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Chapter 7: Sugriva Consoles Rama

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Sugriva Consoles Rama


Sugreeva consoles Rama soothingly and advises him to come out of his frenzy emotion at the loss of Seetha, which is not befitting to a person like Rama. Rama recovering from his emotional state, promises Sugreeva to be truthful to his word in alleviating the fear of Vali for Sugreeva. And Sugreeva also promises to make all his efforts to search for Seetha.

Chapter [Sarga] 7 in Detail

evam uktah tu sugriivah raamena aartena vaanarah |

abraviit praanjalih vaakyam sabaaspam baaspa gadgadah || 4-7-1

Thus said by Rama in agony that monkey Sugreeva with his palms adjoined, and with tears rolling in eyes and also voice trembling with tears said this to Rama. [4-7-1]

na jaane nilayam tasya sarvathaa paapa raksasah |

saamarthyam vikramam vaa api dauskuleyasya vaa kulam || 4-7-2

"Unfamiliar is the residence, or capability, or valor, or lineage of that sinning demon from a sinister dynasty, in any wise... [4-7-2]

satyam tu pratijaanaami tyaja shokam arindama |

karisyaami tathaa yatnam yathaa praapsyasi maithiliim || 4-7-3

"Truthfully I am promising you, oh, enemy destroyer, as to how you will get back Maithili therefore I strive to make effort, let anguish be discarded... [4-7-3]

raavanam saganam hatvaa paritosya aatma paurusam |

tathaa asmi kartaa naciraad yathaa priito bhavisyasi || 4-7-4

"As to how you will satisfy yourself on killing Ravana along with his henchmen, and as to how to you pride yourself thereby, I will make it happen in that way in no longer a time... [4-7-4]

alam vaiklavyam aalam.hbya dhairyam aatmagatam smara |

tvat vidhaanaam na sadrisham iidrisham buddhi laaghavam || 4-7-5

"Enough is this clinging on to despair, recollect your inherent courage, and it is unseemly for persons of your sort to have this kind of mental ineptness... [4-7-5]

mayaa api vyasanam praaptam bhaaryaa virahajam mahat |

na aham evam hi shocaami dhairyam na ca parityaje || 4-7-6

"Upon me too this yearning caused by the separation of wife has chanced, but I did not despair this way, nor have I forsaken my courage... [4-7-6]

na aham taam anushocaami praakrito vaanaro api san |

mahaatmaa cha viniitah ca kim punar dhritimaan mahaan || 4-7-7

"Though I am a primitive monkey I am not totally disheartened for the distancing of wife, why tell about a great soul like you who are well read and courageous... [4-7-7]

baaspam aapatitam dhairyaat nigrahiitum tvam arhasi |

maryaadaam sattva yuktaanaam dhritim na utsrastum arhasi || 4-7-8

"It is apt of you to control trickling tears with courage, and equally it is inapt of you to discard the courage and propriety of self-controlled people... [4-7-8]

vyasane vaa artha kricchre vaa bhaye vaa jiivitaantage |

vimrishan vai svayaa buddhyaa dhritimaan na avasiidati || 4-7-9

"Either in a riddle, or in financial loss, or at the end of life, or in fear, a courageous one does not sink down, but indeed introspects in his own mind... [4-7-9]

baalishas tu naro nityam vaiklabyam yo.anuvartate |

sa majjati avashah shoke bhaara aakraantaa iva nauh jale || 4-7-10

"Stupid is that man who always follows self-piteous sadness unable to control himself, and he drowns down in that melancholy like a overweighing ship in waters... [4-7-10]

eso anjalih mayaa baddhah pranayaat tvaam prasaadaye |

paurusam shraya shokasya na antaram daatum arhasi || 4-7-11

"Adjoined are my palms in this way beseeching you in friendship, kindly bear up your self-esteem and you should not give any leeway to sadness... [4-7-11]

ye shokam anuvartante na tesaam vidyate sukham |

tejah cha ksiiyate tesaam na tvam shocitum arhasi || 4-7-12

"Those that delve deep into moroseness, to them there is no happiness, and their brilliance too dwindles, thus saddening is inapt on your part... [4-7-12]

