

Thereupon Sri Guru said, 'All right, I shall visit you all. Rest assured about that.'

One of the disciples asked him, 'How can we be sure that you will visit the homes of all of us?

Then Sri Guru called each of them separately and said, 'I will come to your house, but do not tell others.' All the seven devotees thereafter went back to their respective places, pleased.

When the devotees of Ganagapur knew this, they requested Shri Guru, 'You should not go out of Ganagapur for Diwali.' Shri Guru promised them also that he would be there, and that they need not worry.

In the morning of Narak Chaturdashi day, Shri Guru took eight forms and went to 7 places of 7 devotees and also stayed at Ganagapur Math. He accepted Puja in all the places.

Later the devotees gathered at Ganagapur for Deeparadhan on the Kartik pournima. Each one told that Shri Guru had been to him in Diwali and showed the cloth presented to him by Shri Guru. The people of Ganagapur said, 'Shri Guru was here in the Math during Diwali.' But on seeing the articles presented by Shri Guru all realized that Shri Guru had taken 8 forms in Diwali and they all were amazed. The conviction that Shri Guru is the incarnation of Trimurties became more firm and they adored him with greater devotion. He who worships Sri Guru will have all is desires fulfilled. All try to experience the value of Guru Bhakti, but fools cannot appreciate Amrit. Only Jnanis and devotees can relish the Amrit of Guru Nama.

The Vedas and Shastras proclaim that he who looks down upon Guru as an ordinary human being will be born an animal. Sri Guru Charitra is equal to Veda-Shasta. Only Guru can liberate one from the throes of Samskara.

Those who go to Ganagapur and serve Guru with devotion will surely get all their desires fulfilled. So listen, all of you, purify your mind and visit Ganagapur.

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