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Chapter 47: The Monkeys Fail to Find Sita

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The Monkeys Fail to Find Sita


Search for Seetha failed in east, north, and west directions. The monkey chiefs who went there have come back to inform that she is not found and they all hoped Hanuma to find her out, because he is pursuing the direction in which Seetha was taken away.

Chapter [Sarga] 47 in Detail

darshanaartham tu vaidehyaah sarvatah kapi ku.njaraah |

vyaadistaah kapi raajena yathaa uktam jagmur a.njasaa || 4-47-1

As commanded by the king of monkeys Sugreeva all of the elephantine monkeys essayed everywhere with post-hast for a glimpse of Vaidehi. [4-47-1]

te saraa.msi sarit kaksaan aakaasham nagaraani ca |

nadii durgaan tathaa shailaan vicinvanti samantatah || 4-47-2

Those monkeys have thoroughly searched at lakes, in the pens of creepers on riverbanks, in vacant lands and in crowded cities and at impassable places with rivers and mountains. [4-47-2]

sugriivena samaakhyaataah sarve vaanara yuuthapaah |

tatra deshaan pravicinvanti sa shaila vana kaananaan || 4-47-3

All the monkey commanders explicitly commanded by Sugreeva, very carefully searched all the provinces inclusive of their mountains, woodlands, and thick forests. [4-47-3]

vicintya divasam sarve siitaa adhigamane dhritaah |

samaayaanti sma medinyaam nishaa kaalesu vaanaraah || 4-47-4

All the Vanara-s firmed up in finding Seetha have searched nooks and corners of earth by day, and at nighttimes they used to coming together onto earth at scheduled places. [4-47-4]

sarva ritukaan ca deshesu vaanaraah sa phalaan drumaan |

aasaadya rajaniim shayyaam cakruh sarvesu ahassu te || 4-47-5

In all those days those Vanara-s used to come to trees which have fruits of all seasons to make those trees as their beds at bedtime. [4-47-5]

tat ahah prathamam kritvaa maase prasravanam gataah |

kapi raajena sa.ngamya niraashaah kapi ku.njaraah || 4-47-6

Counting the day of their starting as day one, those elephantine monkeys returned to Mt. Prasavana within one month, hopeless of Seetha, and met Sugreeva, the king of monkeys, who is with Rama awaiting the return of monkeys. [4-47-6]

vicitya tu disham puurvaam yathaa uktaam sacivaih saha |

adristvaa vinatah siitaam aajagaama mahaabalah || 4-47-7

Cmdr. Vinata, the great-mighty Vanara, came back after searching eastern quarter as Sugreeva had advised, but without finding Seetha there. [4-47-7]

disham api uttaraam sarvaam vivicya sa mahaakapih |

aagatah saha sainyena viirah shatabalih tadaa || 4-47-8

Even the valiant and matchless monkey Shatabali explored whole of the northern direction along with his army, but he too came back as Seetha is undiscovered there. [4-47-8]

susenah pashcimaam aashaam vivicya saha vaanaraih |

sametya maase puurne tu sugriivam upacakrame || 4-47-9

Sushena, the father-in-law of Sugreeva, searching whole of western quarter along with Vanara-s, but not finding Seetha there, he came back when one month is completed, and approached Sugreeva. [4-47-9]

tam prasravana pristhastham samaasaadya abhivaadya ca |

aasiinam saha raamena sugriivam idam abruvan || 4-47-10

All of the expeditioners [who undertake expeditions] have reached and venerated [to regard or treat with reverence] Sugreeva who is sitting along with Rama on the peak of Mt. Prasavana and spoke this to him. [4-47-10]

vicitaah parvataah sarve vanaani gahanaani ca |

nimnagaah saagara antaah ca sarve janapadaah tathaa || 4-47-11

"All of the mountains, all of the serried forests, all of the riversides up to the edge of oceans, likewise, all of the inhabitations have been searched. [4-47-11]

guhaah ca vicitaah sarvaa yaah ca te parikiirtitaah |

vicitaah ca mahaagulmaa lataa vitata sa.mtataah || 4-47-12

"Those caves that were explicitly extolled by you, they are all thoroughly searched, and immense shrubby hutches that are thickly entwined with climber plants have also been rummaged. [4-47-12]

gahanesu ca deshesu durgesu visamesu ca |

sattvaani atipramaanaani vicitaani hataani ca |

ye caiva gahanaa deshaa vicitaah te punah punah || 4-47-13

"Search is conducted in the compacted, lopsided, and impenetrable provinces, and colossal beings are hunted out and killed presuming that Ravana might have assumed those odd shapes, and the impassable provinces are searched high and low, time and again. [4-47-13]

udaara sattva abhijano hanuumaan

sa maithiliim jnaasyasi vaanarendra |

disham tu yaam eva gataa tu siitaa

taam aasthito vaayu suto hanuumaan || 4-47-14

"Hanuma is high-born and exceptionally mighty, oh, Sugreeva, the king of Vanara-s, he will ascertain about Maithili, because the son of Air-god, Hanuma, resorted to the direction in which Seetha is taken away." Thus, monkey chiefs reported to their king Sugreeva. [4-47-14]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande sapta catvaarinshah sargah

Thus, this is the 47th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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