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Chapter 51 - Shri Guru's Journey unto Bliss: Disciples Get Flower- Gift

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Knowing that Shri Guru has decided to go to Shri Shailya, all the disciples and citizens felt very happy. They said, 'You are our treasure. Why do you go leaving us?'

Shri Guru smiled and said, 'You need not worry. I shall stay here secretly. I shall have bath at the Amarja Sangam in the morning. In the midday I shall come to Gangapur math and accept nirguna puja and give darshan to the devotees. From the view point of the public, I am going to Shri Shailya Yatra. Have no doubt. I shall always stay at Gangapur. The Aswattha here are like Kalpataru.'

Saying this Shri Guru started for Shri Shailya. People accompanied him for some distance and when they returned to the math they saw Shri Guru there. After some time he disappeared. All wondered at this miracle.

Shri Guru went to Patal Ganga, flowing at the base of of Shri Shailya, He asked his disciples to prepare a flower-seat and said, 'I have to go to Mallikarjuna on Shri Shailya on the other side of the river.' The disciples prepared a nice seat of flowers of Shevanti, lotus, malati, kanher etc. on the leaf of kardali and placed it on the river side.

Shri Guru said, 'Now you should return to your respective places'. All were greatly aggrieved. Shri Guru sat on the flower seat on Magh Vad 1st, on Friday when Guru (jupiter) was in Kanya (vergs) Rasa at evening time and before going away said, ' I am going to the place of self-bliss. I shall send flowers as gift which you should distribute amongst yourselves and worship them daily. I like singing. I shall be near those, who sing prayers. They will get all the pleasures'.

Saying this Shri Guru disappeared in the river. After some time some boatmen came from the other side of the river. They told, 'We saw Shri Guru on the other side. He was looking like a sanyasi and was holding a dand (stick) in his hand. He had golden sandals. He told his name as 'Narasimha-Saraswati. He has given a message for you, 'I am going to the Kardali-Van. Still I shall be at Gangapur. Do not worry. I am sending flowers as gift, which may be distributed amongst yourselves.'

All were waiting for the flowers. After a little time, four flowers came flowing. They were taken one each by Sayamdev,Nandi, Narhari and myself. Here is the flower given to me. Saying this, Shri Sidha showed the flower to Namdharak.

Such is the greatness of Shri Guru. I have narrated only a part of Shri Guru's life, which is very exhaustive. Those who read, hear and write this life, will attain all the pleasures. These nectar-like tales will give four Purusharthas and also Paramarth.'

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