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Chapter 8: Sugriva Relates His Problem with Vali

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Sugriva Relates His Problem with Vali


Sugreeva gives a report to Rama about his plight for fear of Vali, who made his own brother an enemy and abducted Sugreeva's wife. Rama asks Sugreeva to inform him about the real cause of enmity, so that he can decide correctly. Sugreeva narrates his woeful condition.

Chapter [Sarga] 8 in Detail

paritustah tu sugriivah tena vaakyena harsitah |

laksmanasya agrajam shuuram idam vacanam abraviit || 4-8-1

Sugreeva is gladdened and satisfied too by that sentence, and said this sentence to Lakshmana's elder brother, Rama the valiant one. [4-8-1]

sarvathaa aham anugraahyo devataanaam na sa.mshayah |

upapannah guna upetah sakhaa yasya bhavaan mama || 4-8-2

"When you with all kinds of endowment and good virtues are my friend, doubtlessly I am worthy to be blessed by all gods in everyway. [4-8-2]

shakyam khalu bhavet raama sahaayena tvayaa anagha |

sura raajyam api praaptum sva raajyam kimuta prabho || 4-8-3

"Oh, merited one, with your help it will be possible to achieve kingdom of gods, oh, lord, then why tell about one's own kingdom... [4-8-3]

soaham sabhaajyo bandhuunaam suhridaam caiva raaghava |

yasya agni saaksikam mitram labdham raaghava vamshajam || 4-8-4

"He who has gained the one born in Raghava-s dynasty as friend, to which sacred fire bore the witness, such a being like me is estimable among his relative, more so among his kind-hearted friends... [4-8-4]

aham api anuruupah te vayasyo jnaasyase shanaih |

na tu vaktum samartho.aham tvayi aatmagataan gunaan || 4-8-5

"Even though I am a matching friend to you, that you will know soon, it will be inexpedient of myself to talk about my inherent capabilities. [4-8-5]

mahaatmanaam tu bhuuyistham tvat vidhaanaam krita aatmanaam |

nishcalaa bhavati priitih dhairyam aatmavataam vara || 4-8-6

"Great souls of your kind, whose hearts are purified like yours, oh, amiable Rama, their friendship and courage will generally be stable. [4-8-6]

rajatam vaa suvarnam vaa shubhaani aabharanaani cha |

avibhaktaani saadhuunaam avagacchanti saadhavah || 4-8-7

"Gentle souls will be knowing that silver or gold, or even prosperous ornaments are not to be apportioned among themselves as this is mine and that is yours. [4-8-7]

aadhyo vaa api daridro vaa duhkhitah sukhito.api vaa |

nirdosah ca sadosah ca vayasyah paramaa gatih || 4-8-8

"May he be rich or poor, saddened or gladdened, flawless or flawed; a friend is the ultimate recourse to any. [4-8-8]

dhana tyaagah sukha tyaago desha tyaago.api vaa anaghah |

vayasyaarthe pravartante sneham dristvaa tathaa vidham || 4-8-9

"On observing the course of friendship and knowing what true friendship is, the true friends do not hesitate to extend wealth, pleasure or even their own country for the sake of friendship." Sugreeva thus extolled Rama and his friendship. [4-8-9]

tat tathaa iti abraviit raamah sugriivam priya darshanam |

laksmanasya agratah laksmyaa vaasavasya iva dhiimatah || 4-8-10

"That is thus only," said Rama before Lakshmana, which Lakshmana is sagacious, resplendent and who vies with Indra, about what is said by Sugreeva, which Sugreeva is by now soft-natured in his looks, doffing off his jittery look. [4-8-10]

tato raamam sthitam dristvaa laksmanam ca mahaabalam |

sugriivah sarvatah caksuh vane lolam apaatayat || 4-8-11

Then on seeing Rama standing there with greatly mighty Lakshmana, Sugreeva cast his sight with his bolting eyes around that forest. [4-8-11]

sa dadarsha tatah saalam aviduure hariishvarah |

supuspam iisat patra aadhyam bhramaraih upashobhitam || 4-8-12

He that lord of monkeys Sugreeva has then seen a well flowered sala tree not far off from there, covered with some leaves and bedecked with honeybees. [4-8-12]

tasya ekaam parna bahulaam shaakhaam bha.nk.htvaa sushobhitaam |

raamasya aastiirya sugriivo nisasaada sa raaghavah || 4-8-13

And Sugreeva broke off one branch of that sala tree that is with many leaves and a well charming one, and spreading it out for Rama, he sat on it with Raghava. [4-8-13]

tau aasiinau tatah dristvaa hanuumaan api laksmanam |

saala shaakhaam samutpaatya viniitam upaveshayat || 4-8-14

On seeing those two sitting on a branch then Hanuma also broke a branch of sala tree for the modest Lakshmana and seated Lakshmana on it. [4-8-14]

