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Chapter 29: The Omens Which Sita Experienced

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The Omens Which Sita Experienced


Seetha experiences some good omens as follows; Her left eye, left shoulder and left thigh quivered, as also her clothing slipped a bit. Feeling these omens, her consciousness was awakened with exaltation.

Chapter [Sarga] 29 in Detail

tathaa gataam taam vyathitaam aninditaam |

vyapeta harshaam paridiina maanasaam |

shubhaam nimittaani shubhaani bhejire |

naram shriyaa jushtam iva upajiivinah || 5-29-1

To her who was in such circumstances, who was in distress, who was irreproachable, devoid of joy and dejected but virtuous, was bestowed with auspicious omens, as a prosperous man is bestowed with dependent servants.

tasyaah shubham vaamam araala pakshma |

raajii vritam krishna vishaala shuklam |

praaspandata ekam nayanam sukeshyaa |

miina aahatam padmam iva abhitaamram || 5-29-2

The beautifully haired Seetha's left eye, which was auspicious, whose surrounding row of eye-lashes were curved, which was black, wide and bright-looking; was predominantly quivering, like a red lotus quivered by the blow of a fish.

bhujah ca caarv ancita piina vrittah |

para ardhya kaala aguru candana arhah |

anuttamena adhyushitah priyena |

cirena vaamah samavepata aashu || 5-29-3

Her left shoulder, which was pretty, distinguished beefy and round, which deserved to be applied with excellent black aloe and sandalwood paste, which had been used

gaja indra hasta pratimah ca piinah |

tayoh dvayoh samhatayoh sujaatah |

praspandamaanah punah uuruh asyaa |

raamam purastaat sthitam aacacakshe || 5-29-4

Of her two thighs kept together, the left thigh which was beefy and well born, which resembled the trunk of a princely elephant was predominantly quivering [to shake or move with a slight trembling motion]; spoke indistinctly of existence of Rama in front.

shubham punah hema samaana varnam |

iishat rajo dhvastam iva amala akshyaah |

vaasah sthitaayaah shikhara agra dantyaah |

kimcit parisramsata caaru gaatryaah || 5-29-5

Again, the clothing of Seetha standing there, of spotless eyes and charming limbs, having teeth resembling the buds of jasmine, which was of golden shade and was slightly soiled as it were with dust, glited [covered with gold] down, which appeared auspicious (for her).

etaih nimittaih aparaih ca subhruuh |

sambodhitaa praag api saadhu siddhaih |

vaata aatapa klaantam iva pranashtam |

varshena biijam pratisamjaharsha || 5-29-6

Bolstered by these and some other omens which straight explained that they were fruitful on the earlier occasion also, Seetha of beautiful eyebrows disclosed a great joy, even as a seed vanished and withered by the wind and the sun, got sprouted by rain.

tasyaah punah bimba phala upama oshtham |

svakshi bhru kesha antam araala pakshma |

vaktram babhaase sita shukla damshtram |

raahoh mukhaac candra iva pramuktah || 5-29-7

Moreover, having the lips resembling Bimba fruit, having beautiful eyes and eyebrows, whose eye lids are curved, having charming white teeth, her face shone like the moon liberated from the mouth of the demon Rahu.

saa viita shokaa vyapaniita tandrii |

shaanta jvaraa harsha vibuddha sattvaa |

ashobhata aaryaa vadanena shukle |

shiita anshunaa raatrih iva uditena || 5-29-8

Free from sorrow, her weariness removed, her mental affliction alleviated and her consciousness awakened with exaltation, that esteemed lady (Seetha) looked handsome with her countenance, as a night with the moon appears during the bright fortnight.

ityaarse shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye sundarakaande ekonatrimshah sargah

Thus completes 29th Chapter of Sundara Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate


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