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Chapter 60: Jambavan Dissuades the Monkeys from Attacking Lanka

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Jambavan Dissuades the Monkeys from Attacking Lanka


Angada suggest with enthusiasm that Seetha must be restored by them only, after conquering Lanka. But Jambavan replies that it is not proper for them to do like that without enquiring about Rama's intention.

Chapter [Sarga] 60 in Detail

tasya tat vacanam shrutvaa vaali suunuh abhaashata |

ayuktam tu vinaa deviim dristvadbhishcha vaanaraah || 5-60-1

samiipam gantumasmaabhii raaghavasya mahaatmanah |

Hearing those words of Hanuma, Angada the son of Vali spoke as follows: "Even after our seeing of Seetha, it is not proper for us to approach the high-souled Rama without taking Seetha with us."

drishtaa devii na ca aaniitaa iti tatra nivedanam || 5-60-2

ayuktam iva pashyaami bhavadbhih khyaata vikramaih |

"I perceive it as improper to inform there that Seetha the princess, though seen by you of renowned prowess, has not been brought here."

na hi vah plavate kashcin na api kashcit paraakrame || 5-60-3

tulyah saamara daityeshu lokeshu hari sattamaah |

"O the best of monkeys! No one is equal to us even in our prowess nor indeed anyone who can leap like us in the worlds either of celestials or demons."

teshv evam hata viireshu raakshaseshu hanuumataa || 5-60-4

kim anyat atra kartavyam grihiitvaa yaama jaanakiim |

"Hanuma indeed thus killed all the warriors among the demons. What work is remaining to be done by us? We will go, after taking Janaki."

tam evam krita samkalpam jaambavaan hari sattamah || 5-60-5

uvaaca parama priito vaakyam arthavat arthavit |

Jambavan, the foremost among the forest-animals, understanding the sense, was very much pleased and spoke the following meaningful words to that Angada, who thus formed a resolution.

na taavat eshaa matih akshamaa no |

yathaa bhavaan pashyati raaja putra |

yathaa tu raamasya matih nivishtaa |

tathaa bhavaan pashyatu kaarya siddhim || 5-60-6

"O prince! This thought you thus perceive is not incompetent of us. But, you must see the way in which Rama's inclination would be, for the accomplishment of the object."

ityaarse shriimadraamaayane shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye sundarakaande sastitamah sargah

Thus completes 60th Chapter of Sundara Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate


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