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Chapter 52: Hanuman Explains His mission to Svayamprabha

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Hanuman Explains His mission to Svayamprabha


Vanara-s deliverance from black hole is effectuated by Sainted Lady Swayamprabha. On listening to Hanuma about the plight of monkeys by which they entered this cavity in searching for Seetha, Sainted Lady Swayamprabha becomes sympathetic and offers guest-ship. When entreated by Hanuma for an exit from that incarceration, and as the time frame set by Sugreeva is lapsed in this very cavity, Swayamprabha uses her ascetic powers to transport the monkeys from that cave, which exit is otherwise impossible for any other intruder, in his aliveness.

Chapter [Sarga] 52 in Detail

atha taan abraviit sarvaan vishraa.ntaan hari yuuthapaan |

idam vacanam ekaagraa taapasii dharma caarinii || 4-52-1

When those monkey commanders are relaxed after refreshments, then that sainted lady, who concentrates single-mindedly and who is a pursuer of probity, spoke this word to all of them. [4-52-1]

vaanaraa yadi vah khedah pranastah phala bhaksanaat |

yadi ca etat mayaa shraavyam shrotum icchaami kathataam || 4-52-2

"Oh, Vanara-s, if your enervation is eased off by devouring fruits, and if I may listen to that episode of yours, I wish to listen to it." Thus Swayamprabha addressed the monkeys. [4-52-2]

tasyaah tat vacanam shrutvaa hanumaan maaruta aatmajah |

aar.hjavena yathaa tattvam aakhyaatum upacakrame || 4-52-3

Hanuma, the son of Air-god, sincerely started to narrate their episode in its pithiness on hearing her words. [4-52-3]

raajaa sarvasya lokasya mahendra varuna upamah |

raamo daasharathih shriimaan pravisto dandakaa vanam || 4-52-4

laksmanena saha bhraatraa vaidehyaa ca api bhaaryayaa |

tasya bhaaryaa janasthaanaat raavanena hritaa balaat || 4-52-5

"The king of the entire world and one similar to Mahendra and Rain-god, such an illustrious Rama of Dasharatha entered Dandaka forest with his bother Lakshmana, even along with his wife Vaidehi, but Ravana coercively abducted his wife from Janasthaana. [4-52-4, 5]

viirah tasya sakhaa raajnah sugriivo naama vaanarah |

raajaa vaanara mukhyaanaam yena prasthaapitaa vayam || 4-52-6

"A valiant one and the king of important Vanara-s known as Sugreeva is a Vanara and the friend of that kingly Rama, and that Vanara king expedited us. [4-52-6]

agastya caritaam aashaam daksinaam yama raksitaam |

sahaibhirvaanaraimukhyairangadapramukhairvayam - yadvaa -

saha ebhih vaanaraih mukhyaih a.ngada pramukhaih vayam || 4-52-7

raavanam sahitaah sarve raaksasam kaama ruupinam |

siitayaa saha vaidehyaa maargadhvam iti coditaah || 4-52-8

"He mobilized us along with these important Vanara-s and Angada as helmsman to this southerly prospect, which is the walkabout of Sage Agastya and watched over by Yama, the Death-god, saying, 'you all shall collectively search for Seetha of Videha kingdom together with the demon Ravana, a guise-changer by his wish.' [4-52-7, 8]

vicitya tu vayam sarve samagram - samudram - daksinaam disham |

vayam bubhuksitaah sarve vriksa muulam upaashritaah || 4-52-9

"On searching out the southerly direction in its entirety we are all hungered and we all gathered around at a tree-stem. [4-52-9]

vivarna vadanaah sarve sarve dhyaana paraayanaah |

na adhigacchaamahe paaram magnaah cintaa mahaaar.hnave || 4-52-10

"All of us were whey-faced, all of us were preoccupied with propositions, thus deluged in the depthless deep of our despair we could not overreach the other shore of our oceanic despair. [4-52-10]

caarayantah tatah caksuh dristavanto mahad bilam |

lataa paadapa sa.nchannam timirena samaavritam || 4-52-11

"Then straggling our eyes we perceived this wide cavity wrapped up with vines and woods and enwrapped in darkling. [4-52-11]

asmaat ha.msaa jala klinnaah paksaih salila renubhih |

kuraraah saarasaah caiva nispatanti patatrinah || 4-52-12

"Swans, water-hawks, saarasa-waterfowls were coming out of this cavity drenched in water and sprinkling drops of water with the flaps of their wings. [4-52-12]

saadhu atra pravishaama iti mayaa tu uktaah plava.ngamaah |

tesaam api hi sarvesaam anumaanam upaagatam || 4-52-13

"I said to all of them, 'Good! Let us enter it,' while they too had some inference about the availability of water in here. [4-52-13]

asmin nipatitaah sarve api atha kaarya tvaraanvitaah |

tato gaadham nipatitaa grihya hastau parasparam || 4-52-14

"As our task was hastening us then we all readied ourselves to fall in the cavity by tightly clasping each other's hand, and then we fell in this cavity. [4-52-14]

idam pravistaah sahasaa bilam timira samvritam |

etat nah kaaryam etena krityena vayam aagataah || 4-52-15

tvaam ca eva upagataah sarve paridyuunaa bubhuksitaah |

"Thus we readily entered this Black Cavity, and this much is our activity in here as we all have come here by our escapade for water, and we neared you when we were ravenous and retrogressing. [4-52-15, 16a]

