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Chapter 37: Monkey Warriors Assemble at Kishkindha

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Monkey Warriors Assemble at Kishkindha


Monkey chiefs go round the earth at the behest of Sugreeva, to fetch all the monkey champions on earth to the presence of Sugreeva. They all go to different mountain, rivers, oceans, and forests and motivate all monkeys to reach Sugreeva at once. Further, having gone to Himalayas they find divine fruits, tubers and medicinal herbs there, which they fetch as royal gifts to Sugreeva. They all return to Sugreeva in the same time when Sugreeva is with Lakshmana and prior to the other monkeys that are summoned.

Chapter [Sarga] 37 in Detail

evam uktah tu sugriivo laksmanena mahaatmanaa |

hanuumantam sthitam paarshve vacanam ca idam abraviit || 4-37-1

When the great-souled Lakshmana spoke to Sugreeva in this way, Sugreeva spoke this word to Hanuma who is available at his side. [4-37-1]

mahendra himavat vi.ndhya kailaasa shikharesu ca |

mandare paandu shikhare pa.nca shailesu ye sthitaah || 4-37-2

taruna aaditya varnesu bhraajamaanesu nityashah |

par.hvatesu samudra a.nte pashcimasyaam tu ye dishi || 4-37-3

aaditya bhavane caiva girau sa.ndhyaa abhra sa.mnibhe |

padma taala vanam bhiimaah sa.mshritaa hari pu.ngavaah || 4-37-4

a.njana a.mbuda sa.mkaashaah ku.njara pratima ojasah |

a.njane par.hvate caiva ye vasanti plava.mgamaah || 4-37-5

mahaashaila guhaa aavaasaa vaanaraah kanaka prabhaah |

meru paarshva gataah caiva ye ca dhuumra girim shritaah || 4-37-6

taruna aaditya varnaah ca par.hvate ye mahaaarune |

piba.nto madhu maireyam bhiima vegaah plava.mgamaah || 4-37-7

vanesu ca suramyesu sugandhisu mahatsu ca |

taapasa aashrama ramyesu vana antesu sama.ntatah || 4-37-8

taan taan tvam aanaya ksipram prithivyaam sarva vaanaraan |

saama daana aadibhih kalpaih vaanaraih vegavattaraih || 4-37-9

"Convoke the Vanara-s available on the summits of these five mountains, namely Mt. Mahendra, Mt. Himalaya, Mt. Vindhya, and Mt. Kailash and those that are on the whitish peak of Mt. Mandara. As well as those that are on the mountains at seashore, udaya adri, namely 'sunrise-mountain,' which mountains will always be dazzling with the tinge of youthful sun. And them that are on the mountains which shine in the ochry hue of evening clouds, asta adri, namely 'sunset-mountain' and which mountains are situated at the Palace of Sun. And the catastrophic monkey chiefs that are abiding in the palm groves of Mt. Padma. Also thus, the fly-jumpers who are similar to black-mascara and black-clouds in their shine, and who match elephants in their vigor, and who live on Mt. Anjana, they too are to be convened. Those fly-jumpers whose complexion will be golden and dwell in the caves of Great-Mountain, besides those who are on the mountainsides of Mt. Meru, and those biding on the Black-Red mountain, along with those topmost speeded fly-jumpers living on Mt. Great-Ochre swilling palm-toddy, these are to be summoned. Further, the Vanara-s who will be in the tinge of rising sun and who dwell in the highly delightful, richly fragrant and lofty woodlands that are surrounded with the delightful hermitages of sages are to be summoned. Along with them, the Vanara-s who are in the interiors of forests, they are also to be called for. Why citing a few? Those and those monkeys that are on the earth, all of them are to be assembled. Oh, Hanuma, you quickly summon all of the topmost speeded Vanara-s by employing concessions, conciliations and the like procedures. [4-37-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9]

presitaah prathamam ye ca mayaa aajnaataah mahaajavaah |

tvarana artham tu bhuuyah tvam sa.mpresaya hariishvaraan || 4-37-10

"In the first instance highly speedy Vanara-s are hastened at my commanded, however, you hasten some more monkey chiefs for the purpose of hastening them. [4-37-10]

ye prasaktaah ca kaamesu diirgha suutraah ca vaanaraah |

iha aanayasva taan shiighram sarvaan eva kapiishvaraan || 4-37-11

"Those that are entangled with creature comforts, and those that are stringy dawdlers, you quickly lead all of those monkey chiefs in here. [4-37-11]

