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Chapter 2: Sugriva Encourages Rama

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Sugriva Encourages Rama


Sugreeva comforts Rama, who is tormented with grief, asking him to keep away from apprehensive mind and to think of ways and means to cross the ocean.

Chapter [Sarga] 2 in Detail

tam tu shokaparidyuunam raamam dasharathaatmajam |

uvaacha vachanam shriimaan sugriivah shokanaashanam || 6-2-1

The glorious Sugreeva made the following reply, which was intended to expel his grief, to Rama the son of Dasaratha who felt miserable with anguish.

kim tvayaa tapyate viira yathaanyah praakritastathaa |

maivam bhuustyaja sataapam kritaghna iva sauhridam || 6-2-2

 “Oh, hero! Why are you lamenting thus, as any other ordinary man? Do not be sorrowful like this. Abandon your grief, as an ungrateful man abandons friendship.”

samtaapasya cha te sthaanam na hi pashyaami raaghava |

pravrittaamupalabdhaayaam jjnaate cha nilaye ripoh || 6-2-3

 “As the information about Seetha has since been gathered, I do not indeed see any scope for your grief Oh, Rama!”

matimaan shaastravitpraajjnh panditashchaasi raaghava |

tyajemaam praakritaam uddhim kritaatmevaarthaduushhaniim || 6-2-4

 “Oh, Rama! You are a wise person, a knower of sacred works, an intellectual and a learned man. Give up these ordinary apprehensions like a man whose spirit is disciplined gives up ideas which spoil the purpose.

samdram langhayitvaa tu mahaanakrasamaakulam |

lankaamaarohayishhyaamo hanishhyaamashcha te ripum || 6-2-5

 “We shall make our way up to Lanka, by crossing the ocean filled with large crocodiles. We shall destroy your enemy.”

nirutsaahasya diinasya shokaparyaakulaatmanah |

sarvaarthaa vyavasiidanti vyasanam chaadhigachchhati || 6-2-6

 “All action gets dissipated by a person who is non-enthusiastic, depressed and disturbed with grief. Such a person gets into troubles too.”

ime shuuraah samarthaashcha sarvato hariyuuthapaah |

tvatpriyaartham kritotsaahaah praveshhtumapi paavakam || 6-2-7

eshhaam harshhena jaanaami tarkashchaapi dridho mama |

 “These leaders of monkey squads are gallant and efficient in all ways. They are enthusiastic even to enter a fire for your sake. I understand this from their joy and my reasoning too is sound.”

vikramena samaaneshhye siitaam hatvaa yathaa ripum || 6-2-8

raavanam paapakrmaanam tathaa tvam kartumarhasi |

 “You ought to act in every way that I may be able to get back Seetha, after destroying by an attack the enemy Ravana of sinful deeds.”

seturatra yathaa baddhyethaa pashyema taam puriim || 6-2-9

tasya raakshasaraajasya tathaa tvam kuru raaghava |

 “You take steps in such a way that a bridge is constructed across the sea and we reach that city of the king of ogres.”

drishhtvaa taam hi puriim lankaam trikuutashikhare sthitaam || 6-2-10

hatam cha raavanam uddhe darshanaadavadhaaraya |

 “Be certain that Ravana is killed, once he is seen in a battle and on our seeing that city of Lanka standing on a peak of the Trikuta Mountain.”

abaddhvaa saagare setum ghore cha varunaalaye || 6-2-11

lankaa na marditum shakyaa sendrairapi suraasuraih |

 “Without building a bridge across the sea, the dreadful abode of Varuna (the god of water), Lanka cannot be defeated even by gods and demons including Indra.”

seturbaddhah samudre cha yaavallankaasamiipatah || 6-2-12

sarvam tiirnam cha me sainyam jitamityupadhaaraya |

ime hi samare viiraa harayah kaamaruupinah || 6-2-13

 “Know that when the whole of my army crosses the sea as a bridge is built across it, they will come out victorious, because these monkeys who are able to change their form at will are indeed valiant in battle.”