shokena abhiprapannasya jiivite cha api sa.mshayah |

sa shokam tyaja raajendra dhairyam aashraya kevalam || 4-7-13

"One well-engulfed in sadness doubts even his life, oh, king of kings, leave off that sadness and just hold on to courage...[4-7-13]

hitam vayasya bhaavena bruumi na upadishaami te |

vayasyataam puujayan me na tvam shocitum arhasi || 4-7-14

"I am telling a benefiting and friendly thought, but not instructing you, should you regard my friendship then your saddening is inapt [not suitable]..." [Thus said Sugreeva to Rama.] [4-7-14]

madhuram saan.htvitah tena sugriivena sa raaghavah |

mukham ashru pari klinnam vastra antena pramaarjayat || 4-7-15

Sweetly solaced thus by that Sugreeva Rama dabbed his face with the edge of cloth, which is covered fully with tears. [4-7-15]

prakritih sthah tu kaakutsthah sugriiva vacanaat prabhuh |

sa.mparisvajya sugriivam idam vacanam abraviit || 4-7-16

Lord Rama steadied himself in his own nature by the words of Sugreeva, and on embracing him Rama said this sentence to him. [4-7-16]

kartavyam yat vayasyena snigdhena ca hitena ca |

anuruupam ca yuk.htam ca kritam sugriiva tat tvayaa || 4-7-17

"Sugreeva, a friendly obligation that which is to be done, a benefiting, befitting and a timely one too, is what you have performed with your friendly advise... [4-7-17]

esa ca prakritih sthah aham anuniitah tvayaa sakhe |

durlabho hi iidrisho bandhuh asmin kaale vishesatah || 4-7-18

"Oh, friend, I steadied myself in my own nature when implored by you... it is impossible to get this kind of friend, especially at these times... [4-7-18]

kim tu yatnah tvayaa kaaryo maithilyaah parimaargane |

raaksasasya ca raudrasya raavanasya duraatmanah || 4-7-19

"But, trying to search for Maithili and that furious, evil-minded demon Ravana, is your endeavor [to work with set purpose]... [4-7-19]

mayaa ca yad anustheyam visrab.hdhena tat ucyataam |

varsaasu iva ca suksetre sarvam sa.mpadyate tava || 4-7-20

"What is to done by me that be said in all believability, and all your endeavor will reap like the crops planted during rainy season in good lands... [4-7-20]

mayaa ca yadidam vaakyam abhimaanaat samiiritam |

tat tvayaa harishaarduula tat tvam iti upadhaaryataam || 4-7-21

"What that is spoken by me is in my self-confidence but not in any self-conceit, oh, tigerly-monkey, deem them as doubtless facts... [4-7-21]

anritam na ukta puurvam me na ca vaksye kadaacana |

etat te pratijaanaami satyena eva shapaami aham || 4-7-22

"Untruth is not uttered by me earlier nor will be at anytime from now, and all this I am promising you taking oath on that truthfulness alone.. [4-7-22]

tatah prahristah sugriivah vaanaraih sacivaih saha |

raaghavasya vacah shrutvaa pratijnaatam vishesatah || 4-7-23

Then on hearing the words of Rama Sugreeva along with his monkey ministers is gladdened, especially of Rama promise. [4-7-23]

evam ekaanta sa.mpriktau tatah tau nara vaanarau |

ubhau anyonya sadrisham sukha duhkham abhaastaam || 4-7-24

Then those two, the man and the monkey, met in privacy and both discussed in a mutually befitting manner about their pleasures and pains. [4-7-24]

mahaanubhaavasya vaco nishamya

harir nripaanaam adhipasya tasya |

kritam sa mene hariviira mukhyah

tadaa ca kaaryam hridayena vidvaan || 4-7-25

On hearing the word of that intellectual, highly capable one and the best king among kings, namely Rama, he that Sugreeva, the chief among the monkey heroes, thought at heart that his maneuver to surpass his dominant brother Vali is accomplished. [4-7-25]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande saptamah sargah

Thus, this is the 7th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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