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Vaastu (Vastu) Rules
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  1. Place you Home or Business Building in South West Zone of plot with more site margins North & East.
  2. Ground should have slopes from South to North & West to East means South & West are heavily loaded.
  3. No window openings to West & South Zones as far as possible all window openings & doors to North & East faces. Also means, Maximum ventilations and windows to East and North. Reduce openings of West and South surfaces
  4. Roof slopes should be to East & North means West & South point is high.


Roof Slopes

  1. Kitchen should be to South East Zone with the cook facing East.
  2. All loads & cabinets to relative South & West Zones of rooms.
  3. Place all mirrors, chandeliers and crystals in North and East zones or walls to maintain source-character of the directions.
  4. Borings & Wells & underground water-tank to North East Zones.
  5. One additional floor to South & West Zones with terraces to North & East. Or Provide Pyramidal chajja in Wood or Bamboo to South and West side windows
  6. South & West side walls are advised to be in stone masonry.
  7. Toilets & Staircases in South, South West & West Zones are advised.
  8. Plot & Vastu & room should have length along North South & width along East West Direction.

  1. While sleeping place head to South or West & legs to North or East.
  2. Place Lights / Bulbs / Tube Lights on North & East walls.
  3. God-position with God's face to West & Worshipper's face to East.
  4. Exposed water surface with marble finished surface (water fountain with marble finish) to North East Zone.
  5. In commercial premises, staff should face East & executive should face North.
  6. In offices, legal & accounts people to South East Zone. Main executive to South West Zone. Finished product to North West Zone. Library & relaxation to North East Zone.
  7. All Flashy colors should be painted to North and East faces, and mat finish colors to South and West faces
  8. Place Silver coins with swastik mark as described in picture below:

Sr. No.










North East


South East


South West


North West



5.0 g

7.5 g

10.0 g

12.5 g

15.0 g

12.5 g

10.0 g

7.5 g

  1. Place Copper plate with size 7" X 7" with central Swastik and Manik (sun) jewel at center of the house or business as shown below:

  1. The following trees and plants should be planted as described below:

a) Kuchala (Scientific Name: Strychnos Nux Vomica).


b) Khair (Scientific Name: Acacia catechu).

North - East

c) Nagchafa (Scientific Name: Mesua ferrea).


d) Indian Jasmine (Mogra).

North - West

e) Almond Tree or Nagkeshar plant (Scientific Name: Mesua ferrea) or Christmas Tree.


f) Sugar Cane Plant or Christmas Tree or Almond Tree.

South - West

g) Christmas Tree or Almond Tree.


h) Mango Tree.

South - East

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