sukha upavistam raamam tu prasannam udadhim yathaa |

saala puspaava samkiirne tasmin girivara uttame || 4-8-15

tatah prahristah sugriivah shlaksnayaa shubhayaa giraa |

uvaaca pranayaad raamam harsa vyaakulita aksaram || 4-8-16

Then to him, who by now is comfortably sitting on a flowery mat laid by the bestrewn flowers of sala trees on that best mountain like a quiet ocean, to such Rama who by his very presence delights hearts that gladsome Sugreeva said this in friendship with his gentle and gracious words that fluttered with happiness while he spoke. [4-8-15, 16]

aham vinikrito bhraatraa caraami esa bhayaarditah |

risyamuukam giri varam hrita bhaaryah suduhkhitah || 4-8-17

"My brother calumniated me and stole my wife, with his fear and my anguish haunting me I am moving about this best mountain Rishyamuka. [4-8-17]

soaham trastah bhaye magnah vane sa.mbraanta cetanah |

vaalinaa nikritah bhraatraa krita vairah ca raaghava || 4-8-18

"Affronted by my brother, oh, Raghava, I am made as his enemy, such as I am, I am living on with a scared and dazed vitality far flung in fear. [4-8-18]

vaalinah me bhaya aartasya sarvaloka abhaya.nkara |

mama api tvam anaathasya prasaadam kartum arhasi || 4-8-19

"I am agonized by the fear from Vali, oh, protector of all the worlds, you protect me too for I am unprotected, and able are you to accord protection." Thus Sugreeva appealed to Rama. [4-8-19]

evam uktah tu tejasvii dharmajno dharma vatsalah |

pratyuvaaca sa kaakutsthah sugriivam prahasan iva || 4-8-20

Thus said by Sugreeva, the resplendent and virtuous Rama, the patron of righteousness replied Sugreeva as though laughing off the task. [4-8-20]

upakaara phalam mitram apakaaro ari laksanam |

adya eva tam vadhisyaami tava bhaaryaa apahaarinam || 4-8-21

"Helping is the fruit of friendship while harming is enemy's trait, hence I wish to kill him today only, that abductor of your wife..." Rama continued thus. [4-8-21]

ime hi me mahaabhaaga patrinah tigma tejasah |

kaartikeya vana udbhuutaah sharaa hema vibhuusitaah || 4-8-22

kanka patra paricchannaa mahendra ashani sannibhaah |

suparvaanah sutiiksna agraa sarosaa bhujagaa iva || 4-8-23

"These are my arrows winged from pinion [feather] of the hern [any of various long-necked and long-legged wading bird], oh, highly fortunate Sugreeva, these that are decorated in gold sparkle sharply like the Thunderbolts of Indra, and they are begotten from the reed forest of Kartikeya, ends tied with eagles feathers for fins, smooth are their nodes, sharp are their tips that pierce sharply, and these will be like enraged snakes. [4-8-22, 23]

vaali sajnam amitram te bhraataram krita kilbisam |

sharaih vinihatam pashya vikiirnam iva parvatam || 4-8-24

"You may see your malicious and intimidating brother, someone denotative by name Vali, eradicated with these very arrows and splintered down like a mountain." Rama said so to Sugreeva. [4-8-24]

raaghavasya vacah shrutvaa sugriivo vaahinii patih |

praharsam atulam lebhe saadhu saadhviti ca abraviit || 4-8-25

On hearing Raghava's words, the lord of monkey-force Sugreeva attained much happiness and said, 'good, good...' [4-8-25]

raama shoka abhibhuuto aham shoka aartaanaam bhavaan gatih |

vayasya iti kritvaa hi tvayi aham paridevaye || 4-8-26

"Rama, I am confounded in sadness, and for those lamenting sadly you are the only recourse, and because you have befriended me I am opening up my woes before you. [4-8-26]

tvam hi paani pradaanena vayasyo me agni saaksikam |

kritah praanaih bahumatah satyena ca shapaami aham || 4-8-27

"By extending a helping hand and befriending me while sacred fire bore witness, you have indeed become my dearest friend on par with my life, and hence I take promise on truth to broach. [4-8-27]

vayasya iti kritvaa ca visrabdhah pravadaami aham |

duhkham antargatam tan me mano harati nityashah || 4-8-28

"By befriending you I am able to say clearly about my internal sorrow without any hitches and hold-ups, which is always rending my heart..." So said Sugreeva to Rama. [4-8-28]

etaavat uktvaa vacanam baaspa duusita locanah |

baaspa duusitayaa vaacaa na ucchaih shknoti bhaasitum || 4-8-29

Sugreeva said this much sentence with tears abusing his eyes and his voice is unable talk aloud since it is equally abused by tears. [4-8-29]

baaspa vegam tu sahasaa nadii vegam iva aagatam |

dhaarayaamaasa dhairyena sugriivah raama sa.mnidhau || 4-8-30

Sugreeva courageously controlled the sudden haste of tears that came up hastily and suddenly like a river in the presence of Rama. [4-8-30]