ahobhih dashabhih ye ca na aagacchanti mama aajnayaa |

hantavyaah te duraatmaano raaja shaasana duusakaah || 4-37-12

"And such of those Vanara-s that do not arrive within ten days by my command, those miscreants are eliminable as the abusers of king's decree. [4-37-12]

shataani atha sahasraani kotyah ca mama shaasanaat |

prayaantu kapi si.mhaanaam nidishe mama ye sthitaah || 4-37-13

"Let all the lionly monkeys available on earth that abides by my control start coming to this place in hundreds, thousands, even in millions, by my command. [4-37-13]

megha parvata sa.nkaashaah chaadayanta iva a.mbaram |

ghora ruupaah kapi shresthaa yaantu mat shaasanaat itah || 4-37-14

"The champions of monkeys with ghastly aspects and similar in shine with the mountains and clouds shall start coming here by my command, fly-jumping as though to overcast the sky. [4-37-4]

te gatijnaa gatim gatvaa prithivyaam sarva vaanaraah |

aanaya.ntu hariin sarvaan tvaritaah shaasanaan mama || 4-37-15

"Let those Vanara-s who know the routes to the dwelling places of other monkeys expeditiously proceed on quick-routes, and gather all of the monkeys available on earth at my command." Sugreeva ordered Hanuma that way. [4-37-15]

tasya vaanara raajasya shrutvaa vaayu suto vacah |

diksu sarvaasu vikraantaan presayaamaasa vaanaraan || 4-37-16

On hearing the order of Sugreeva, the king of vanara-s, Hanuma, the son of Air-god has started to dispatch valorous monkeys in all directions. [4-37-16]

te padam visnu vikraantam patatri jyotih adhvagaah |

prayaataah prahitaa raajnaa harayah tu ksanena vai || 4-37-17

In a split-second, the Vanara-s that are sent by the king of Vanara-s have skyrocketed to the airways of birds and stars on their way, and indeed reached the vault of heaven, which was once trodden by Vishnu. [4-37-17]

te samudresu girisu vanesu ca sarahsu ca |

vaanaraa vaanaraan sarvaan raama hetoh acodayan || 4-37-18

After skyrocketing those monkeys have reached the monkeys that are living at seashores and islands, in the caves and crags of mountains, and at lakeshores and their surrounds, and motivated all of the monkeys available there towards the cause of Rama. [4-37-18]

mrityu kaala upamasya aajnaam raaja raajasya vaanaraah |

sugriivasya aayayuh shrutvaa sugriiva bhaya shankitaah || 4-37-19

On hearing that command of the king of kings of Vanara-s, Sugreeva, who is semblable with the Death-god and Time-god, all of the monkeys have arrived with the terror of Sugreeva haunting them. [4-37-19]

tatah te a.njana sa.mkaashaa gireh tasmaat mahaajavaah |

tisrah kotyah plava.ngaanaam niryayur yatra raaghavah || 4-37-20

Then thirty million fly-jumpers whose swiftness is inconceivable, and whose shine is like that of black-mascara have sallied forth from mountain Anjana to there where Raghava is camping, i.e., Mt. Prasravana. [4-37-20]

astam gacchati yatra arkah tasmin girivare rataah |

sa.ntapta hema varna aabhaa tasmaat kotyo dasha cyutaah || 4-37-21

Hundred million monkeys who take delight on the best mountain where the sun goes into dusk, namely the westerly mountains, asta adri, and whose hue is similar to the refined gold, for dusk has a golden hue, have jumped in. [4-37-21]

kailaasa shikharebhyah ca si.mha kesara varcasaam |

tatah koti sahasraani vaanaraanaam samaagaman || 4-37-22

Vanara-s who are in the hue of lion's mane have turned up in thousand crores, say hundred billion, from the pinnacles of Mt. Kailash. [4-37-22]

phala muulena jiivanto himavantam upaashritaah |

tesaam koti sahasraanaam sahasram samavartata || 4-37-23

Those that are sheltered on Himalayas subsisting on fruits and tubers have arrived in a thousand of thousand crores, say a trillion. [4-37-23]

angaaraka samaanaanaam bhiimaanaam bhiima karmanaam |

vindhyaat vaanara kotiinaam sahasraani apatan drutam || 4-37-24

Millions and millions of Vanara-s whose looks and deeds are gruesome, and who equal the planet Mars in their crimson-flush, as they dwell on the hotbeds of Mt. Vindhya, have swiftly alighted from Mt. Vindhya. [4-37-24]