tadalam viklabaam buddhim raajan sarvaarthanaashaniim |

purushhasya hi loke.asmin shokah shauryaapakarshhanah || 6-2-14

 “Therefore, take away your apprehensive mind, which destroys any enterprise for grief in this world diminishes the might of a man, Oh king!”

yattu kaaryam manushhyena shaundiiryamavalambyataam |

tadalamkaranaayaiva karturbhavati satvaram || 6-2-15

 ‘Cling to the practice of boldness, ought to be resorted to by a man. It will produce competence without doubt to the doer quickly.”

asmin kaale mahaapraajjn sattvamaatishhtha te jasaa |

shuuraanaam hi manushhyaanaam tvadvidhaanaam mahaatmanaam || 6-2-16

vinashhtevaa ranasste vaashokah sarvaarthanaashanah |

 “Prevail upon the strength with alertness at this moment, Oh highly intelligent prince! Grief for something lost or destroyed consumes all resources of even the strong and magnanimous men like you.”

tattvam buddhimataam shreshhthah sarvashaastrarthakovidah || 6-2-17

madvidhaih sachivaih saardhamarim jetum samarhasi |

 “You are the foremost among the intelligent and the knower of all sacred texts. Hence, you ought to defeat the enemy, with allies like me.”

na hi pashyaamyaham kam chittrishhu lokeshhu raaghava || 6-2-18

grihiitadhanushho yaste tishhthe dabhimukho rane |

 “I do not indeed see any one who can withstand you in a battle filed in the three worlds, when you are armed with a bow, Oh Rama!”

vaanareshhu samaasaktam na te kaaryam vipatsyate || 6-2-19

achiraaddrakshyase siitaam tiirtvaa saagaramakshayam |

 “You work duly entrusted to the monkeys will not be spoiled. You shall behold Seetha era imperishable sea.”

tadalam shokamaalambya krodhamaalamba bhuupate || 6-2-20

nishcheshhtaah kshatriyaa mandaah sarve chandasy bibhyati |

 “Oh, Lord of the earth! Desist from this melancholy. Yield to your legitimate indignation. Unadventurous Kshatriyas (members of warrior-tribe) never win honor but all fear the wrathful.”

langhaanaartham cha ghorasya samudrasya nadiipateh || 6-2-21

sahaasmaabhirihoopetah suukshmabuddhirvichaaraya |

 “You with your resourceful mind, along with us together, ponder over now a design to cross the sea, the terrible Lord of rivers.”

langhite tatra taih sainyairjitamityeva nishchinu || 6-2-22

sarvam tiirnam cha me sainyam jitamityavadhaaryataam |

 “Know victory to be certain, once the sea has been crossed by the army. Verily when all my forces have passed over the sea our triumph is assured!”

ime hi harayah shuuraah samare kaamaruupinah || 6-2-23

taanariinvidhamishhyanti shilaapaadapavrishhtibhih |

 “These monkeys, the courageous soldiers who are able to change their form at their volition, will crush their opponents with an avalanche of rocks and trees.”

katham chitparipashyaami langhitam varunaalayam || 6-2-24

hatamityeva tam manye yuddhe shatrunibarhana |

 “Once we have crossed the sea (the abode of Varuna) by whatever the means employed, Ravana is as definitely killed in my eyes, Oh exterminator of enemies!”

kimuktvaa bahudhaa chaapi sarvathaa vijayaa bhavaan || 6-2-25

nimittaani cha pashyaami mano me samprahrishhyati |

What is the use of all these words? By all means, you will be a victorious man. I see good omens and my heard is over thrilled with joy.”

ityaarshhe shriimadraamaayane aadikaavye yuddhakaande dvitiiyah sargah

Thus completes 2nd Chapter of Yuddha Kanda of the glorious Ramayana of Valmiki, the work of a sage and the oldest epic.

Sriman Moola Rama Vijayate


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