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Chapter 48 - AmarjaSangam and the Greatness of Ganagapur

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On the parva day of Ashvin Vad 14, Shri Guru said to the disciple, 'We shall have bath at trishali (3 Holy places i. e. Prayag, Kashi and Gaya ) with family and children.

The disciple said, 'For such a long journey, we require some time for preparations'.

Shri Guru, 'These holy places are near about. So there is no need for special preparation.'

Saying this he went with them all to the sangamam. All took bath there. Shri Guru said, 'The Sangam is like Prayag. Bhima flows there northwards. This Amarja Sangam is as holy as the Ganga-Yamuna Sangam of Prayag. There are other eight holy places (Tirthas) near about.'

The disciples, -'Why this river is called Amarja?'

Shri Guru, -'Jallundhar Rakshasa were on War. Indra went to Shri Shankar and said, 'We kill Rakshasa but from each drop of their blood, new Rakshasa are born and they have spread in Three Lokas. They have killed many Gods.'

Hearing this, Shri Shankar was enraged and started to kill the Rakshas in the form of Rudra. Indra said, 'You will kill the Rakshas: but kindly suggest any device to make the gods alive.'

Shri Shankar recited Amrutmantra and gave a jar filled with nectar. Indra sprinkled the nectar on the Gods and made them alive. While Indra was going with the jar of the remaining nectar some drops fell on the earth and a river was created called 'Amarja'. Bath in this river prevents diseases and untimely death. This river meets Bhima and this Sangam is great like Triveni Sangam of Prayag. Bath in this Kartika and Magha months, on Somwati, Sankratini grahan (eclipse) Parva at this Sangam is very virtuous.

Before this Sangam is the Ashwattha, bath near which fulfills all the desires. I also live here. After worshipping this Ashwattha, worship the 'Sangameshwar' with devotion. This is like Mallikarjuna of Shri Shailya. Bow to Nandi and Chandi, have three rounds and see Shiva Shankar.

There is the 'Varanashi' Tirth i. e. Kashi one mile ahead. One Brahmin of Bhardwaj Gotra was a great devotee of Shri Shiva. He roamed everywhere without clothes, people called him 'mad'. He had two brothers Ishwar and Pandurang. They were thinking of going to Kashi. At this time one devotee of Shri Shiva came there and said to his brothers, ' Why do you go to Kashi? Here is Kashi Visheshwar.' The brothers said, 'Where is it? Show us'.

The devotee took a bath and sat in meditation. Shri Shankar appeared before him. The devotee requested him to create an idol of Kashi Vishveshwar there for daily worship and darshan. Shri Shankar conceded and Manikarnika Kund was created first and the shrine of Kashi Vishveshwar came out of it. A river flowing northward like Bhagirthi also came into existence. All the principal places of Kashi were thus created here. Both the brothers then worshipped Kashi Vishveshwar. These brothers lived at Pandharpur and were known as 'Aradhye'.

Hearing this from Shri Guru, all took bath there and worshipped Shri Vishveswar with devotion and observed other rites.

Shri Guru -'Here is ' Papavinashi Teerth' bath in which destroys all sins.' Shri Guru called his sister Ratnai here and said, 'You had killed a cat with a stick and therefore you are having leprosy. You bathe in this Tirth daily and your disease will disappear.' As advised, she bathed here for three days and her disease was wiped off.

A little further is 'Kothi Tirth'. One should bathe here on Sankranthi, Grahan, Purnima and Amavasya and give a cow with a calf in charity. Further to this is 'Rudra Tirth'. It is as holy as Gaya. Observe Sraddha here.

Further is 'Chakra Tirth' like Dwaraka. Beyond is 'Manmath Tirth'. To the east of it, is 'Kalleshwar' like Gokarna Mahabaleshwar. By doing this, eight glories are obtained.'

Shri Guru thus narrated the greatness of the eight holy places and all were pleased. They bathed and observed other rites and returned to Gangapur with Shri Guru. A grand samardhana was arranged jointly.

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