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Chapter 52 - Conclusion: Week-Reading Awatarnika(Contents)

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After hearing the 51 Chapters of Shri Guru-Charitra, Namdharak lost senses and got samdhi. His body perspired, his throat got choked and tears flowed from his eyes. He could not speak out a word. Shri Siddha Muni was pleased to see this state of Namdharak. Though the disciple got samadhi, he should be awakened for the benefit of the people. Thinking thus he moved his hand over his face and body with affection and called him and said, 'Dear boy, come on senses. You have got 'dnyan' and you will get

salvation. But if you remain in meditation, how will the people be benefited and enlightened? You asked me and I narrated to you these nectar-like tales of Shri Guru's life. You also heard them conscientiously. You should therefore elaborate them and propagate amongst the people.'

Namdharak opened his eyes and placed his head on the feet of Shri Siddha and said, 'You are Shri Guru yourself. Shri Guru's life, that you have narrated, is even more sweeter than the nectar. I am not contended yet. Please tell me the whole life again in short'.

Hearing this just as a physician prepares the Sanjivani pills mixing many medicines and keeps the pills with him, similarly I am telling you the summary of this life of Shri Guru.

Further Shri Siddha said, 'Though Shri Guru has disappeared still he gives darshan to his sincere devotees as before'.

Namdharak- 'Kindly tell me the procedure of week-reading and other rules to be followed during the week'.

Shri Siddha-'Shri Guru-Charitra can be read any time with pure mind. The credit of reading it in a week is still great. For this, one place and seat should be selected. Keep control on the senses during the week. Before starting the reading bow to God, Brahmin and elders. Worship the volume of 'Shri Guru-Charitra'. One should complete 7 chapters on the first day, read upto 18th chapter on the second day, upto 28th on the third day, upto 34th on the fourth day, upto 37th on the fifth day, upto 43rd on the sixth day and upto 52nd chapters on the seventh day. After reading, worship the volume and take light dinner. Some observe fast for the week; but if this is not possible have food of only one type of corn. On the eighth day, for completion of the week reading, take meals with a Brahmin couple and offer money as dakshina. If the reading is done with devotion and pure heart, Shri Guru gives darshan in dream and fulfills one's desires. The trouble of spirits and ghosts vanishes and one gets peace of mind.

Namdharak again expressed to Shri Siddha Muni his gratitude for narrating the life of Shri Guru, which has made his life fortunate and enabled him to attain the bliss.

Dedicated to Shri Dattatraya. OM TAT SAT.

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