sa nigrihya tu tam baaspam pramrijya nayane shubhe |

vinihshvasya ca tejasvii raaghavam punaruucivaan || 4-8-31

He that bright Sugreeva controlled those tears, and on wiping his fortunate eyes, but sighing heavily he again started to speak this sentence to Raghava. [4-8-31]

puraa aham valinaa raama raajyaat svaat avaropitah |

parusaani ca sa.mshraavya nirdhuuto asmi baliiyasaa || 4-8-32

"Earlier he that forceful Vali deposed me from my kingdom, oh Rama, and speaking harsh words he even banished me. [4-8-32]

hritaa bhaaryaa ca me tena praanebhyo api gariiyasii |

suhridah ca madiiyaa ye sa.myataa bandhanesu te || 4-8-33

"My wife who is loftier than my lives is stolen by him, and those that are my sympathizers they are also captivated and imprisoned by him. [4-8-33]

yatnavaan ca sa dustaatmaa mad vinaashaaya raaghava |

bahushah tat prayuktaah ca vaanaraa nihataa mayaa || 4-8-34

"He that very evil minded one tried many times to annihilate me, and Raghava; I killed those combatants monkeys that are deployed by Vali to kill me. [4-8-34]

shankayaa etayaa aham ca dristvaa tvaam api raaghava |

na upasarpaami aham bhiito bhaye sarve hi bibhyati || 4-8-35

"With the same doubt I did not even near you when I saw you... in fear everything will be fearsome, isn't it... [4-8-35]

kevalam hi sahaayaa me hanumat pramukhaastvime |

atah aham dhaarayaami adya praanaan kricchra gatah api san || 4-8-36

"Though I am engulfed in tribulations I still bear my lives even today due to these important monkeys like Hanuma and others, who are the only helping hands of mine. [4-8-36]

ete hi kapayah snigdhaa maam raksanti samantatah |

saha gacchanti gantavye nityam tisthanti ca sthite || 4-8-37

"These are the friendly monkeys guarding me all over, while I go they go along with me, and if I were to stay they too will stay. [4-8-37]

samksepah te esa me raama kim uktvaa vistaram hi te |

sa me jyestho ripuh bhraataa vaalii vishruta paurusah || 3-8-38

"Rama, this is briefly my sad-story and why tell this very broadly to you as it would be too tedious... my elder brother Vali is a renowned one for his intrepidity, and he that Vali alone is my enemy. [4-8-38]

tad vinaashe api me duhkham pramristam syaat anantaram |

sukham me jiivitam caiva tad vinaasha nibandhanam || 3-8-39

"His end ends my distress and my later life and quietude are subjected to his destruction. [4-8-39]

esa me raama shokaantah shoka aartena niveditah |

duhkhitah sukhitah vaa api sakhyuh nityam sakhaa gatih || 3-8-40

"Grief stricken such as I am, I have submitted as to how my misery ends, whether one is gladdened or saddened he has recourse only to his friend." So said Sugreeva to Rama. [4-8-40]

shrutvaa etat ca vacah raamah sugriivam idam abraviit |

kim nimittam abhuut vairam shrotum icchaami tattvatah || 3-8-41

Hearing all that is spoken by Sugreeva, Rama asked, "What for chanced the enmity? I am interested to listen, in its reality...[4-8-41]

sukham hi kaaranam shrutvaa vairasya tava vaanara |

aanantaryad vidhaasyaami sa.mpradhaarya balaabalam || 3-8-42

"On knowing the cause of your enmity, oh, monkey, and after a proper thought, and deciding upon the strength and weakness of the cause of enmity, or of the enmity itself, I will do the needful very easily. [4-8-42]

balavaan hi mama amarsah shrutvaa tvaam avamaanitam |

vardhate hridaya ut.hkampii praavrid vega iva a.mbhasah || 3-8-43

"On hearing that you are insulted my intense anger that can flutter my heartbeat is intensifying like the intensifying speed of waters in rainy reason. [4-8-43]

hristah kathaya visrabdho yaavat aaropyate dhanuh |

sristah ca hi mayaa baano nirastah ca ripuh tava || 3-8-44

"Be glad to say in belief, Sugreeva, before I take aim with my bow, and even before I release the arrow, and even before silencing your enemy." Rama assured Sugreeva in this way. [4-8-44]

evam uktah tu sugriivah kaakutsthena mahaatmanaa |

praharsam atulam lebhe caturbhih saha vaanaraih|| 3-8-45

Thus said by the great souled Rama, Sugreeva is very much rejoiced along with four of Vanara-s available in his attendance. [4-8-45]

tatah prahrista vadanah sugriivah laksmanaagraje |

vairasya kaaranam tattvam aakhyaatum upacakrame || 3-8-46

Then with a pleased countenance Sugreeva started to tell Rama about the cause of the enmity, it all it truthfulness. [4-8-46]

iti vaalmiiki raamaayane aadi kaavye kiskindha kaande astamah sargah

Thus, this is the 8th chapter in Kishkindha Kanda of Valmiki Ramayana, the First Epic poem of India.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate




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