aatithya dharma dattaani muulaani ca phalaani ca || 4-52-16

asmaabhih upabhuktaani bubhuksaa paripiiditaih |

"And we who are overly harassed by hunger have devoured the fruits and tubers you have offered with the grace of your hospitality. [4-52-16]

yat tvayaa raksitaah sarve mriyamaanaa bubhuksayaa || 4-52-17

bruuhi pratyupakaara artham kim te kurvantu vaanaraah |

"You have rescued all of us who were on the verge of hunger-deaths, and what is to be done by Vanara-s for you in requital that you may please tell." Thus Hanuma spoke to that sainted lady. [4-52-17b, 18a]

evam uktaa tu sarvajnaa vaanaraih taih svaya.mprabhaa || 4-52-18

pratyuvaaca tatah sarvaan idam vaanara yuuthapaan |

When she is spoken thus by those vanara-s then that omniscient Swayamprabha replied this to all of the Vanara commanders. [4-52-18b, 19a]

sarvesaam paritustaa asmi vaanaraanaam tarasvinaam || 4-52-19

cara.ntyaa mama dharmena na kaaryam iha kenacit |

"I am very happy with all of the mighty Vanara-s and what I have done to you is a part of my conduct in equity, hence nothing need be done now in my favor, in the least. [4-52-9b, 20a]

evam uktah shubham vaakyam taapasyaa dharma sa.mhitam || 4-52-20

uvaaca hanumaan vaakyam taam anindita locanaam |

When Hanuma is said that blessed word by that sainted lady in that way, that which is agreeable to propriety, then Hanuma said this sentence to her who is with an un-reprievable discernment [the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure]. [4-52-20b, 21a]

sharanam tvaam prapannaah smah sarve vai dharmacaarinim || 4-52-21

yah kritah samayo asmaakam sugriivena mahaatmanaa |

sa tu kaalo vyatikraanto bile ca parivartataam || 4-52-22

"We are now under the auspices of your ladyship comporting yourself in scrupulosity. We lapsed the time stipulated for us by the noble-souled Sugreeva by our roving around in this cavity. [4-52-21b, 22]

saa tvam asmaat bilaat asmaan uttaarayitum ar.hhasi |

tasmaat sugriiva vacanaat atikraantaan gata aayusah || 4-52-23

"Such as you are, a righteous lady, it will be apt of you to cross us over this cavity, as we have overextended the timeframe fixed by Sugreeva, whereby our longevity itself is threatened. [4-52-23]

traatum ar.hhasi nah sarvaan sugriiva bhaya shankitaan |

mahat ca kaaryam asmaabhih kartavyam dharmacaarini || 4-52-24

tat ca api na kritam kaaryam asmaabhih iha vaasibhih |

"Oh, prudent lady, sail all of us through. We are rendered as hesitators with the fear from Sugreeva. We still have to achieve an admirable achievement and that deed is also left undone as we are held-up in here." Thus Hanuma spoke to her. [4-52-24, 25a]

evam uktaa hanumataa taapasii vaakyam abraviit || 4-52-25

jiivataa duskaram manye pravistena nivartitum |

When Hanuma said thus that sainted lady said sentence, "I believe outgoing is impracticable for the incomers in aliveness from this cavity. [4-52-25b, 26a]

tapasah suprabhaavena niyama upaar.hjitena ca || 4-52-26

sarvaan eva bilaat asmaat taarayisyaami vaanaraan |

"By the sublime efficacy of ascesis acquired through my practices of numerous self-restraints I wish to sail all of the Vanara-s through the incarceration, called this cavity. [4-52-26b, 27a]

nimiilayata caksuunsi sarve vaanara pu.ngavaah || 4-52-27

na hi niskramitum shakyam animiilita locanaih |

"All of you best Vanara-s shall close up your eyelids, for it is indeed impossible to attempt an exit with unclose eyes." Thus that sainted lady said to monkeys. [4-52-27b, 28a]

tato nimiilitaah sarve sukumaara a.ngulaih karaih || 4-52-28

sahasaa pidadhuh dristim hristaa gamana kaanksinah |

Then all of those desirers of departure are gladdened and immediately shut their eyelids, and further they lidded them with their delicately fingered hands. [4-52-28b, 29a]

vaanaraah tu mahaatmaano hasta ruddha mukhaah tadaa || 4-52-29

nimesa antara maatrena bilaat uttaaritaah tathaa |

She then sailed those noble souled Vanara-s who covered their faces with their hands through that cavity barely within a minute. [4-52-29b. 30a]

uvaaca sarvaan taan tatra taapasii dharma caarinii || 4-52-30

nihsritaan visamaat tasmaat samaashvaasya idam abraviit |

That virtuous and sainted lady on comforting all of the monkeys, who are taken out of that precarious cavity, spoke this to them at the exterior of cavity. [4-52-30b, 31a]

esa vin.hdhyo girih shriimaan naanaa druma lataa aayutah || 4-52-31

esa prasavanah shailah saagaro ayam mahaa udadhih |

svasti vo astu gamisyaami bhavanam vaanararsabhaah |

iti uktvaa tat bilam shriimat pravivesha svayamprabhaa || 4-52-32

"This one which is surrounded by diverse trees and vines is the magnificent Vindhya Mountain, this mountain is Prasravana, and this vast expanse of water is the southerly ocean. Now I wish to return to my mansion... oh, best Vanara-s, let safety betide you." saying thus Swayamprabha the Sainted Lady, re-entered the ostentatious cavity, called Riksha Bila. [4-52-31b, 32]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande dvi pa.ncaashah sargah

Thus, this is the 52nd chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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