ksiira uda velaa nilayaah tamaala vana vaasinah |

naari kela ashanaah caiva tesaam sa.nkhyaa na vidyate || 4-37-25

The count of those Vanara-s who are basically domiciled at the coasts of milky ocean, the residents of Tamala woodlands, and those who feed on coconuts dwelling in coconut groves, and who have presently come from those places is uncountable. [4-37-25]

vanebhyo gahvarebhyah ca sarit.hbhyah ca mahaabalaah |

aagacchat vaanarii senaa pibanti iva divaa karam || 4-37-26

That highly forceful military force of Vanara-s has arrived from forests, caverns and riversides with their leaping and bounding on the sky blocking up the sun as if they have gulped him down. [4-37-26]

ye tu tvarayitum yaataa vaanaraah sarva vaanaraan |

te viiraa himavat shaile dadrishuh tam mahaadrumam || 4-37-27

The Vanara-s who went from Kishkindha to hasten up all the other monkeys of all quarters, those champions have reached Himalayan Mountains and saw exceptional trees on them. [4-37-27]

tasmin giri vare punye yajno maaheshvarah puraa |

sarva deva manah toso babhuuva su manoramah || 4-37-28

On that best and auspicious mountain, once a glorious Vedic-ritual intending God Shiva took place, which pleased the hearts of all gods. [4-37-28]

anna nisya.nda jaataani muulaani ca phalaani ca |

amrita svaadu kalpaani dadrishuh tatra vaanaraah || 4-37-29

There the Vanara-s have seen luscious tubers and fruits similar to nectar, which have originated from the oblational food material spattered in the Vedic-ritual for Shiva. [4-37-29]

tat anna sa.mbhavam divyam phalam muulam manoharam |

yah kashcit sakrit ashnaati maasam bhavati tarpitah || 4-37-30

If one eats for one time, a little of those divine and heart-pleasing fruits and tubers that have taken their origin from that oblational food material, he remains satiated for a month. [4-37-30]

taani muulaani divyaani phalaani ca phala ashanaah |

ausadhaani ca divyaani jagrihur hari pu.ngavaah || 4-37-31

The best monkeys that are fruit-eaters have collected those divine fruits, tubers, and even the divine medicinal herbs. [4-37-31]

tasmaat ca yajna aayatanaat puspaani surabhiini ca |

aaninyur vaanaraa gatvaa sugriiva priya kaaranaat || 4-37-32

On going to the cardinal ground of Vedic-ritual which was performed once, those Vanara-s fetched highly fragrant flowers in order to please Sugreeva. [4-37-32]

te tu sarve harivaraah prithivyaam sarva vaanaraan |

sa.mcodayitvaa tvaritam yuuthaanaam jagmur agratah || 4-37-33

On motivating all of the monkeys on earth, all those best monkeys who proceeded to forgather other monkeys, quickly returned to Kishkindha ahead of the forgathered troops of monkeys. [4-37-33]

te tu tena muhuurtena kapayah shiighra caarinah |

kiski.ndhaam tvarayaa praaptaah sugriivo yatra vaanarah || 4-37-34

Those quick paced monkeys quickly reached Kishkindha just at that moment when Lakshmana is still with Sugreeva, and those monkeys arrived at that place where Sugreeva is available along with Lakshmana. [4-37-34]

te grihiitvaa osadhiih sarvaah phala muulam ca vaanaraah |

tam pratigraahayaamaasur vacanam ca idam abruvan || 4-37-35

Taking the medicinal herbs, fruits, and tubers along with them, all of those Vanaras obliged Sugreeva to accept fruits, tubers and herbs as royal gifts, and they also spoke this word to Sugreeva. [4-37-35]

sarve parisritaah shailaah saritah ca vanaani ca |

prithivyaam vaanaraah sarve shaasanaat upayaanti te || 4-37-36

"We have rounded up all the mountains, rivers, and forests even, and all of the Vanara-s available on earth are fetched to your fore according to your command." Thus the monkeys said to Sugreeva. [4-37-36]

evam shrutvaa tato hRiSTaH sugriivaH plavaga adhipaH |

pratijagraaha ca priitaH teSaam sarvam upaayanam || 4-37-37

On listening these words then the king of fly-jumpers Sugreeva is gladdened and accepted the gifts brought from Himalayas from all of them. [4-37-37]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande sapta tri.mshah sargah

Thus, this is the 37th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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